Turkish Government Imposes News Blackout of Military Movements

By Andrew Cochran

The Turkish government has embargoed Turkish radio and television from reporting much of what is happening on the Iraqi border. The Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) announced the news blackout on Tuesday (read a confirmation article from Turkish Daily News about the embargo). The print media, while technically protected by the Turkish constitution, is also cautious in its reporting.

The New Anatolian webservers have been down for four days following publication of certain operational details. See http://ns1.thenewanatolian.com and http://ns2.thenewanatolian.com. Both are returning SERVFAIL messages, and you can see a confirmation message that the New Anatolian is unreachable. The Zaman news organization is walking on thin ice, with its publication of information about 11 Turkish combat battalions on the Iraqi border.

As an incursion proceeds, expect less reporting on operational details and more coverage of Turkish government statements and diplomatic efforts.


Hebben julie gehoord dat vandaag er een rally was in London?tegen de islamicering van ons?
Ik heb hier bij ons niets van gehoord.Zo te zien is de pot helemaal dicht gemaakt.


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