Questions Rise In Turkish Media As To How PKK Succeeded To Kill 12, Wound 16 And Kidnap 8 Turkish Soldiers; Did U.S. Provide Intelligence To PKK?

Some Turkish columnists are asking questions about how over 200 PKK terrorists could have infiltrated into Turkey at midnight last Sunday without being noticed by the many thermal cameras along the border, and whether or not PKK was given intelligence information either by the U.S. or moles inside the military.

Serdar Akinan of Aksam who complains about the government’s silence about the circumstances under which the tragedy befell the soldiers, asks, “Do we know how many U.S. helicopters were flying in the area before and after the attack? Is it possible or true that the U.S. provided the Kurdish terrorists in Qandil with intelligence support, aerial photographs and other data?”

Source: Aksam, Turkey , October 23, 2007


Amerika hebben de Turken hard nodig.Ik geloof nauwelijks dat ze de PKK zullen helpen, op welke manier ook.Anders de EU.


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