Islamist Books Make Target Of Modern Turkish Women:

“Uncovered Women Lack Virtue”, “Uncovering Is Answer To Satan’s Call”, “Uncovered Women Do Prostitution”

As the judicial process continues on AKP's initiative to lift the turban [Islamic headscarf] ban in Turkish universities, new books on covering women - which are sold for less than a dollar - attack modern Turkish women and demonstrate the dimensions of Turkey’s Islamization.

The book titled “Invitation to Cover”, authored by retired mufti Mehmet Goktas, says “Girls who do not cover themselves are answering satan's call” and asks, “Don’t you have anything other than your femininity, sexuality and your bodies that you can offer to people?”.

Inonu University Professor Abdurrahman Kasapoglu’s book titled “Woman, Modernity and Covering” has these expressions in it: “How sincere can a girl be in her desire to acquire education when she comes to the university naked, dressed like a [erotic] dancer, wearing revealing clothes? What kind of education does she hope to get with her provocative attire, polished nails, lipstick painted lips, her playful conduct, provocative laughter, histerical incitement and encouragement? Or does she go to the university to get hunted, in an environment where men are waiting to hunt a female?

Chairman of the Islamic Encyclopedia Research Committee of the Diyanet Foundation, Prof. Bekir Topaloglu claims in his book “Woman in Islam” that for a woman not to cover herself means prostitution. He writes, “Covering arouses in men the curiosity to get to know the woman’s body. And this leads to marriage, which is desirable. Being uncovered [nakedness] on the other hand directs the interest of men to sexual relationship, and to serial and irresponsible sexual contacts that constitutes ‘prostitution’”.

Islamist writer Mehmet Alagas urges in his book titled “A Woman’s Chastity” for girls to be covered at their early ages.

Source: Cumhuriyet, Turkey, May 18, 2008

Posted at: 2008-05-18


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