The second day of hearings in Turkey's controversial Ergenekon case, which began on Oct 23, 2008

Suspect İbrahim Benli, who has been released though he still faces charges... attempted to enter the courtroom, saying,

"I want to hear who testifies in what way." Benli was detained in the Ergenekon investigation on March 21 of this year along with Cumhuriyet daily chief columnist İlhan Selçuk (later released due to poor health), former İstanbul University Rector Kemal Alemdaroğlu and Workers' Party (İP) Chairman Doğu Perinçek, who remain in custody.

Benli told reporters: "My house, my office and my daughter's house were searched by the police. So many things have happened, and now the court is telling me not to come. This is unacceptable. I am being accused of hosting a dinner on Dec. 9, 2007 in my house in Çatalca attended by Doğu Perinçek, Güler Kömürcü and Kemal Alemdaroğlu. In that meeting, Perinçek sang folk songs. Tolga Yarman played the piano. They called this a 'clandestine meeting.' They said I was providing 'armed training.' The only thing I did was cook kebabs. I was turned into a gang member. Now I want to listen to the hearing, even if they tell me not to come. I want to hear who says what in their testimonies."

Source: Zaman (Turkey), October 23, 2008


Several news were published in a newspaper claiming that fake rabbi Tuncay Guney, who paved the way for the launching of "Operation Ergenekon" with his statements, was a spy of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). Releasing a statement upon such news, MIT confirmed the published document, however, said that Guney was not its "employee".

MIT said Guney was not a registered news source for the organization.

Source: Hurriyet (Turkey), November 29, 2008


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