PM Erdogan To Professors: Mind Your Own Business

Turkish PM was angered by the criticism voiced by the university presidents regarding the new constitution being written by AKP. In a press conference today he responded by saying that the professors had no authority and they should mind their own business. He added that everybody should know their places.

Erdogan said that they were not preparing an AKP constitution but the Turkish constitution, and that they would take it to the ultimate authority – the people – when it was ready. He accused those who criticize their work for trying to drown the baby (i.e. the constitution) before it is born.

When asked about his decision on lifting the turban ban in universities, he said, “They say that turban is a political symbol. When you say that, it means it should be the symbol of a political party. Today again, they (the professors) said that turban is a political symbol. This is a very wrong thing”.

When journalists reminded the prime minister of the recent statements by some sociologists that women should be concerned about their future due to social pressures, PM Erdogan said, “Nobody should be concerned. One can look at the matter from the opposite side. Seeing those who cover their heads as source of pressure is disrespecting religious freedoms”.

Source: Milliyet, Turkey , September 19, 2007


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