Saadet Party's (Virtue Party) Samsun Candidate: "Milli Görüº (National Vision) is the only political entity that can represent our civilization"

Saadet Party's Samsun candidate Nuri Baºar said during an interview with the Milli Gazete newspaper that socialist and liberalist parties in Turkey were imitations of the West and so Milli Görüº is the only political entity that represents the Turkish civilization.

He also stated, "Everyone who comes to this school (National Vision) earns an identity and finds character. When you observe the past 25 years of Turkish politics, you will realize that those who registered at this school and earned respect, became important people. Those who left the nest went through identity erosion. Milli Görüº is the voice of the conscience of this nation."

He continued by saying, "The reason for Milli Görüº's success in general and local administrations is its faith. The ones from Milli Görüº serve (the nation) like worshipping (God). Since they have fear that they will be judged by Allah, they cannot stand injustice done to them or others. He does not allow anyone to be victimized."

The newspaper also reported that the AKP municipalities took down the flags and banners of the Saadet Party at midnight.

Source: Milli Gazete (Turkey), March 5, 2009


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