Turkish Columnist: Mini - Mosques Pop Up In Restaurants, Metro, Cafes, Street Corners, Everywhere

Columnist Yalcin Dogan of the mainstream, top-selling Turkish daily Hurriyet complains in his column about the changing life-style in Turkey . He says that small mosques are popping up everywhere – even at public places where it disturbs the flow of the people, such as underground train stations. The owner of a famous kabab restaurant in Ankara who planned to serve alcohol on the second floor of his restaurant, had to give up the idea and turned the second floor into a small mosque due to the demands of his AKP clientele - who now pray there before ordering their food.

Dogan writes that on a major shopping street in Ankara , there is a new mescit (small mosque) now and people have to walk over praying people overflowing from the prayer house – when there already is a large mosque nearby. He writes that there are new mescits in growing numbers of restaurants, cafes, terminals, hospitals, shopping centers, post offices, airports and other public places.

"What is happening”, the columnist says, “is that the daily lives of Turks are being changed by the imposition of Islamist symbols everywhere.”

Source: Hurriyet, Turkey , September 1, 2007


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