MHP Leader Bahceli: “PM Erdogan Has Declared Jihad Against Judiciary”

Speaking at his party’s parliamentary group meeting, MHP Leader Devlet Bahceli accused PM Erdogan of bringing the judiciary and the will of the people against one another and of declaring jihad against the judiciary, using the [pro-AKP] media. He said that the PM and the AKP government ministers, are using the EU stick as a tool in their intimidation campaign against the judiciary. Bahceli said, “The judiciary is being blackmailed by EU statements threatening to suspend Turkey’s membership talks, if the lawsuit against AKP is pursued”. Source: Milliyet, Vakit, Turkey, April 1, 2008


While all eyes in Turkey are on the High Constitutional Court that is expected to decide whether or not to take the closure case filed against the ruling AKP, EU bureaucrats are increasingly vocal in their support for the AKP government and the Islamists in Turkey. EU Commissioner responsible for enlargement, Olli Rehn threatened yesterday that in the event that the court decides to close AKP down and ban its top leaders from politics, the EU would re-think its position about continuing with Turkey’s membership negotiations. Rehn said that there must be a “mistake” in the system that would necessitate the changing of Turkish constitution’s framework, and warned the justices of the High Constitutional Court to keep in mind the long term goal of Turkey to become a European democracy.

Olli Rehn in earlier statements had said that the court should reject the case.

Source: Hurriyet,


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