Treasury Moves on Hezbollah Ties in Venezuela

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today designated several entities tied to Hezbollah and operating in Venezuela. This is the first time I can find of the U.S. government directly and publicly linking Hezbollah funding activities to Venezuela.

This is part of a larger pattern, including, as I wrote earlier, the penetration of Hezbollah and Iran in Venezuela, with the blessing of the Chavez government.

Not long ago Iran began banking operations in Venezuela as well, in an effort to bypass the international sanctions in place and those that may follow in coming days.

According to the OFAC statement, one of the men designated, Ghazi Nasr al Din, is a Hezbollah fund raiser who has facilitated the travel of senior Hezbollah operatives to Venezuela to raise funds and open Hezbollah-funded social centers.

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Jihad Against Freedom of Speech at the United Nations

By Jeffrey Imm

The United Nations' Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has no problem with its members suggesting that the 9/11 attacks were an "inside job" perpetrated by the United States on itself. The human rights of America's 9/11 victims are not a priority for UNHRC's Richard Falk, the special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, who engages in 9/11 conspiracy propaganda, while working for an organization headquartered in New York City funded by U.S. tax dollars. This is Richard Falk's protected freedom of speech.

Denying the role of Jihadists in the 9/11 attacks is apparently perfectly acceptable freedom of speech for the UNHRC, but criticizing Sharia law is another story.

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Der UN-Menschenrechtsrat gehört abgeschafft

 von Clemens Wergin
21.06.2008 - 15.50 Uhr  

Clemens Wergin meint, dass die UN-Organisation zu einer Geisel von undemokratischen Regimes geworden ist und sich als unreformierbar erwiesen hat. Anstatt Verletzungen der Menschenrechte in Unrechtssystemen anzuprangern, hat sich der Rat in der vergangenen Zeit in erster Linie mit der Situation in Israel befasst.

Am Mittwoch ist die achte Sitzungsperiode des UN-Menschenrechtsrates in Genf zu Ende gegangen. Die dünne Berichterstattung in Europas Medien deutet darauf hin, dass der Westen lieber den Mantel des Schweigens über eine Veranstaltung legt, die zu einer beschämenden Farce geworden ist.

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Polizei: Machtlos gegen Migrantengewalt

MigrantengewaltEin Artikel der in Düsseldorf erscheinenden Rheinischen Post (RP), der Migrantengewalt gegen Polizisten thematisiert, ist es wert, einmal etwas mehr in den Fokus gerückt zu werden. Auszug: “Polizisten in sozialen Brennpunkten werden immer häufiger gewalttätig angegriffen. Weil die Wachen dünn besetzt sind, müssen die Bedrohten oft lange auf Verstärkung warten. Im Duisburg werden die Schupos nun durch die Bereitschaftspolizisten verstärkt.”
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Sudan: Hilfe nur bei Übertritt zum Islam

Der Geschäftsführer der Hilfsaktion Märtyrerkirche, Pastor Manfred Müller: Christen erhalten nur dann Lebensmittel, wenn sie ihren Glauben verlassen.

L e i n f e l d e n (idea) – Die sudanesische Regierung missbraucht die Verteilung von Hilfsgütern als Mittel zur Islamisierung des Landes. Notleidenden Christen wird nur geholfen, wenn sie zum Islam übertreten.

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The Iranian Roots of Hizbullah

By: Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli *

"Iran is the only country that does not interfere in Lebanon." Mahmoud Ahamdinejad [1]


Ahmadinejad's absurd statement coincided ironically with the publication in the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat of an extensive interview with Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, who has recently completed a total of 14 years as Iran's ambassador to Syria. By his own admission, Akhtari was the most senior Iranian liaison official with Hizbullah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, and the architect of the special relationship between Iran and Syria. Akhtari was also the founder in Damascus of the Palestinian-Iranian Friendship Society.

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Taking forward the common immigration and asylum policy for Europe.


Brussels, 17 June 2008

Taking forward the common immigration and asylum policy for Europe.

Today the Commission adopted a Communication on "A Common immigration policy for Europe: principles, actions and tools" and a Policy Plan "Asylum – an integrated approach to protection across the EU". The Communication puts forward ten Common Principles on which to base the common immigration policy, grouped under the three main strands of EU policy: prosperity, solidarity and security. The Policy Plan on Asylum provides for the architecture of the second phase of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). Both address the remaining elements on immigration and asylum of The Hague Programme. They should be endorsed by the European Council of 15 October 2008 and will, in the course of 2009, feed into a new five-year Programme in the Justice, Freedom and Security area.

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PM Erdogan’s Advisor Resigns For Discrimination Against Alevis

AKP MP Reha Camuroglu, the architect of AKP’s post-election policy towards Turkey’s 15-million-strong Alevi community confirmed today his resignation from his position as PM’s advisor, saying that AKP did not keep any of its promises to Alevis.

Alevis are the second largest religious community in Turkey and their liberal and tolerant interpretation of Islam differs from Sunnis’. Their places of worship are ‘cemevi’ and not mosques. Long discriminated by the Sunni establishment, they demand to be recognized as a distinct faith, to be granted equal treatment with the Sunnis, and to have freedom of religion.

In his resignation letter to PM Erdogan, Reha Camuroglu wrote, “We wanted discrimination against Alevis to end. Did it? How many Alevis have high level positions in the bureaucracy or are among the governors? Is there just one Alevi governor? What about any police commissioners? During the AKP’s six-year rule, how many Alevi investors have won tenders? Probably none!"

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Campaign Against General Ilker Basbug

Campaign Against General Ilker Basbug

During the period preceding the August Supreme Military Council [YAS] meetings, when top military commanders are assigned to their new duties (or retire), Islamist circles intensify their efforts to discredit top ranking military officers, especially the one expected to become the new Chief of General Staff. Two years ago Gen. Yasar Buyukanit was the target of long smearing campaigns and now it is Commander of the Land Forces Ilker Basbug. Following the publication of photos of Gen. Basbug at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem that aimed to portray him as “Jewish”, or “close to Jews”, by the Islamist and virulently antisemitic daily Vakit, the pro-AKP, liberal daily Taraf’s editor Ahmet Altan accused General Basbug and Osman Paksut, the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court, of having a meeting in March at Basbug’s office in the military headquarters and characterized the meeting as “secret” and “mysterious”.

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High Court Condemns Attacks On Judiciary

In another episode of the ongoing AKP government and judiciary quarrel, the country's top court harshly responded to attacks by government circles and the AKP-media, describing the denigrations as "inhuman and unethical". The High Constitutional Court issued a written statement on Friday calling the prosecutors to duty and said, “Despite the fact that any action or statement made about an ongoing case is recognized as committing of a crime according to our penal code, it is worrisome to witness the inaction of the responsible authorities”.

Since the 11-judge court annulled the constitutional amendments lifting the ban on the wearing of Islamic headscarf in universities, it has been the target of attacks from government officials, politicians and pro-government media. PM Tayyip Erdogan accused the judges of taking the national will hostage while other AKP officials proposed to scrap the court's authority. The court is also hearing a closure case against the ruling AKP, on the grounds that the party has become the focal point of anti-secular activities.

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Divorce or Leave: Denmark Tells Iraqi & Newspapers CAIRO 

The Danish government is asking an Iraqi man to either divorce one of his two wives or leave the Scandinavian country, Russia Today reported on Monday, June 16.

The man, who married twice while in his home country Iraq, was granted asylum in Denmark after working as an interpreter with Danish forces in the war-torn Arab country.

But in Denmark, he is being asked to divorce one of his wives because the law of the land does not allow polygamy.

The man has been given a one-month deadline by the Department of Family Affairs to divorce one of his wives or leave the country.

"It will be the second wife and it will be like a divorce," says immigration lawyer Mayanna Vilon.

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Kuwait charity bankrolling al Qaida in Kosovo

Has the UN Let a Blacklisted Islamic Charity Roam Free in Kosovo?

10/2/2005 (

This article, originally published by on Sept. 15, 2005, details a worrying sign of international failure to confront terrorist-related groups in the Balkans.

When it comes to charities suspected of terrorist involvement, at what point can a series of independent actions be said to indicate coordinated and malevolent intent? And if they do in fact indicate such intent, what should be done about it?

These are the questions that Thomas Gambill, a former security officer with the OSCE, had to wrestle with during his time in Kosovo, in regards to several Islamic NGOs and charities whose stated activities seemed benign, but whose latent motives were more suspicious.According to Gambill, whose whistleblower testimony first came out on in August, the verdict is not good: in more than one case, UN bosses of the occupied Serbian province “have turned a blind eye��? to dangerous charities - including a local branch of an Islamic fundamentalist group that has been linked to terrorist attacks and/or extremism in countries ranging from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to Azerbaijan, Albania, and Bosnia - a group that has, in fact, been partially blacklisted by both the Bush administration and the UN since January 2002.

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France’s blunt warning over Irish No

By Tony Barber in Brussels

Published: June 9 2008 19:31 | Last updated: June 10 2008 07:10

Irish voters were warned on Monday that the rest of the European Union would look at them with “gigantic incomprehension” if they rejected the bloc’s Lisbon reform treaty in Thursday’s referendum.

Bernard Kouchner, France’s foreign minister, said Ireland had benefited more than other member states from EU largesse since it joined the bloc in 1973.

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Wael Julaidan, Al Qaeda Founder, Active Again in Saudi Arabia?

Jun 5, 07:20

Is Wael Julaidan, founder of al Qaeda and one of only two Saudis ever designated as terrorist financiers by the Saudi regime and supposedly out of circulation, back in the public spotlight? It would seem so.

According to the English language Saudi paper, the the Arab News Julaidan was a featured speaker at a recent conference hosted by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). The article was first noted and commented on by the Global MB Report (registration required).

There are no other known leaders of Julaidan’s stature that my most knowledgeable sources say share that name, or would be noted with such prominence, so the likelihood that it is the same Julaidan that is designated by the UN, the US and Saudi Arabia, is very high.

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Twee derde wil stop op grote moskeeën

van onze redactie politiekDEN HAAG – Twee derde van de Nederlanders wil dat er een stop komt op de bouw van grote, gezichtsbepalende moskeeën. Van de bevolking is 65 procent het daarmee ‘eens’ of ‘helemaal eens’.

Dat blijkt uit een groot onderzoek in opdracht van tv-rubriek Netwerk en het Nederlands Dagblad. Bureau Intomart GfK heeft 1386 mensen ondervraagd. Hun werden stellingen voorgelegd over de islam in Nederland.
De meeste Nederlanders maken zich zorgen over de groei van de islam in Nederland en de invloed daarvan op de samenleving. Tegelijk is een meerderheid ook bezorgd over de negatieve manier waarop Geert Wilders en zijn Partij voor de Vrijheid over de islam spreken.

Van de Nederlanders denkt 59 procent dat de islam over veertig jaar minstens zo bepalend is voor het aanzien van Nederland als het christendom dat nu is. Een vergelijkbaar percentage (57 procent) noemt de groei van het aantal moslims in ons land bedreigend voor de Nederlandse cultuur. En voor de godsdienstvrijheid, denkt 53 procent. Bovendien denkt 61 procent niet dat radicale stromingen binnen de islam in Nederland vanzelf zullen verdwijnen.

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Niederlande: In 40 Prozent aller Schulen ethnische "Zusammenstöße"

Wir haben darüber berichtet, dass es in den Niederlanden Klassenfahrten gibt, an denen ethnische Niederländer nicht-muslimischen Glaubens nicht teilnehmen dürfen - denn Ziel der Klassenfahrten ist Mekka. Und wir haben unlängst darüber berichtet, dass ethnische niederländische nicht-muslimische Kinder bei einem multikulturellen Schulausflug in eine bekannte Moschee vom Imam als ungläubige "Hunde" beleidigt wurden. Für niederländische Kinder ist diese Diskriminierung alltäglich. Und nun wurde eine Studie veröffentlicht, deren Ergebnis kaum erstaunen kann: in 40 Prozent aller Schulen hat es im vergangenen Jahr "ethnische Zusammenstöße" gegeben. Das ist eine Steigerung binnen zwei Jahren um 10 Prozent - Spannungen werden nicht abgebaut, sie nehmen zu. Die Kinder erleben in den Schulen, was auch die Erwachsenen im Alltag erleben. Noch ein Hinweis: Die tatsächlichen Zahlen sollen weitaus höher liegen. Denn aus Angst, ihren guten Ruf zu verlieren, berichten viele Schulleiter über solche Zwischenfälle erst gar nicht mehr (Quelle: Juni 2008). Politisch korrekt hebt die Studie hervor, die ethnischen Zusammenstöße hätten in fast allen Fällen nichts "mit Religion" zu tun. Da hat die Studie wohl Recht: die Zusammenstöße haben wohl eher mit einem bestimmten Kulturkreis zu tun....

Neu erwachter Widerstand gegen den Islam

Ungewohnte Töne sind in der heutigen DailyMail-Augabe seitens der Church of England zu hören. Die Kirche Englands klagt Premierminister Gordon Brown an, den Islam zu sehr zu bevorzugen und für die Christen nichts als “Lippenbekenntnisse” übrig zu haben. Lees verder...

Fremde Herrscher - deutsche Diener

Wie eine Perle in der Medienlandschaft erscheint ein Artikel des Weser Kuriers, “Herrscher, Diener und Vasallen”, der klar ausspricht, wer in deutschen Jugend-Gangs das Sagen hat und wer wie Hunde gehorchen muss. Während sich die ausländischen Jugendlichen als Herrenmenschen fühlen, sind ihnen die Deutschen lediglich als Diener und Vasallen gut genug. Lees verder...

Ahmadinejad: Israel Is a 'Dead Fish' and a 'Stinking Corpse';

June 6, 2008 No. 447
Ahmadinejad: Israel Is a 'Dead Fish' and a 'Stinking Corpse'; 'The Zionist Regime Will Be Wiped Off the Map'; 'The European Governments Do Not Want the Zionists Living in Europe'
By: Y. Mansharof and A. Savyon *


As Israel's 60th anniversary drew near, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continued his tirade of virulent anti-Israel and antisemitic statements, likening Israel to a "dead fish" and a "stinking corpse" and calling it a "false regime" which "from the point of view of the nations in the region does not even exist." He also stated that Israel "will be wiped off the map of the world," [1] and that "the day will come when the Muslims uproot [it]." [2]

Ahmadinejad added that the elimination of Israel would benefit the entire world, since Israel caused harm to humanity at large - and especially to Europe, which was "bearing the political and economic burden of this false regime."

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No UN, EU deal on Kosovo mission

June 3, 2008

The meeting between the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and EU High Representative Javier Solana is said to have produced no agreement on reconfiguration of the UN mission in Kosovo.

According to the diplomatic sources, EU is seeking an unrestricted command over its mission termed EULEX so that the UN mission known as UNMIK must get out of their way. One Kosovo separatist paper claims that the EULEX members "feel betrayed, as they cannot cope with the idea that will be commanded by UNMIK."

"For the European Union it is clear that EULEX will have only one command. This command will come from Brussels and nowhere else. This is the European position and the others can think whatever they want,” an unnamed senior EULEX official told the Islamic separatist paper in Kosovo.

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Kosovo Muslims threaten "violence of the state"

June 3, 2008

The self-styled deputy prime minister of the Muslim Albanian separatist entity government in Kosovo, Hajredin Kuçi, is threatening to use the "violence of the state" in order to force Kosovo Serbs, who are Christian, to obey the laws Islamic separatist government plans to pass on June 15.

Kuçi's remarks that the government plans to use violence against Serbs came after the inquiry by the Islamic separatist paper Express as to how does the Islamic separatist "government" plan to impose its "law and order" in the north.

Kosovo Christians that live in the north have recently held their own elections after which they will create their own legislative Assemblies because the legislature imposed by the Albanian Islamic radicals in Pristina passas laws that routinely violate their human rights.

Over the past weekend, Islamic judge decided that wearing certain kinds of t'shirts by Christians is illegal and punished the two Christian brothers for that with a 500 Euro fine and/or 60 days in jail.

"I consider necessary that the results of the local elections shall be recognized by the Kosovo authorities, but also it is absolutely necessary acceptance of EULEX mission by Serb authorities," former Minister of Exterior of Serbia Goran Svilanovic said.

Al-Qaeda Group Is Facing Setbacks Globally, CIA Chief Says

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 30, 2008; A01

Less than a year after his agency warned of new threats from a resurgent al-Qaeda, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden now portrays the terrorist movement as essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and on the defensive throughout much of the rest of the world, including in its presumed haven along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

In a strikingly upbeat assessment, the CIA chief cited major gains against al-Qaeda's allies in the Middle East and an increasingly successful campaign to destabilize the group's core leadership.

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Turkey’s “Watergate”: CHP Offices Tapped, Details Of Conversations Published In Islamist Press

News that the office of Onder Sav, Secretary General of Republican People’s Party [CHP] was bugged sent shock waves across Turkey. The CHP and the nationalist MHP have raised their concerns over the tapping incident that local media termed, "Turkish Watergate".

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Unconvinced By AKP’s Defense, Turkey’s Top Prosecutor Submits His Argument To Shut Down The Ruling Party

Following his examination of AKP’s written response to the initial indictment, Chief Prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya submitted today his evaluation report to the president of the Constitutional Court in which he reiterated his demand to shut down the AKP.

The president of the high court subsequently sent a copy of the prosecutor’s report to AKP which will have one month to prepare for appearance in court. At that time both the AKP and the prosecutor will make their oral presentations to the 11 justices who will decide the case.

Source: Milliyet, Turkey, May 30, 2008

Posted at: 2008-05-30

Künftig Scharia-Urteile in der EU gültig?

Die EU-Kommission denkt nach. Das ist grundsätzlich schon mal schlecht. Diesmal möchte man die Mitgliedsstaaten zwingen, Schariaurteile künftig innerhalb der Union als gültig anzuerkennen. “Bisher ist es möglich, Entscheidungen, die gegen Grundrechte verstoßen, hierzulande nicht anzuerkennen.”

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Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Endowment on Jewish History and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saleh Riqab, Hamas deputy minister of religious endowment, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 14, 2008.

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit

To view the MEMRI TV page on Hamas, visit

"They Have Come Up With Many Means to Achieve [the Destruction of Religion and Morality] - Such As Inventing Philosophical Theories That Destroy Religion and Morality"

Saleh Riqab: "The goal of the Zionist movement is to establish a state in Palestine, which would become a base for ruling the entire world. Its other goals are to destroy the religions it opposes, particularly Islam; to corrupt values and morality; to spread permissiveness and sex; and to generate moral decline.

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Iran Achieves a Four-Front Missile Command, Breakthrough on Nuclear Missile Warheads

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

May 31, 2008

Gen. Mohammed Ali Jafari, chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps

Gen. Mohammed Ali Jafari, chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps have created a separate missile command, in which Syria’s missile force is to be integrated. The joint command was formalized in a new mutual defense treaty signed by the Syrian defense minister, Gen. Hassan Turkmani in Tehran last week.

Israeli military sources judge the operational merger of Iranian and Syrian missile corps to be a major strategic hazard to the Jewish state.

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