Islamist Turkish Daily Vakit: Israel, A Cancerous Cell

Vakit wrote that its stand at the ‘Al-Quds International Forum Exhibition' draws much attention and reported on their interview with Ali Akbar Muhteshami, the President of the International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People, participating in the ‘Jerusalem Meeting’.

Muhteshami told Vakit that the Palestinian cause is very important for the Muslims everywhere and that the American hawks and Zionists were turning the Middle East into a sea of blood. He said that the U.S. and Israel were deliberately plotting against the Palestinian people and this is why this gathering in Istanbul was extremely important. He said that the U.S. wanted to severe Palestinian people’s ties with Hamas and that it does it by using some Muslim states. He added that Israel was a cancerous cell and the U.S’s goal was to impose Israel’s existence upon Islamic countries through diplomacy, engraving in their minds an image of Israel as a legitimate state. He said that Annapolis conference would serve the interests of Israel and not the Palestinians. He stated that Jerusalem’s Islamic identity was being erased and that Israel wanted to make Jerusalem its own capital. “If the Arab countries agree with it” he said, “this would be treason”.

Source: Vakit, Turkey, November 17, 2007


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