A French newspaper reports that last year's nationwide (chiefly Muslim) riots -- which spread like wildfire throughout France, laying waste to dozens of public buildings and businesses and 9,000 cars, trucks, and busses -- cost insurers 160,000,000 Euros (more than US$200,ooo,ooo). $200,000,000 for a nation whose GDP is approximately that of California!  That's a huge bill to pay. Maybe it's time to think of such riots -- past, present, and future -- as "Hurricane Mohammed."

The interested insurance companies are holding the government responsible, which is a natural and necessary direction in which to point fingers. A generation and more of a plainly failed immigration policies has saddled France with a predominantly Muslim underclass that appears permanent and permanently unruly. Can the same French government be trusted to transform France's ethnic tinderboxes into anything socially useful? Barely. In the meantime, we know, radical Islam worked wonders on the mind of one of France's native sons. How many more is it working on right now? Who in the end will save France from its demographic rot (and in turn save the rest of the West from this French rot)?