Head Of Turkish Judges And Prosecutors Union: “Europeans Must Talk To Representatives Of Other Turkish Institutions, Not Only With Anti-Secular AKP Government”

The Chairman of the Judges and Prosecutors Union [YARSAV] Omer Faruk Eminagaoglu claimed that the ruling AKP is in search for a shari’a system and the elimination of the country’s secular regime. Speaking to The Guardian of U.K. he said that AKP’s focus was on producing halal food, on signing bilateral agreements with Islamic countries they are friendly with, on increasing Islamic education in public schools and covering the heads of girls in universities.

Eminagaoglu said that intolerance was the basis for the court case filed against AKP and added, “Shari'a system, by its nature, is intolerant to all other thoughts, beliefs and traditions. Shari'a is a sensitive issue for Turkey, just like fascism is for Italy, and Nazism for Germany. We had a shari'a-based system during the Ottoman era, the signs of which still exist in Turkey. We do not want to go back to it”.

He said that the court handling the closure case gives importance to the EU rules, and claimed that European critics do not understand Turkey, or Islam. He said, “Islam is not like Christianity and does not aim to remain in the realm of personal beliefs. It wants to shape and rule the state and society. In all Islamic countries the turban [Islamic head cover] is not only an expression of faith but a symbol of the Islamist regime. Turkey is not an Islamic country but a democratic one. For Europe to be well informed, its officials must talk to representatives of other Turkish institutions and not only with the anti-secular AKP government”.

Source: ANKA News Agency, Haberturk.com, Turkey, July 28-29, 2008

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