New Law In Turkey Censors Internet

A new law went into effect in Turkey on November 23, 2007 to fight and prevent internet crimes such as child pornography, prostitution, encouragement to commit suicide, facilitation of obtaining illegal drugs, and facilitating gambling. Columnist Oktay Eksi of Hurriyet wrote that while prevention of obscenity was deemed important, websites that incite to terrorism, violence or other crimes were not included in the scope of the new law.

Eksi notes that the new law leaves the decision to turn off the access to websites to one person, rather than to the courts. One bureaucrat, the Head of Telecommunications Department within the Ministry of Communications, will have the authority to close down access to any website for content that he thinks is obscene. Eksi says that this law puts Turkey in the category of undemocratic, despotic countries.

Source: Hurriyet, Turkey, November 30, 2007


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