"Operations, Like Those In Hitler Era"

Legal professionals and law professors in Turkey are reacting to the manner in which the Ergenekon operation is being carried out. Professor Aydýn Aybay criticized the raids carried out under the operation, saying, “These are the kind of operations seen in the Hitler and Stalin periods. Those responsible will pay for them one day.”

Referring to the fact that the indictment is said to be between 2,000 and 2,500 pages, Aybay said an indictment of 2,500 pages was unprecedented. He added, “An indictment only includes facts pertaining to the felony that is established through the investigation. A prosecutor that does such a thing is an inexperienced prosecutor. He does not know what being a prosecutor is.” Aybay also said that an indictment should not be kept waiting for 13 months in order to ensure justice. He said, “The fact that an indictment could not have been prepared in such a long time is not a good sign. This is a form of abusing rights.” He added that the raids carried out under the operation are also against the law.

Professor Burhan Senatalar, spokesperson for the December 10 Movement reminded that the closure case against the AKP and the Ergenekon probe coincided with one another. He said, “The AKP is trying to solidify its rule under the pretext of fighting for democracy”.

Source: Cumhuriyet, Turkey, July 7, 2008

“Ergenekon’s Neocon Plan: Bomb Attack In Taksim Square!”

The pro-AKP Turkish daily Bugun, known to be affiliated with the Islamist Fethullah Gulen Movement, claimed that “chaos plans” were found in the computers of the four-star generals arrested as “Ergenekon” suspects, which showed plots for a bomb attack in Istanbul’s largest square Taksim, and for the assassination of an important chief prosecutor that would trigger a military coup.

Bugun ties the “Ergenekon organization” with “American Neocons” and claims that the plans allegedly found in the confiscated computers were very similar to “Neocons’ horror scenarios for Turkey", which were discussed last year at the American Hudson Institute with the participation of a Turkish military representative.

Turkey’s pro-AKP media organs disseminate every day “news” and “details” about the “secret” investigation for which there is no indictment yet.

Source: Bugun, Turkey, July 8, 2008


Two Retired Turkish Generals Sent To Prison

10 out of the 21 people detained in early morning raids on July 1 were arrested and sent to prison, for suspicion of links to “Ergenekon” terrorist organization that allegedly made plans to overthrow the AKP government. Among the arrested are two four-star generals Sener Eruyugur and Hursit Tolon, and the chairman of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce Sinan Aygun who joined 58 other people who have been in prison for over one year without any charges or indictment against them.

Attorney for Gen. Eruygur said, “A commander who loyally served his country for many years has been formally arrested on false accusations. We do not accept any of the charges”. Gen. Tolon’s lawyer said that he would appeal to secure his client’s release and claimed that the General had not been judged fairly.

Zekeriya Oz, the prosecutor handling the Ergenekon investigation, demanded life imprisonment for retired generals Sener Eruygur and Hursit Tolon, claiming that the two have established and direct “the terrorist organization”.

Despite earlier reports that the 2500-pages-long indictment was ready to be published, the prosecutor of the case said on Friday that the indictment would further be delayed due to the new detainments, signaling the continuation of an open-ended uncertainty.

Source: Hurriyet, Turkey, July 7, 2008


More Questions Being Asked After The First Official Statement On Ergenekon Probe

The long awaited indictment on Ergenekon probe has now been sent to an Istanbul court. The court has 15 days to decide on the basis of its merits whether or not it will accept the case. As the details of the case cannot be disclosed until the court accepts it, only basic information was provided by Istanbul’s chief prosecutor. Analysts commented that the case is like a big bag into which prosecutors are throwing any and all the crimes.

Prosecutors alleged that Ergenekon was a terrorist and a “600-year-old-sect-like organization” based on the mythical legend of Agharta [Ergenekon] of central-Asian Turks.

The indictment also alleges that this organization – and not the radical Islamist Alpaslan Arslan- was responsible for the three bomb attacks on the secular, anti-AKP Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, as well as for last year’s shooting at the high administrative court [Danistay] that killed a judge and wounded five others. This leads to the confusing conclusion that two of the most prominent Cumhuriyet journalists, Ilhan Selcuk and Mustafa Balbay that were detained during the investigation, will stand trial for being part of an organization that enthused the attacks on their own newspaper. Inclusion of Danistay attack in the Ergenekon case also creates a legal problem, as an Ankara court already heard the case; dismissed any connection to Ergenekon; convicted and sentenced Alpaslan Arslan with life in prison for the crime that he admitted to have committed with religious motives. According to Turkish press reports following the announcement of the indictment yesterday, Arslan’s attorney submitted an appeal with the High Court of Appeals [Yargitay] to re-open and combine the Danistay case with the Ergenekon file. This would be the only way to get Alparslan Arslan to serve a shorter prison term.

During the announcement about the indictment the prosecutor also stated that there were 20 secret witnesses given code names or numbers, whose real identities would be protected. However, as other protected information, leaked throughout the process, columnist of pro-AKP Star daily disclosed today the professions of three of those witnesses, claiming that their names and what they have to say will shake Turkey.

Source: Hurriyet, Vatan, Star, July 15, 2008

Iranian Daily: Secularists Will Not Succeed in Seizing Power in Turkey

An editorial in the Iranian conservative daily Kayhan, which is affiliated with Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, claimed that Turkish secularists would not succeed in seizing power.

The paper said that not only would a secular revolution meet with resistance on the part of the Turkish people, but that most regime apparatuses are in the hands of Islamists, who are expected to garner over 90% of votes in the general elections.

Source: Kayhan, Iran, July 15, 2008

Five People Top Suspect List As “Leaders” Of The "Terrorist Organization"

Ergenekon indictment names the following five people as the leaders of an armed terrorist organization [Ergenekon] that plotted to overturn Turkish government.

They are charged with founding and leading the terrorist organization, of inciting the people to uprising against the government, of premeditating to murder and of enthusing others to commit murder, and obtaining and filing personal information on others. They are also accused of organizing last year's attacks on Danistay [high administrative court] and Cumhuriyet daily.

The punishments for the crimes range between 10 years to 164 years [life] in prison:

Ret. Brig. Gen.Veli Kucuk

Ilhan Selcuk, Chief Columnist of Cumhuriyet daily

Prof. Kemal Alemdaroglu, former president of Istanbul University

Dogu Perincek, Chairman of Workers’ Party [IP]

Sevgi Erenerol, Public Relations Spokeswoman of Turkish Orthodox Church

Source: Zaman, Turkey, July 25, 2008


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