Turks Enter Iraq

Hundreds of Turkish troops entered Iraq last night, Iraqi officials said, in pursuit of separatist Kurdish rebels. It marks the first land invasion since the Turkish parliament approved such measures last month and involves as many as seven-hundred troops (Bloomberg). http://m1e.net/c?71202134-qIP1lCqat7w5Q%402984138-1jC/cbqHTG4KI At last report Tuesday, officials in Turkey had not confirmed the reports but a Turkish diplomat in Washington told the Associated Press that "It was a Turkish operation, it was a Turkish decision. We were informed." http://m1e.net/c?71202134-JDv6rhsCXxi1E%402984139-C/UcWIIYKhN0A

The reported incursion threatens to resurface tensions that had partly subsided since Turkey's vote last month to enable cross-border operations. Reuters reports Turkish troops engaged in minor skirmishes with fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a separatist group based both in Turkey and Iraq. http://m1e.net/c?71202134-3qXXvXWwxj/9Q%402984140-kgkcD1hLMettU The reported attacks come on the heels of weekend air strikes and coincide with a surprise visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Iraqi Kurdistan (CBS/AP). http://m1e.net/c?71202134-AqdvhZenM2BNU%402984141-SGE7.uXE3unrw The Washington Post reports this morning on a new program in which the U.S. government aims to help the Turkish military by providing intelligence on PKK targets in Iraq. http://m1e.net/c?71202134-BAY1B.JZyzcVE%402984142-QSuuPTWg4N.Sg

Oil prices edged higher on the news of the operation (Thomson Financial). http://m1e.net/c?71202134-kLk8zCThUVMRM%402984143-UREdJvhBLKQbQ

A recent Daily Analysis examines what the political and economic fallout might be if Turkey launches an all-out invasion into northern Iraq. http://m1e.net/c?71202134-OF5iUTz0dZNlE%402984144-Srf3Onvv1.NrM A Backgrounder profiles the PKK. http://m1e.net/c?71202134-JRBm.R9X1ekZI%402984145-z6.IlqO30ZYjo

CHP Leader Deniz Baykal: AKP Steering Turkey Towards Islamism

 Opposition CHP leader Deniz Baykal said that AKP has changed the direction of the secular republic and is steering Turkey towards religionism [Islamism]. Speaking yesterday at a meeting of high level CHP officials, Baykal criticized the ruling AKP for "taking critical institutions of the government under siege," noting that recent top level appointments are very worrisome.

Baykal said that changing the Turkish Constitution will be the final stage of the AKP plans.

Source: Cumhuriyet, Hurriyet, Turkey, December 14, 2007

Islamist Vakit Claims Nazi Oppression Against Muslims In Germany

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Spanien dank Zapatero zurück nach Al-Andalus?

ZapateroMigration vor allem aus Marokko ist in Spanien durchaus ein Thema, genauso wie die Angst der Spanier vor Islamismus, Überfremdung und Attentaten. Tatsächlich haben wir Spanier einen mehr als berechtigten Grund uns zu fürchten, zum einen sind wir schon Ziel mindestens eines Attentates geworden, dann haben wir eine stetig wachsende Anzahl unkontrolliert ankommender Migranten mit unbekanntem Hintergrund und dann wäre da noch die wiederholte Aufforderung an hier lebende Muslime, Spanien wieder in das Zeitalter von Al-Andalus zu führen.

(Gastbeitrag von PI-Leser Rafael E. aus Spanien)

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The American promise "GREATER ALBANIA" is coming

Albania To Open Borders If Serbia Puts Blockade On Kosovo
December 14, 2007 12:48 ET

Italian Protectorate of Albania as created by Italy August 1941

Italian Protectorate of Albania as created by Italy August 1941

TIRANA (AFP)--Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said Friday his country was ready to open its borders with Kosovo in case Serbia imposes a trade blockade once the province declares independence. 

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Saudi-Iranian rapprochement gains impetus with Washington’s blessing. Moscow sets timetable to finish Bushehr reactor

Saudi king Abdullah has invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be the first Islamic Republic president to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca, which begins on Dec. 18. It will be their second public appearance together in two weeks. Their first was at the GCC summit in Doha, where they arrived hand in hand. DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly have closely tracked the unfolding of the Saudi-brokered Washington-Tehran dialogue, moving on now to the evolution of Riyadh’s own epic rapprochement with Tehran.

This development signals Saudi recognition of Iran and its president as regional powers and King Abdullah’s willingness to share his Middle East leadership role with an Iranian partner. The rug is implicitly pulled from under the international campaign to punish Iran severely for its nuclear activities, while Tehran’s ally Syria and surrogates, Hizballah, Hamas and Jihad Islami, gain new standing.

Moscow has also announced a timetable for finishing Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr complete with fuel, confirming DEBKAfile’s report of Dec. 4.

Gazan Palestinians shoot 23-missile barrage at Sderot Wednesday. Mayor Ellie Moyal resigns, accusing PM and military of abandoning civilians to peril

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that, between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 12, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired 23 Qassam missiles at the small town of Sderot, injuring a mothr and daughter and leaving many people in shock. The Iran-linked Jihad Islami claimed 11, leaving the remaining seven for other groups, including al Qaeda or the belligerent Resistance Committees.

Our sources stress that the onslaught underlines the bankruptcy of the Olmert government’s security policy in Israel’s southwestern Negev, due to its refusal to let the army root out the protracted peril hanging over its inhabitants.

1. The concentrated Palestinian missile assault was to be anticipated in reprisal for the Israel military counter-terror operation the day before in the Khan Younes sector of the southern Gaza Strip. Yet it was not averted.

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A Committed Terrorist Discusses Syria's Role & Assistance

By Andrew Cochran

MEMRI has released a transcript of an interview with Shehada Jawhar, formerly the Al-Qaeda terrorist in charge of training in Iraq, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on December 7, 2007. It is a bloodcurdling look into the mind of a shameless, evil murderer, and every American should read it. For me, two of the key points in the transcript deal with the role of Syria in assisting and promoting terrorism, including an attempt by official Syrian intelligence agents to support Abu Musab al-Zarqawi before U.S. forces killed him. U.S. government officials who (inexplicably) hang onto the dream of drawing Syria into a "grand bargain" for Mideast peace should keep these segments in mind. His statements appear credible in light of his obvious pride in his success in killing Americans and those Iraqis working for peace.

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Bush Embarks on Saudi-Brokered Deal with Tehran

 DEBKA-Net-Weekly 328 first revealed on Dec. 7 that a Washington-Tehran understanding is in the making, brokered by Saudi Arabia. According to Washington and intelligence sources, the first steps of the dialogue were made possible by the US National Intelligence Estimate of Dec. 3 affirming that Iran’s nuclear weapons program had been put on hold in 2003. This public statement effectively took the US military option off the table, as stipulated by Riyadh and Tehran Lees verder...

Considering the PetroEuro

December 7, 2007

Easily missed amid the rising outcry over oil prices is the fact that they have only been skyrocketing in dollar terms. Priced in euros—or yen, or pounds sterling—the cost of a barrel of oil has risen much less over the past decade. At recent meetings of OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, ministers disputed whether oil should be sold in euros instead of dollars (WashPost), in light of the dollar’s recent decline. Officials from Venezuela, Iran, and Algeria called for a switch. But Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, both of which hold huge dollar reserves, urged caution, and the bloc concluded the meetings saying it would further study (FT) the impact of the falling dollar on its member states.

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"The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands"

By Evan Kohlmann

mbusa.jpgA new NEFA Foundation report is now available authored by NEFA Director of Analysis and Research Ronald Sandee and titled "The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands." A former senior analyst in the Dutch Defense Intelligence Service, Mr. Sandee attempts to "paint as complete a picture as possible of the Muslim Brotherhood's operations in the Netherlands" and its fairly "sophisticated infrastructure"--even at a local level. The report includes various sub-sections, including on the "Al-Aqsa Network in the Netherlands", "International Muslim Brotherhood Activity in the Netherlands", and "Independent Brotherhood-Linked Activities in the Netherlands."

The report can be downloaded from the NEFA Foundation website.

Wahhabis planned terror on US Embassy in Serbia

December 6, 2007

The arrested 15 members of a Wahhabi terror group have been charged by the Serbian authorities for planning terror attacks on various locations in the capital Belgrade that were to include bombings of the US Embassy in Serbia.

According to the indictment, the arrested Muslims have engaged in terror planning and the evidence includes confiscated weapons, various communication intercepts between the members inside Serbia, Bosnia and Saudi Arabia and detailed maps with specific markings for potential targets.

Serbian police apprehends a Muslim terrorists, not shaven and no hat, in an anti terror raid. Analysis are increasingly worried about the so called "white al-Qaeda'.
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Two Testimonies by Young Men Who Went to Wage Jihad in Iraq

Two testimonies by young men who went to Iraq to wage jihad were published recently. In the first testimony, a young Saudi named Ahmad bin 'Abdallah Al-Shayi' said that he regretted his actions, and accused Al-Qaeda of exploiting young men by tempting them to join the organization and then sending them to carry out martyrdom operations. He warned all young men, and Muslims in general, to learn from his mistake, and not to join the jihad in Iraq or in other regions of conflict.

The second testimony was that of an individual calling himself "the noble mujahid Muhibb Al-Sunna Al-Iraqi." Unlike Al-Shayi', he described his experience in very positive terms, and praised the Al-Qaeda commanders, particularly the late Al-Qaeda in Iraq commander Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi.

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Forderung Rücktritt des Abgeordneten Martin Neumeyer

des „Bundesverbandes der Bürgerbewegungen zur Bewahrung von Demokratie, Heimat und Menschenrechten e.V" (BDB) nach sofortigem Rücktritt des Abgeordneten Martin Neumeyer vom Vorsitz der Arbeitsgruppe „Integration und Islam" der CSU – Landtagsfraktion

Mit Unverständnis haben wir zur Kenntnis genommen, dass der Vorsitzende der Arbeitsgruppe „Integration und Islam" der CSU – Landtagsfraktion im Bayerischen Landtag eine faktische „Islamisierung" seiner Partei fordert. Im Interview mit dem „Münchner Merkur" forderte er die „Öffnung" seiner Partei „für Muslime". Ich zitiere wörtlich: „Mittelfristig werden wir ohne Muslime keine Wahlen mehr gewinnen." und „Noch im diesem Jahrhundert bekommen wir ein Verhältnis von 50:50, also 50 Prozent Christen und 50 Prozent Muslime" Würde Herr Neumeyer also auch die Öffnung seiner Partei für politisch linke oder rechte Extremisten empfehlen, wenn die demografische Entwicklung eine Zunahme solcher politischer Extremisten für die nächste Zeit prognostizieren würde?

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Turkish President Signed Controversial Law On Selection Of Judges And Prosecutors

In a speedy fashion President Abdullah Gul signed into law the controversial changes to the selection of judges and prosecutors that AKP legislated in a rushed late night session of the parliament on Saturday, strengthening the opposition's claims that the president rubberstamps AKP legislations without taking time to evaluate them.

The new law is published in today’s Official Gazette and took effect as of today. According to the new law the final selection of judges and prosecutors will be determined at an interview held by ministry of justice appointed bureaucrats, after all the candidates are given a written examination.Physical appearance is among the criteria that the interviewing board will take into consideration.

The changes will also allow attorneys with five years experience to take the bench, as well as candidates who have not studied law. Candidates that hold a doctorate degree from law will be exempt from the written examination and they will be selected only on the basis of the interview by AKP bureaucrats.


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AKP Govenment Sells Turkey’s Second Largest Media Group To Calik Holding Whose General Manager Is PM Erdogan’s Son In Law

Turkey's second-biggest media group, Sabah/ATV, was sold yesterday to Calik Holding, the single bidder after all others pulled out. Initially there were about ten groups competing; the last consortiums to withdraw were Ýpek-Sancak with their European partner RTL, and Nurol Holding and its U.S. partner Carlyle Group, leaving Calik the sole bidder to buy Sabah/ATV for %1.1 billion. There were rumors in the media that the prime minister was involved and had had discussions with other contenders, in the weeks prior to the sale. Mainstream media has been accusing AKP for creating a large pro-AKP/Islamist media through acquisitions, while putting pressure on the mainstream media by intimidation. Previously two other large media groups were also seized and sold to parties known to be close to the AKP.

On April 1, 2007, the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), a governmental organization, had confiscated Sabah/ATV group which consists of three newspapers, two TV channels, group of magazines and a distribution company, and organized its sale.

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Hezbollah in the driver's seat in Lebanon

By Olivier Guitta

Hezbollah's grip over Lebanon is increasing by the day. And the West does not seem ready to stop this freight train any longer.
The Croissant just reported the following two stories (full versions available to subscribers) that prove how Hezbollah is planning its "coup": Did Hezbollah arrest UNIFIL’s commander, a few weeks ago? Iran provides armored cars to Hezbollah.

I just wrote a piece for the Middle East Times on Hezbollah's tactics to seize power .
Here is a short excerpt:
While Lebanon is without a president for now, it looks like a favorite is quickly emerging: Lebanon army chief and Damascus ally General Michel Sleiman. If he were to be elected, the winner would not only be Syria, but more importantly Hezbollah.

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European Arabs Launch Campaign to Stop Al-Jazeera Broadcasts in Europe

Arabs in Europe have launched a public campaign to stop Al-Jazeera TV broadcasts in Europe. In a petition, they accuse the channel of fostering extremism among European Arab youth and of supporting terrorism.

While the petition's initiators have not provided their names, it seems likely that they are Iraqi expatriates; although various Arab news websites, such as Elaph, [1] have reported on the campaign, the petition itself has been posted primarily on Iraqi websites. These sites include the Iraqi news site Sotaliraq; [2] the Iraq of Tomorrow news site; [3] the Al-Najaf News site; [4] the website of Al-Fayhaa TV, a liberal Iraqi station; [5] the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan website; [6] Bahzani, a news and opinion website focusing on the Yazidi community and other Iraqi minorities; [7] the Yezidi Community website; [8] the website of the GilgamishCenter for Kurdish Studies and Research; [9] and the Kurdistan Times e-journal. [10]

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„Das war's, das überleb' ich nicht“


Sarâ dachte: „Das war's, das überleb' ich nicht!“ Ihr Ehemann stand vor ihr, bedrohte sie mit einem Messer. Er brüllte. Schrie so laut, dass die drei kleinen Kinder sich hinter ihrer Mutter versteckten. „Ich bring euch um“, rief der Vater. Er zog eine Pistole, zielte auf seine Frau. „Wenn du mich aus der Wohnung schmeißt, bringe ich euch um!“ Sarâ versuchte, ruhig zu bleiben. „Wäre ich laut geworden, hätte er es getan, das weiß ich“, sagt sie heute, einige Monate später. Es war ihr kleiner Sohn, der den Vater zur Vernunft brachte. „Hör auf, Papa, bitte hör auf“, flehte der Kleine. Der Vater ließ die Pistole sinken und setzte sich auf das Sofa. „Und plötzlich war er wieder der liebe, friedliche Mensch“, sagt Sarâ.


Die 27-jährige zierliche Frau ist in Köln geboren, ihre Eltern stammen aus der Türkei. Sie möchte Sarâ genannt werden, will ihren richtigen Namen nicht in der Zeitung lesen. Zwar lebt sie inzwischen mit ihren drei Kindern vom türkischen Ehemann getrennt, aber sie fürchtet, dass er ihr etwas antut, wenn er von ihrem neuen Freund erfährt.

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New Law In Turkey Censors Internet

A new law went into effect in Turkey on November 23, 2007 to fight and prevent internet crimes such as child pornography, prostitution, encouragement to commit suicide, facilitation of obtaining illegal drugs, and facilitating gambling. Columnist Oktay Eksi of Hurriyet wrote that while prevention of obscenity was deemed important, websites that incite to terrorism, violence or other crimes were not included in the scope of the new law.

Eksi notes that the new law leaves the decision to turn off the access to websites to one person, rather than to the courts. One bureaucrat, the Head of Telecommunications Department within the Ministry of Communications, will have the authority to close down access to any website for content that he thinks is obscene. Eksi says that this law puts Turkey in the category of undemocratic, despotic countries.

Source: Hurriyet, Turkey, November 30, 2007

Turkish Court: Marital Rape Not A Crime; Turkish Columnist: Decision Turns Women Into Sex Slaves

In response to a ruling by Turkey's Supreme Court of Appeals that marital rape is not a crime, Ýsmet Berkan wrote in his column in Radikal that because of the ruling, if a woman "resists and is killed by her husband in the end, his penalty even could be reduced due to 'grievous provocation!' We learned [about] this during the ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ week..."

He continued, "Unfortunately, the court's decision has the effect of turning women into sex slaves in marriages... Forcing someone into sexual intercourse is called 'rape.' In Turkey, which is making efforts to end violence against women, the Court of Appeals decision must have been a really bad coincidence..."

Source: Turkish Daily News, Turkey, November 30, 2007

Hamas, Teddy Bears in Sudan and the Muslim Brotherhood

By Douglas Farah

There are two places where the Muslim Brotherhood exercises governmental power-Sudan and the Palestinian territories. That is, where it controls the levers of the state. It seems to me it is worth looking at these states to see how the Brotherhood would govern if given the chance, and to see the real agenda of the organization that claims to represent moderate, modernizing and tolerant interpretations of Islam.

For an excellent summary of why the Muslim Brotherhood is such an important topic, see this new paper by Hillel Fradkin of the Hudson Institute.

To give the core arguement:

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