High Court Condemns Attacks On Judiciary

In another episode of the ongoing AKP government and judiciary quarrel, the country's top court harshly responded to attacks by government circles and the AKP-media, describing the denigrations as "inhuman and unethical". The High Constitutional Court issued a written statement on Friday calling the prosecutors to duty and said, “Despite the fact that any action or statement made about an ongoing case is recognized as committing of a crime according to our penal code, it is worrisome to witness the inaction of the responsible authorities”.

Since the 11-judge court annulled the constitutional amendments lifting the ban on the wearing of Islamic headscarf in universities, it has been the target of attacks from government officials, politicians and pro-government media. PM Tayyip Erdogan accused the judges of taking the national will hostage while other AKP officials proposed to scrap the court's authority. The court is also hearing a closure case against the ruling AKP, on the grounds that the party has become the focal point of anti-secular activities.

The statement read, “Our rulings can of course be criticized on scientific and legal grounds. But efforts to attack the private lives of the members of the court, to target them, to fabricate scenarios about possible results of ongoing cases cannot be evaluated as criticisms”. The court accused the politicians of not being able to find adequate solutions to problems and instead putting them in front of the judiciary and advised them to rely on the democratic parliamentary system.

Source: TDN, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Turkey, June 14-15, 2008


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