Biodiesel threatens cocaine production

Prices of cocaine are likely to triple in Q1 of 2009 following palm and castor oil biodiesel initiatives threatening the production of coca, the feedstock for the production of quality cocaine in Colombia, the long time reliable supplier to millions of art directors, journalists, singers, moviestars, bank directors and politicians in the US and Europe. Poor farmers, who have been relying on coca cultivation for decades, are now forced to leave their plantations by ruthless and violent biofuel producers, by force if necessary.


Beaten off their land….the land being transformed, highways pop up, canals and palm oil plantation sites dominate. A complete infrastracture is being destroyed and the government of Colombia stands watching.

According to Eddie Villalula, a well respected and leading producer and distributor of cocaine: “Was`sup, holmes, I remember the old days when we used to proudly transport our monthly production with the donkey man. The donkey died, then came the Landcruisers and diesel was our friend. Now the palm oil gringos are taking our land holmes, our methanol man and they is selling us back the veggie diesel you know. We can’t even hunt wild chicken no more. This and the global crisis is going to give us a hard hard time in 2009. If this goes on we will look more stupid than the banks we own, I tell you. We’re at least glad that the European Union banned palm based biodiesel man. So them supplies I guarantee”


Nice work, I really appreciate for your sharing. Waiting for your next post.


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