Islamist Vakit Claims Nazi Oppression Against Muslims In Germany

Vakit: German Justice

Islamist Turkish daily Vakit’s front page story today was about a 14 year old Turkish girl who was taken away from her mother on grounds of domestic violence and was placed with a German foster family five years ago. Vakit wrote that recently the mother complained in court that the German family was taking her daughter to church on Sundays and that she wanted her to be given Islamic education. The German court decided that there was no harm in the girl’s going to a church and her being raised in a multi-cultural environment.

Following Vakit’s report that defined the incident as “Nazi oppression”, reactions came also from AKP legislators:

Turkish parliament's constitution committee chairman Burhan Kuzu (AKP) said, “This is beyond Nazism. It is incomprehensible. If Turkey took a Jewish or Christian child from their families and placed them with a Muslim family who took them to a mosque on Fridays, they would raise hell. This is against children rights agreements. Taking a child and raising her as Christian is a scandal!" [...]

Source: Vakit, Haber5, Turkey, December 15, 2007


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