Turkey to U.S.: abet us in denying our crimes -- or else

"U.S. officials have said they will try to block the resolution." Shameful.

"Turkish Minister Warns Against U.S. Genocide Resolution," from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, with thanks to Kemaste:

February 7, 2007 -- Turkey's foreign minister has warned the U.S. Congress that passing a resolution condemning as "genocide" the mass killing of Armenians early in the last century would harm relations.

Abdullah Gul, speaking after meeting top U.S. officials in Washington on February 6, said the proposed resolution would be an irritant to otherwise close cooperation with the United States on issues such as Iraq.


"I see this as a real threat to our relationship," he said. "While we are having cooperation in these difficult fields, while we are fighting shoulder to shoulder in these fields, while we are supporting each other and facing these challenges, this resolution, if it is accepted, I believe that if that happens, it will be a real shock."

U.S. officials have said they will try to block the resolution.


Posted by Robert


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