JPost front page story on PMW's report about PA paying salaries to terrorists in prison

The following is the Jerusalem Post front page story on PMW’s report about the new Palestinian Authority law that all terrorists in Israeli jails are to be paid salaries by the PA. The PA Ministry of Prisoners confirmed to the Jerusalem Post the PMW report that they indeed pay these salaries, and added that they recently raised the salaries. They stated however that they have always paid salaries to prisoners. PMW notes that since it was their own official daily that reported on the new legislation, it seems that the PA practice of paying salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons has now been formalized through new the PA law.

‘New PA law to grant
all convicted terrorists monthly pay’
By Jerusalem Post Staff (Page 1 story)
A new Palestinian Authority law grants a monthly salary to all Palestinians and Israeli-Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terrorism, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) says in a report being released on Friday.
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Fatach gaat moordenaars belonen

zo 12-06-2011

Het ziet er naar uit dat Nederland, de EU en de VS gaan bijdragen aan de salarissen van Palestijnen die in Israelische gevangenissen zitten wegens het plegen van terroristische activiteiten.
Hoe meer mensen zij hebben vermoord, hoe hoger hun loon. Palestijnen die in Israel wonen krijgen een extra toeslag.
De 'salarissen' komen rechtstreeks uit het ook door Nederland gesubsidieerde budget van de PA.

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Nederlandse NGOs verdedigen boycot, 'Groot Palestina'-visie

wo 15-06-2011

Leden van de Tweede Kamer waren woensdag "verbaasd" te horen dat de grootse hulporganisaties in het land een boycot van Israel en een '1-staatmodel' - in plaats van een Palestijnse naast een Joodse staat - "legitiem" vinden.
Deze standpunten kwamen naar voren tijdens een parlementaire discussie tussen politici van vijf partijen en de directeuren van Nederlands vier grootste internationale hulporganisaties: ICCO, Cordaid, Oxfam Novib en IKV Pax Christi.

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The real Srebrenica Genocide

[NOTE: About 18 months ago Nathan Pearlstein, Robert Peter North and Felix Quigley began educating Israpundit readers as to the truth about the fighting in Serbia. As a result we came to understand that the US was at fault and the Serbs were innocent.]

Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein

Why are the mainstream Western media, the US administrations under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as the governments of NATO and the EU covering up this monumental crime against humanity?

Why are the Serbs – whom apart from the Jews were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2 - being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

Why was Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 – given only a 2 year sentence for this monumental crime against humanity and allowed to walk free from NATO’s Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague, Holland?

Our dear friend and colleague at 4International, Peter Robert North, has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full his outstanding work here on what really happened in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995. A revelation of truth which is of enormous historical significance and importance to all good people across the globe but especially for all patriotic Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.

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The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska “Death Camp” Hoax

The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska ”Death Camp”Hoax: The Lies of the British Guardian & ITN Exposed

By 4International writers: Joshua Rosenberg, Nathan Pearlstein, Max Rosenthal & Peter Robert North

The late Islamofascist Bosnian leader, Alija Izetbegovic, former illegitimate “president” of Bosnia Herzegovina, illegal ursuper of power in 1990 from the duly elected Bosnian muslim leader, Mr.Fikret Abdic, is the one behind the Bosnian “death camp” fraud.

Izetbegovic admitted it to former UNMIK head Bernard Kouchner on his death bed in 2003. He told Bernard Kouchner that he lied about Trnopolje and Omarska being “death camps” in the hope of provoking NATO bombing against the Bosnian Serbs. This monstrous media hoax was used in order to demonize the Serbs as the “new Nazis”of Europe, to trivialize the horrors of the Holocaust,  to turn the world – and especially Jewish people – against the Serbs, and to enable the US & NATO/EU Imperialist governments to further dismember Yugoslavia into a series of politically weak NATO/EU-run protectorates. Lees verder...