Blogburst Protest Against Network Solutions for Censoring ***UPDATE: NWS lies - says site taken down for “excessive resource use”: UPDATE! No FINA movie via makers!

MAJOR UPDATE: Via the British Website for FITNA there is no movie, it was all a joke. See this post.

UPDATE: NWS is flat out lying, see update below.

Sites Joining Below****

I own several websites, a couple which were hosted by Network Solutions. Today I cancelled the accounts (sizable, in the hundreds of dollars) in protest to their suspending the website of film maker Geert Wilder’s movie on Islam. Hot Air has the details, but we need to band together - those who abhor censorship - and let NWS that we will not tolerate the censorship of this movie. There is no clear TOS violation and in fact NWS hosts many different sites including those which deal with gambling and porn.

Here are the contact numbers and emails. Contact them, flood the call reps and demand they reinstate the site immediately or you will no longer use their services.

Phone: 1-800-333-7680, outside the US 1.570.708.8788.

Bloggers who want this important movie on the truth of Islam to go forward make sure you continue the blogburst.

Blogburst Members: (Thanks for the link Michelle!)

Michelle Malkin

Klein Verzet

Ironic Surrealism


News Bleat

Chip Bennett

Red State

Clint’s Blog

Salibiyyah Blog

Tel Chai Nation

A Future in Freedom

Stop the ACLU

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Spanish Pundit

Stecki’s Blog

Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group

Meanwhile, Network Solutions is refusing to respond to email and phone requests for comment. Additionally did you know that they have no problem hosting a site for Hezbollah? Creeping Sharia has the details.

UPDATE: NWS is telling the media that it took the site down because of “excessive use of services which shall impair the fair use of other Network Solutions customers”.

Bull crap. They’re bowing to pressure from extremist muslim groups who don’t want the public to see the truth. Here’s the deal, we need to put this video into the public arena even if it has to be posted on blogs. If anyone knows how the total bandwidth can be shared so that it doesn’t cause a hugh financial hit let me know. In any case this movie WILL be seen so those who think they’ll stop it’s showing are only deluded.

The show WILL go on!



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