Hirsi Ali: parlement zwak en gewetenloos

Door onze redacteur Frank Vermeulen

DEN HAAG, 30 SEPT. De Tweede Kamer is zwak, gewetenloos en zonder geheugen. Dat zegt het voormalig Kamerlid voor de VVD Ayaan Hirsi Ali vandaag in deze krant.
Hirsi Ali ging begin deze maand aan het werk bij de Amerikaanse denktank American Enterprise Institute. Gisteren verscheen haar nieuwe boek, Mijn Vrijheid.

Terugkijkend naar haar periode in de Kamer zegt Hirsi Ali dat de „belangrijkste machtsbeslissingen de afgelopen drieëneenhalf jaar genomen zijn in de achterkamertjes”.

De VVD-fractie werd nauwelijks gekend in besluiten over het regeerakkoord, de oorlog in Irak of het sturen van troepen naar Afghanistan. Hirsi Ali: „We praatten er wel over maar dat sloeg verder helemaal nergens op. Dat was meer een vorm van groepstherapie”. Het parlement noemt zij „gewetenloos”.

Als voorbeeld wijst zij erop dat er een miljard wordt uitgegeven aan de jeugdzorg, maar dat kindermishandeling alleen maar toeneemt. „Heeft het parlement dan een geweten? Het parlement zegt nu alleen maar dat het verschrikkelijk is. Ja, dat vindt mijn buurvrouw ook. Maar wat doe je eraan?”

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Death Threats in Brussels, France (Robert Redeker)

Yesterday the Belgian authorities decided to provide police protection for people working in the Brussels prisons of Vorst and Sint-Gillis. The decision was taken after two jailers, on their way to work, were attacked on a Brussels tram. Immigrant youths called them “assassins” and threatened them with knives. All the prison employees are now escorted by the police on their way to the car park or to the nearby train station.

According to the youths the jailers “murdered” Fayçal Chabaan, a 25-year old Moroccan criminal, who was an inmate in Vorst Prison. Chabaan died last Sunday after having been given a sedative. Sunday was the first day of the Islamic holy month of ramadan when Muslims are only allowed to eat after sunset. Moroccan youths claim Chabaan was holding his ramadan fast and had complained about the food of the evening meal. The situation in the Brussels prisons is tense, with many Muslim inmates blaming the prison authorities for Chabaan’s death.

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The German government will launch electronic residence permits for foreigners which contain biometric data of the relevant person, DPA quoted German deputy foreign minister, August Hanning, as saying in Hamburg on Friday.

The new digital residence permit will be similar to Germany's biometric passports and identification cards which were introduced last November.

Up to now residence permits or visas of foreigners had been pasted into their passports.

The controversial move is aimed at better identifying foreigners who might be involved in criminal or illegal activities.


EU opinion on Kurdish rebels could hit raw nerve in Turkey

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU courts in Luxembourg could in Spring 2007 restart hearings on whether Brussels was wrong to brand the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as terrorists, following legal advice that could hit a raw nerve in EU-Turkey relations.

"The Court of First Instance should not have dismissed the application against the inclusion of the PKK on a list of terrorist organisations," the court's advocate general Juliane Kokott said on Wednesday (27 February). "[It] will therefore still have to decide whether it was correct to include the PKK on that list."

The advocate general's opinion is not legally-binding but is usually followed by the EU courts, with EU judges set to give a formal verdict on the admissibility of the PKK appeal around January next year, potentially paving the way for fresh PKK-terror list hearings in March.
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Why We Will Never See Democracy in the Middle East


September 11, 2006— In the five years since 9/11, much looking-back has been done. The problem is we haven't looked back far enough. To understand the nature of the enemy in the Middle East and to evaluate the prospects for democracy and peace, we need to extend our gaze not five years into the past, but five hundred and even five thousand.

I've spent the last four years writing two books about Alexander the Great's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, 331-327 B.C. What has struck me in the research is the dead-ringer parallels between that ancient East-West clash and the modern ones the U.S. is fighting today — despite the fact that Alexander was pre-Christian and his enemies were pre-Islamic.

What history seems to be telling us is that the quality that most defines our Eastern adversaries, then and now, is neither religion nor extremism nor "Islamo-fascism," but something much older and more fundamental.

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The demography of Denmark

I got myself into a discussion with a friend the other day about just how many immigrants we have in Denmark, how many there are from Europe, and non-western countries. We also discussed the growing immigrant population and how long will it be before we all have to grow beards and run around in turbans. Well, we didn't get all to the way to the end of the discussion and it left me thinking, just how does it really look? Are we being totally overrun by mussies in headcloths? Or is it so gradual that we still have time to stem the tide? I signed up to Denmarks statistics and had a quick go at our present demography. There is a mound of information, but not developed after religion as far as I can see. However, non-western countries are in the index so I decided to start there.

I took the population of Denmark from 1996 to 2006. It grew from 5.25 million to 5,43 million. An increase of 3,3%. Lees verder...

Germany: The Text That Muslims Had To Ban

We reported on September 24 that Egypt had banned three newspaper editions, the current issue of the international Guardian Weekly, the September 19 edition of Le Figaro, and one edition of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The reason for the banning of these newspapers was because they contained articles which were "offensive" to Islam. The articles may have offended Islam, but they were 100% true. We have already presented our translation of the article from Le Figaro by Robert Redeker, which has now led to the French philosopher being subjected to death threats.

The September 15 edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung contained an article by German historian Egon Flaig. Not able to translate the original German article we did not present our readers with a translation. Flaig's article is long, it is intense, but it is searingly truthful and historically accurate.

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"Der Islam langweilt mich"

Zwei Tage - zwei klasse Kommentare in der Welt

Innerhalb von zwei Tagen präsentiert die Welt zwei tolle Kommentare zum momentanen Top-Thema, dem Islam. Gestern erklärte Andreas Seibel, dass es nun einmal die Moslems sind, die für anhaltendes Unbehagen sorgen, nicht Christen, Juden oder Buddhisten, und heute überrascht Echhard Fuhr mit der Bekenntnis, dass der Islam ihn langweile:

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UK: The Muslim Judge, And His Sex, Lies & Videotape

IlyasKhan.jpgA case concluded this week in which a Brazilian cleaner, 37-year old Roselane Dirza was found guilty of blackmailing her employer, and also her employer's girlfriend, who also employed her as a cleaner. Ms Dirza stole two videotapes which featured her employer engaged in sex. The details of the case are sordid, involving deception, claims of cocaine use and videotaped sex sessions.

But what makes the case more sordid is that the two people whom Dirza was said to have blackmailed were judges. Dirza was an illegal immigrant, and those she blackmailed were employed as Asylum and Immigration judges. Her attempts at blackmail revolved around her threatening to tell Lord Falconer of Thoroton, the Lord Chancellor, that she had worked at the woman judge's home illegally for nearly five years. Dirza wanted payment of £20,000 ($37,376). She also threatened to go to the press. She had a gangster boyfriend allegedly, and it is implied, but not proven, that Dirza used his existence to intimidate her employers.

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Girl rejects boy – he starts riots that burn 18 churches

Nigerian catastrophe triggered when Christian brushes off Muslim's 'advances'

Posted: September 29, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

Pastor Olaribigbe in front of the destroyed Celestial Church of Christ

An investigation has revealed that the Muslim riots that destroyed 18 Christian churches, 20 homes owned by Christians and dozens of Christian shops in the Nigerian city of Dutse happened after a Christian girl rejected a Muslim boy's advances.

As WND reported earlier, the riots erupted after the boy accused the girl of "blasphemy" to the prophet Muhammad.


Lyon, 28 Sept. (AKI) - French women's rights group Regards de femmes is demanding that the authorities bar a controversial Muslim scholar Hani Ramadan - who has publicly advocated death by stoning for women who commit adultery - from entering the country next month to take up a teaching post.
The president of Regards de femmes, Michele Vianes, has this week sent a letter, co-signed by number of prominent French figures, including several former ministers, to interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy demanding he keep Ramadan out of France. He is due to teach a series of courses a the newly formed Shatibi centre in the city of Lyon, beginning on 14 October. The Shatibi centre was founded by a group of young Muslims and offers courses in Islamic studies and the Arabic language.

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Genocide: Turkije woedend op PvdA, CDA

De voorzitter van het Turkse parlement overweegt diplomatieke stappen tegen Nederland, omdat de PvdA en het CDA drie Turkse kandidaten van hun verkiezingslijsten hebben gehaald die de Armeense genocide niet erkennen. CDA en PvdA krijgen felle kritiek uit Turkije.

Bülent Arinc, de voorzitter van het Turkse parlement, zei dit donderdag telefonisch tegen de inmiddels verwijderde PvdA-kandidaat Erdin Sacan.

Dinsdag werd Sacan van de PvdA-kandidatenlijst verwijderd door het partijbestuur. Ook het CDA haalde na veel kritiek twee genocide-ontkennners van de verkiezingslijst. (lees het Elsevier-commentaar Niet ontkenners genocide maar CDA en PvdA treft blaam)

Arinc was niet de enige in Turkije die het niet eens is met de verwijdering van Turkse kandidaat-parlementariërs door het CDA en de PvdA.

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Dutch political parties scrap candidates who deny WWI massacre of Armenians was genocide

The Associated Press

Published: September 27, 2006
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands The two largest Dutch political parties have scrapped ethnic Turkish parliamentary candidates who refuse to acknowledge the mass killings of Armenians during World War I amounted to genocide. The candidates include Ayhan Tonca of the governing Christian Democrat Party. Tonca is one of the country's most prominent Muslim politicians and is chairman of an umbrella organization of Islamic groups known as CMO. The Christian Democrats also retracted the candidacy of Osman Elmaci, and the opposition Labor Party ended the candidacy of Erdinc Sacan. In their platforms ahead of next month's election, both parties have staked out positions on Turkey's possible entry into the European Union, a divisive issue around the continent.
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The End of the Beginning?

A few days ago I commented on my blog Libertad y Razón (in Spanish), about an interesting analysis from Tom Blankey. He argued in an article here that there are strong signs that the West is starting to wake up to the threat of Islamism. He links the lecture given by Pope Benedict XVI in a German University, where he chose to quote the Byzantine Emperor, and a published article by that master of diplomacy Mr. Henry Kissinger, in which he pointed also to the threat of Islamism.

Now that the issue of the cancellation of the Opera Idomeneo in Berlin has provoked controversy, and official figures like Angela Merkel have spoken to defend freedom of speech and have ridiculed the attitude of bowing down to a threat that is not even an actual threat, but only a potential (although most probable) one, I think all this gives support to Mr. Blankey's point.

Of course, the blogosphere has been and will continue to play a very importante part in waking up our people. Just as Winston Churchill was ridiculed as "warmonger" for years for denouncing the Nazi Germany's rearmament and plans for European imperialism, but eventually people recognized that he had been right all along, the same will happen with the Hirsi Alis, Paul Beliens, Oriana Fallacis (R.I.P.) and "right-wing-nuts" of our time.

If that time is now or approaching, it will mark not the end, not even the beginning of the end, but certainly the end of the beginning (could't help quoting Sir Winston here!)

Henryk M. Broder: Wir sind nicht mehr konfliktfähig

Was hat Sie dazu veranlasst, sich mit dem Verhältnis des Westens zum Islam zu beschäftigen?
Broder: Das Thema treibt mich schon länger um. Ich beginne im Buch mit einer Sexual-Aufklärungsbroschüre, die vor zehn Jahren in Berlin zurückgezogen wurde, aus Angst, die Eltern islamischer Schüler könnten sich darüber aufregen. Noch bevor sie sich aufregen konnten, hat die Schulbehörde die Hefte wieder eingesammelt. Damals hielt ich das eher für eine Provinzposse. Seit dem 11. September 2001 ist es mir aber massiv aufgestoßen. Kurz nach den Anschlägen erschien in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen ein Aufsatz von Günther Grass mit dem Titel: "Wir müssen aufhören, ihnen unseren Willen aufzuzwingen". Grass meinte das ernst. Die bomben zwei Hochhäuser in Schutt und Asche, und Grass tut so, als hätten wir zwei Moscheen in Riad platt gemacht... Lees verder...

UK: Muslim Workers Complain That Ramadan Rituals Are Not Encouraged

Muslim workers at a Littlewoods warehouse are complaining that their employers are not changing work schedules to accommodate their Ramadan restrictions. The Oldham Advertiser writes that staff at the distribution center on Beal Lane in Shaw have contacted them to seek publicity for their "grievance".

The workers are whining that 100 Muslims employed at the warehouse, which distributes to Littlewoods stores, are prevented from carrying out their rituals. During Ramadan Muslims cannot eat from sunrise to sundown, and the workers complain that their ritual breaking of the daily fast, called "iftar" does not coincide with the usual tea breaks, which start at 6 pm when it is still light.

The Muslims had asked for their tea break to be shifted to 6.30 pm for two weeks. This affects employees on the late shift, who work from 2 pm to 10 pm.

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Egyptian Reformist Renews Attack on Muslim Brotherhood Despite Death Threats

In a critique of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, reformist Egyptian intellectual Dr. Sayyed Al-Qimni explained why he does not believe that the movement has changed its ways and has decided to integrate into civil society. He argued that the movement assumes many guises and forms many conflicting alliances in order to further its own interests. Al-Qimni further claimed that its aim is not to serve Islam but to come to power. [1]

This critique is Al-Qimni's first article since his July 2005 announcement - which followed death threats against him by Islamic extremists - that he was retracting everything he had ever written and that he would no longer write. [2]

The following are excerpts from the article:

"When Did the Muslim Brotherhood Stop Accusing Civil Society of Heresy?"

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Writer of 'anti-Islam' article gets death threats

He "accused Islam of 'exalting violence,'" and they threaten to kill him. Doesn't anyone notice the irony here?

From AFP, with thanks to Fjordman:

SAINT-ORENS-DE-GAMEVILLE, France, Sept 28, 2006 (AFP) — A French philosophy teacher was under police protection Thursday after receiving death threats over an article he wrote in a national newspaper that accused Islam of "exalting violence", school and police officials said.

Robert Redeker has not attended classes at his secondary school near Toulouse in southern France since September 19, when his opinion column appeared in the right-wing daily Le Figaro.

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"Politische Pest des 21. Jahrhunderts"

Historiker Hans Ulrich Wehler zum fundamentalistischen Islam

Ich erkenne meinen links-liberalen, politisch korrekten Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger nicht mehr wieder: In ihrer heutigen Ausgabe veröffentlicht die Tageszeitung ein sehr bemerkenswertes Interview mit dem bedeutendsten deutschen Historiker der Gegenwart, Hans-Ulrich Wehler (Foto), aus dem wir nachfolgend Auszüge veröffentlichen:

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The dark side of ... Spain

I have been reading the posts that my foreign friend bloggers have been writing about Aznar's words in which he just made clear that while Islamic leaders were demanding once and again pardon from Western societies, they "have never given an apology for conquering Spain and occupying it for 800 years".
The problem here is that Aznar is not the only one speaking these days about Islamic societies in Spain. The Pope's words in Ratisbone have caused quite a revolt here and the positions are very clear: with Pope's words, and the survival of Europe there has been not very much people, surprisingly, Zapatero was one of them.
But the dark side is growing and there are very few jedis. The sith are, without doubt, incarnated in the PRISA Spanish MSM-holding. one of its leading members being Juan Luis Cebrián. He was the last chief of informatives in the Franco's dictatorship, and it's rumoured that he sent the time he was in charge, the videos of the demonstrators to the Police for them to detain them.  But he compared some time ago Aznar with Franco, and said he was just a fascist.
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Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue and Why it Isn't Working

Recently two friends came to visit Israel from abroad. One asked a question, and the other may have answered it in part. One visitor is a student from California is comparing the role of dialuge in the conflict in Northern Ireland with that in Israel. In Ireland, dialogue between politicians, and between communities seems to have succeeded. Between Israelis and Palestinians it has not.

Differences of language and culture between Jews and Arab Palestinians are much greater than those between factions in Northern Ireland, but instinct tells us that something else is wrong. Something is not working in these dialogue efforts, because we have not been able to get ordinary people, who represent their societies, involved. Instead, "dialogue" seems to have become a pursuit of a self-selected few.

Ratna Palle visited from Holland and met members of the Family Forum (or Parents Circle) group. Her impressions provide, in part an answer to why dialogue is not working between Israelis and Palestinians, and within Israeli society.

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Tensions rise in Kosovo end game

With UN-imposed independence for Kosovo likely by the end of the year, observers fear ethnic violence, but some also say violence is guaranteed if the status quo is allowed to continue.

By Anes Alic in Sarajevo for ISN Security Watch (27/09/06)

NATO has increased its presence in Serbia's UN-administered province of Kosovo in the face of renewed ethnic violence, as the international community prepares to finalize the province's status.

Last week, the six-member Contact Group overseeing Balkan diplomacy for the past decade authorized UN chief mediator Martti Ahtisaari to propose a solution for Kosovo's final status and achieve a settlement by the end of this year.

The Contact Group - the US, Britain, Russia, France, Italy and Germany - on 20 September authorized Ahtisaari to make the decision without the assent of either Serbia or Kosovo Albanians, and neither side would be allowed to block the decision's implementation.

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GSPC Joins al-Qaeda and France Becomes Top Enemy

By Kathryn Haahr

Al-Qaeda deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri's recent September 11 threat to France, coupled with al-Qaeda's official integration with the Algerian Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC), is significant for two principal reasons. First, from al-Qaeda's perspective, it is a formal alliance with an "out-of-area" Islamist group to specifically engage in jihad against Europe and elsewhere. Secondly, the GSPC's merger with al-Qaeda formalizes the GSPC's participation in al-Qaeda terrorist-related activities against Western targets. This development brings the GSPC to the counter-terrorism debate in a different way than before. The GSPC-al-Qaeda integration portends increased opportunities for al-Qaeda to recruit European jihadists for ongoing terrorist operations in the West and the Middle East and signifies the potential for an increased operational tempo by the two organizations against French and Western targets.

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Latest peaceful PalArab poll

Unfortunately, the raw data for this poll is not available online (as was the case in past polls,) and the Palestinian Arab press release for the poll completely ignores the inconvenient support for terror that was uncovered, so I am relying on this Jerusalem Post report about the poll:

63% of PalArabs support shooting rockets into Israeli cities.
57% support terror attacks against Israeli civilians inside the Green Line.
75% support kidnapping Israeli soldiers to trade them for PalArab prisoners.

Yet "77% of Palestinians support a cease-fire with Israel and 74% believe that Palestinians cannot rely solely on armed struggle and must reach a political settlement with Israel."

The only way to interpret these contradictory results is to realize that to the Palestinian Arabs, peace is not the goal - the eradication of Israel is the goal, and they believe that this can be accomplished by diplomatic as well as terroristic means.

Bulgaria And Rumania Set To Join EU

The New York Times reports that "the European Commission recommended Tuesday that Romania and Bulgaria be admitted to the European Union on Jan. 1".

The Times goes on to explain that the European Commission "attached unprecedented conditions, signaling that there is still deep unease about the union's expansion eastward and the potential economic and political problems that go with it."

Many people in West Europe feel that the EU is too big as it is. Lots of countries have joined, with whom, they feel, 'we' (West Europeans) have virtually no bands and, more importantly, those countries are not exactly rich, or even average regarding economical development: Bulgaria and Rumania have great corruption problems, organized crimes problems and, quite simply, backwards economies. In the end, many - for instance - Dutch are not very willing to pay and to... pay, and to... pay for people living in Bulgaria or Rumania and instead of getting anything valuable in return, they fear massive immigration waves (East European migrating to the West because we are much richer), unemployment and, as the Times points out as well, (raised) terrorist threats.
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India: "Political Philosopher" Blames Terrorism on Everyone but Terrorism

Isn't it odd how "dialogue between cultures", "the Euro-Arab dialogue", etc., always degrades into Islamic apologetics? 'Wrong to call Islam fountainhead of terror, blame it on Hindus'

Ahmedabad, September 26: HINDUS were the first to bring terrorism in the country, followed by Sikhs, so to believe Islam as the fountainhead of terrorist activities in the country is a wrong proposition. This was the take of eminent political philosopher Bhikhu Parekh, who was in the city to deliver the seventh Dr RL Sanghvi Endowment AMA Annual Lecture on Economics on "Dialogue between Cultures" at Ahmedabad Management Association on Tuesday.
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Pakistani "immigrants" from Al-Qaeda coming to Spain

I have been covering now for some months the phenomenon of immigration and the problem that the Socialists' policy has produced in Spain in my other blog. Not only there is a health crisis coming quickly but also a security problem (found at Spanish blog DOCEDOCE and traslated by me):
Spanish Union of Policemen (CEP) has informed that Senegalese police has detained last Thursday 49 Pakistani citizens in Tines, a city 70 kilometers away from Dakar.
All of them are accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda terrorist network.
They were arrested when they were preparing their trip to the Canary Islands, where they have decided to go, paying their place in one of the "cayucos" that made their way to the Islands.
"Canary Islands are not prepared to detect the entry of this type of alleged terrorists if they are doing so as illegal immigrants", says Agustin Brito the spokesman for the Union in the Canary Islands. "This information has not had a great repercusion in Spanish press, but it has been considered by Senegalese press. The Islamist terrorism can use the migration disosrder to enter Europe", he adds.
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The Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood

On October 28, 2005,[1] President George W. Bush denounced IslamoFascist movements that call for a "violent and political vision: the establishment, by terrorism, subversion and insurgency, of a totalitarian empire that denies all political and religious freedom."

The Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun)[2] also known as the Ikhwan is a good example of what the President described and what he must protect us against.

The Muslim Brotherhood ("MB") organization describes itself as a political and social revolutionary movement; it was founded in March 1928 in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna, who objected to Western influence and called for return to an original Islam.[3]

The Brotherhood is an expansive and secretive society with followers in more than 70 countries, dedicated to creating a global Islamic order that would isolate women and punish nonbelievers. Its members and supporters founded al Qaeda, as well as one "of the largest college student groups in the United States."[4]

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Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe

It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter’s hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fires at the hospital, but youths managed to steal the keys of the fire engine.
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European Spine Watch

A Berlin opera house’s decision to preemptively cancel a Mozart opera out of fear of the Religion of Peace™ has triggered outrage in Europe: Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe.

The controversy centered on a scene in which King Idomeneo is shown on stage with the severed heads of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and the sea god Poseidon.

“Here we go again. It’s like deja vu...This is exactly the kind of self-censorship I and my newspaper have been warning against,” said Flemming Rose, culture editor of Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten paper, which met a storm of Muslim protest after publishing satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad last year.

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The Emperor is Naked

by Baron Bodissey

The Emperor’s New ClothesGates of Vienna’s mission statement requires it to do battle with the Great Islamic Jihad in the realm of ideas.

We agree with Fjordman and many others that the Jihad is just a symptom, and that the enemy lies within. This war is a civil war within the West, between traditional Western culture and the forces of politically correct multicultural Marxism that have bedeviled it for the last hundred years. It is being fought in the back halls and cloisters of the culture, with untenured nobodies like me wielding a salad fork against the broadswords and maces of the fully-armored knights of the media and the academy.

Even so, there’s no doubt that the Emperor has no clothes. He struts up and down the esplanades of the culture with his full entourage, confident of his own splendor, but wearing his birthday suit.
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Bosnian Muslim Hospital To Treat Palestinians Hurt In Fighting Jews

TUZLA, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP)--A hospital in northern Bosnia said Tuesday it will treat 30 Palestinians injured in fighting with Israel. 

The Tuzla hospital, whose doctors treated casualties from Bosnia's 1992-95 war, has a specialist unit for treating patients with war injuries. 

The hospital offered to treat Palestinian patients, and a group of 30 injured Palestinians are to begin arriving next month, said hospital director Nedret Mujkanovic. 

The nearly EUR2-million cost of the treatment will be paid by the hospital, Mujkanovic said. 

He did not have detailed information on the type of wounds of the Palestinian patients had or how the wounds were inflicted. 

Dozens of Palestinians have been killed and wounded in the Gaza Strip since late June, when Israel launched a large-scale military offensive to stop rocket attacks and try to recover a soldier captured by Palestinian militants. 

Col. Chavez: Send Money, Guns and Doctors

By Aaron Mannes

When the outgoing Southcom chief General Bantz Craddock called Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, "bigger than a nuisance," he was vastly understating the problem. Chavez is a major overlooked danger on the international stage. He is by no means the most murderous figure on the world scene, nor does he have a nuke. But he does have the potential to turn back the clock for Latin America, with disastrous results both for the region and world.

Over the last few decades Latin America has made important strides in constructing democratic governments that promote liberty. The region is by no means done, much of this progress has been of the frustrating two steps forward, one step back variety - and the region remains impoverished. Nonetheless, it is difficult to ignore the predominance of democratic institutions throughout Latin America.

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DNI Releases Declassified "Key Judgments" of National Intelligence Estimate (available here)

By Andrew Cochran

Under orders from President Bush, the Director of National Intelligence has released an declassified version of the key judgments from the April NIE, from which one conclusion was leaked to and reported by the "New York Times."

Here is the declassified section titled "Key Judgments" released today (Acrobat file, four pages only). A few key quotes:

"United States-led counterterrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of al-Qa’ida and disrupted its operations; however, we judge that al-Qa’ida will continue to pose the greatest threat to the Homeland and US interests abroad by a single terrorist organization. We also assess that the global jihadist movement—which includes al- Qa’ida, affiliated and independent terrorist groups, and emerging networks and cells—is spreading and adapting to counterterrorism efforts.

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Genocide of Arabs and Muslims

A great article in Maariv translated by Imshin. Go read the whole thing. In a nutshell, it compares the numbers of Arabs killed by Israel since 1948 with the numbers killed in other conflicts since then, and goes on to analyze why the world is fixated on the comparatively puny numbers Israel is responsible for.

A short summary of Arab/Muslim deaths in some countries since 1948, using the lowest estimates.













East Timor












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Islamic antisemitism on the rise in Denmark

Antisemitism is alive and well in Denmark. Much to our discontent. The Arab community, read Islamic community, is attacking and insulting our Jewish population. For some strange reason this really took off after 9/11 but quietened a lot within the next year.
What the Jews had to do with that islamic terrorist attack is beyond me, but there is no accounting for attitude.
However, the simple fact is, that the Jewish community is suffering under the weight of Islamic bombardment here. Simply wearing the skullcap is an advertisement for the would-be jihadis to attack. Verbally if not physically. Some have even received hate mail and death threats. Once again we see the "tolerant " face of Islam.
In the first half of this year there have been thirty reported incidents of this abominable behaviour.

These thugs should be very careful. This country has preserved it's Jewish community through worse times than these. Even the occupation of Denmark by the German Wehrmacht didn't affect the Danish resolve. When the decree was given that Jews should wear the Star of David on their clothing, it became fashionable for everyone to do so. Including the King. Lees verder...

Bosnia: Swedish Muslim In Terror Video

News from The Local states that a trial has resumed in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, yesterday involving two individuals who were arrested on October 23 last year, suspected of plotting a terror attack.

A video was shown to the court, states The Local, in which two masked men are shown threatening to carry out terror attacks in Europe. In addition, a collection of weapons, including hand grenades and what seem to be explosives, are displayed in the footage. The individuals on the video state that the arsenal was to be used against European countries which had soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that they were all ready to commit the attack.

Monika Jagerman is from the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia, and she has said that the Swedish man has admitted that he had made the video on a camera he had borrowed from his Bosnian aunt. The video was recovered from the apartment that he shared with the other accused man, a Turkish national who has a Danish residency permit.

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Danish multiculturalism: naivism

A report in today's International Herald Tribune focuses on a publication by Karen Jespersen and Ralf Pittelkow, entitled 'Islamists and Naivists', which is topping the best-seller list in Denmark. The authors are 'establishment figures previously known for their progressive attitudes toward Islam and integration. Pittelkow, a former literature professor and prominent Social Democrat, advised former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen before becoming a commentator for Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published the Muhammad cartoons. Jespersen, Pittelkow's wife, is a former interior minister and social affair minister who belonged to a leftist revolutionary party in her youth.'

'The book's main argument is that Europeans who ignore the threat posed by Islamists belong to a new and dangerous tribe of 'naivists', a term coined by the authors. But the book also equates Islamic fundamentalists with Nazis and Communists.'

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Turkey: Army will protect country from Islamists

And the the EU has expressed objections to this, remaining all too eager to extend the rights and privileges of membership to a country where jihadists can -- and will, if allowed -- exploit the democratic process to achieve their goals. From AP:

A top Turkish general said Monday that increasingly powerful Islamist forces threatened Turkey's secular system and that the army would play its role in defending the country against them, the state-run news agency reported.
General Ilker Basbug's comments appeared aimed at both the Islamic-rooted government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and at EU officials who have repeatedly called on the Turkish military to limit its role in state affairs.
The military views itself as the protector of Turkey's secular identity. Fiercely secular generals have directly led three coups since 1961 and ousted a government from power in 1997 for what they saw as an excessive Islamist bent.
Posted by Marisol

"The only dialogue we will accept is when all other religions agree to convert to Islam"

An answer from Sheik Abu Saqer, "leader of Gaza's Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement," to the Pope's invitation to Muslims to dialogue: "Pope in 'Crusader conspiracy' with Bush," from WorldNetDaily.com, with thanks to Sr. Soph:

JERUSALEM – Pope Benedict XVI's meeting this week with a delegation of Muslim leaders and his calls for interfaith dialogue following earlier remarks about Islam are really "Crusader conspiracies" to subjugate the Islamic faith and force "Christian-Zionist" worldviews upon Muslims, a prominent Gaza Strip preacher told WorldNetDaily in an interview.

Sheik Abu Saqer, leader of Gaza's Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement, which seeks to make secular Muslims more religious, called the pope a "puppet" for "that Crusader George Bush."

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www.saff.ba: representing radical Islam in Bosnia

www.saff.ba, hosted in the USA (of course)


Site of the Aktivna Islamska Omladina (Active Islamic Youth), an organization described in a 2005 patterns of global terrorism report as follows:

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"Pure Feigheit"

Chor kritischer Stimmen schwillt an

Die Absetzung der Inszenierung von "Indomeneo" durch die Intendantin der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Kirsten Harms (Foto), hat quer durch alle Parteien zurecht einen Sturm der Entrüstung ausgelöst. Die Vorwürfe reichen vom "Kniefall vor Terroristen" bis zu einem Akt "purer Feigheit".

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Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict

by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
September 26, 2006

The violence by Muslims responding to comments by the pope fit a pattern that has been building and accelerating since 1989. Six times since then, Westerners did or said something that triggered death threats and violence in the Muslim world. Looking at them in the aggregate offers useful insights.

  • 1989 – Salman Rushdie's novel, The Satanic Verses prompted Ayatollah Khomeini to issue a death edict against him and his publishers, on the grounds that the book "is against Islam, the Prophet, and the Koran." Subsequent rioting led to over 20 deaths, mostly in India.

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Allah Is Dead

A quote from Jack Wheeler on To the Point News, 19 September 2006

[The Pope] knows that a religion capable of responding to criticism only with violence and incapable – metaphysically incapable – of reasoned dialogue has no future. He knows he is no Manuel II facing vast Moslem armies he has no capacity to withstand. There are no more vast Moslem armies. All that Islam has left are terrorists, suicide bombers, and imams preaching hate.

[…] The time has come for Islam to be scrapped. It cannot be reformed, it cannot be saved by “moderates” from the “extremists” who have “hijacked” it. It’s finished. Time for folks to spiritually begin anew. Call it a theological application of Gresham’s Law. Bad money drives out the good. It doesn’t matter how many Islamic “moderates” hold up their religious currency and claim it is worth something. […] Christianity will survive and triumph because the nexus between God and Man is Man’s Essence, that which makes him both human and “in the image and likeness of God” – his capacity for reason and rational self-examination. Islam will fail and die because it rejects any such connection.

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Independent Kosovo to start regional wars

September 25, 2006 10:05 AM

PRISTINA, Serbia-Independence for Kosovo without Serbia's approval could spark war in the Balkans, the Serbian foreign minister was quoted as saying Monday, amid U.N.-brokered talks about the province's future.

Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic suggested Kosovo should have full autonomy, but be barred from holding separate membership in the United Nations and NATO.

"Kosovo's independence would produce trouble in the region, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia," Draskovic told the Kosovo Albanian daily Epoka e Re.

"You know that no border in the Balkans has been changed with an agreement," he was quoted as saying. "Borders have always been changed with wars, and that (Kosovo's independence) would naturally bring such a trouble."

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Palestinian Pope-Hatred

Here’s a lovely cartoon from the current issue of Palestinian weekly Al Risala, a Hamas publication, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch. The Arabic script reads, “The Pope and those who live under his cloak.”


And a Friday sermon broadcast on Fatah’s PA TV swears vengeance on the Pope:

“The second message is for the criminal Benedict the 16th, the Vatican Pope. For this ignorant and stupid Pope, who has no one to attack besides Islam and the Prophet [Muhammad], may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him. He [the Pope] characterized Islam as a cruel religion, and characterized Muhammad, may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him, as a cruel man, spilling blood, who strove to kill. This hostile Pope refuses to apologize to Muslims; and, instead of apologizing he blames the Muslims for not understanding, thereby adding crime upon crime. This arrogant Pope sees the Muslims as too inferior that he should apologize to them. To this arrogant Pope - criminal and arrogant - this message is from Allah the Elevated and the Exalted, as it was said: ‘Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but gives them a respite until a day when eyes will stare (in terror).’ [Sura14:42]”

Democracy in the Muslim world

By Lorenzo Vidino

Today's Boston Globe ran an op-ed I wrote about spreading democracy in the Muslim world:

IN RECENT WEEKS, President Bush has delivered a series of major speeches outlining his strategy against terrorism. We have come a long way from the nebulous rhetoric of the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.

The foe is no longer defined as ``terror," which is simply a tool used by a well-defined adversary. The new ``National Strategy for Combating Terrorism" acknowledges that America's enemy is a ``transnational movement of extremist organizations . . . which have in common that they exploit Islam and use terrorism for ideological ends." The report then outlines measures to confront that challenge. While short-term measures such as denying terrorists sanctuary or tracking their funds seem logical , the administration's long-term strategy is less straightforward.

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National Intelligence Estimate

by @ 5:10 am. Filed under General

Having provided input and some minimal editing for past National Intelligence Estimates, I can say without hesitation that these things are highly classified. Who leaked it? The most important part of a National Intelligence Estimate is what it does for policy - the NIE is the supposed end-all of intelligence analysis and production. Now with a Director of National Intelligence, the vetting process does not reside with one agency over another and the NIE will be a document that truly is a consolidaton of the best intelligence, analysis, and conclusions. No one agency carries a trump card to ensure that its conclusions over-rules all others, regardless of supporting intelligence.

And then the NIE is used to formulate policy. That’s the goal of the NIE - what policy is needed to make us all safer.

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Pope Benedict Demands Reciprocity

Pope Benedict XVI met with envoys from several Muslim nations today, greeting them warmly and emphasizing the need for dialogue between the faiths. He did not offer another apology for his remarks at Regensburg two weeks ago, but he did remind the envoys that they have not fulfilled their responsibilities in ensuring freedom of religious practice for Christians:

 Read the pope's speech |

Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim diplomats Monday that ''our future'' depends on dialogue between Christians and Muslims, an attempt to ease relations strained by his recent remarks about Islam and violence.

The pontiff quoted from his predecessor, John Paul II, who had close relations with the Muslim world, when he described the need for ''reciprocity in all fields,'' including religious freedom. Benedict spoke in French to a roomful of diplomats from 21 countries and the Arab League in his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Hills near Rome.

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UK: Battle Against Islamist Mega-Mosque In London

We reported on November 29 last year that a massive mosque, intending to be the largest mosque in Europe was being proposed to be built in London. The mosque was to be situated in a brownfield site adjacent to the site which will house the London 2012 Olympics. The proposed mosque was to be called the London Markaz, and would house 40,000 people, with room for 30,000 more in other rooms within the three storey complex.

The London Markaz, according to its architect Ali Mangera, was to cost £100 million ($180 million), and was under approval from Newham Council. The council said that it would be reviewing the scheme over the "coming year". The funding was expected to come from donations from the UK and abroad. Mangera's company, Mangera Yvars, is now stating that the scheme could cost three times as much.

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Germany: Freedom of Expression Crumbling Before Islamic Violence

Islam, religion of artistic freedom: German opera house dumps Mozart opera depicting Mohammed

Berlin- One of Germany's leading opera houses, Deutsche Oper Berlin, announced Monday that it was cancelling a controversial production because of the likelihood that it might offend Muslims. The original opera, Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, makes no reference to Islam, but director Hans Neuenfels introduced a scene to his production that depicts the decapitated heads of the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, the Buddha and the Greek god Poseidon.

It caused outrage at the premiere in 2003. The opera company said it was cancelling plans to revive the show next month after advice from security authorities in Berlin that the performances posed an "incalculable" security risk.[...]

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Turkey at the crossroads

Turkey is struggling on two fronts. In the west there's a train crash looming; in the east it's the same old problem: the Kurds. The implications for Turkey's regional and international future are momentous. This is a crossroads for a nation that's been trying to decide which continent it's on ever since it was founded.

Greeks and Kurds have been thorns in Turkey's side since the end of the Ottoman Empire. When the Greek invasion of Turkey failed, Kemal Ataturk took the opportunity to solve the Greek problem once and for all by expelling most of them in a huge ethnic cleansing operation that totally transformed the new country's western seaboard. Cyprus was left out of this project because it happened to be part of the British Empire at the time, but tensions have continued to run high on the island ever since. The Greek majority almost achieved its aim of uniting Cyprus with Greece under the rabble-rousing Archbishop Makarios. In 1974 Turkey stepped in to protect the island's non-Greek minority from expulsion or Hellenisation.

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Karzai: Time to close hate schools

Great idea, Karzai! (What made you think of it? Have you by any chance been reading Jihad Watch?) But one question: how will you prevent those who take your advice from being branded as apostates by the authors and supporters of these "hate texts," who can quote Qur'an and Sunnah to support their positions? This is a serious question, for such intimidation stymies Muslim reformers everywhere.

From the Herald Sun, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:

AFGHAN President Hamid Karzai has urged the world to put an end to Islamic schools that teach hatred and produce suicide bombers.

Madrassas, or Islamic schools, are "teaching hatred rather than religion, (teaching) that some people we must hate, that some people we must destroy," Mr Karzai said on the eve of summits with the US and Pakistan.

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New Reports and Disturbing Responses

The U.S. intelligence community has only a single office devoted to understanding political Islam. That is one of the stunning nuggets contained in the recent House Intelligence Committee Report on threats to the United States.

That information, coupled with an interview in Harper’s Magazine of Dr. Emile A. Nakhleh, the former director of the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program at the CIA, seems to me to point a fundamental, residual problem in the government and intelligence community’s approach to Islamists.

The House report, while disputed in its timing and presentation by Democrats, nonetheless presents some interesting findings, some that are particularly critical of the administration. The report found “significant shortfalls” in the government’s knowledge of Islamist militancy at home or abroad. It concluded that there are “still gaps in our understanding of Islamist extremist groups, which leave America vulnerable.”

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Ultra left Indymedia defend fascist “blackshirts”

NOVA: SPREEKBUIS van BRUINHEMDEN? More often Dutch programmes invite “brownshirts” such as De Winter to tell their fascist judgements blablabla. And they finish the article with:

Just watch your steps, SP, GroenLinks and other: you might come just as well on the terrorist list. NOVA, network etc. do their dirty work and leave the “Gauleiters” speaking and censure the “progressives”!

In the same time we see the blackshirts militia from this left organisations very active with their balaclava on, not to forget. A group of them went to the place where de Winter was and demolished a Belgium car (which was not his) and in a programm Rondom Tien leftwing extremists tried to disturb a program which they did not like. Or at Felix Meritis at the Amsterdamse Keizersgracht 50 or 60 tried to disturb the program Lees verder...

Cartoon of week 39

Bravo! At last a politician with courage! Aznar rises to the challenge of Islam

MOROCCO TIMES: Spain Former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar has criticized Muslim demands for pope's apology for his remarks about Islam, suggesting that the Islamic world did not apologize for the 800-year Moorish occupation of Spain.

Aznar has said that when he has heard Pope Benedict XVI being asked to apologise for a speech about the Islamic faith he made in Germany last weekend, he has not heard "any Muslims apologising to me for conquering Spain and staying for eight centuries."

Speaking Friday at the Hudson Institute, a thinktank in Washington D.C, Aznar found the UN programme to encourage dialogue between Muslim and Western countries “stupid”, because according to him some Muslim countries like Iran are too radical to deal with. Pope's comments on Islam: Aznar criticizes Muslims' demand for Pope's apologyMark Alexander


You have got to be kidding. The British police are going to seek the approval of Muslim groups before performing any anti-terrorism raids: Police to brief Muslims before terror raids. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

This is completely insane.

POLICE have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests. Members of the panel will offer their assessment of whether information police have on a suspect is too flimsy and will also consider the consequences on community relations of a raid.

Members will be security vetted and will have to promise not to reveal any intelligence they are shown. They will not have to sign the Official Secrets Act.

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Iran and Turkey (EU??) Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan

DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Report

September 24, 2006, 5:58 PM (GMT+02:00)

Turkish tanks in Kurdistan.

A new Middle East war is in the offing. DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources in Iraq and sources in Iran reveal that Turkish and Iranian air units as well as armored, paratroop, special operations and artillery forces are poised for an imminent coordinated invasion of the northern Iraqi autonomous province of Kurdistan.

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Norwegian government coalition party SV (Socialistic Left) wants dialog with Taliban.

There’s a widespread consensus among SV politicians that sending Norwegian soldiers to fight the Taliban won't bring about peace.

According to NRK (Norwegian broadcasting corporation) it’s the opinion of the SV that NATO should initiate peace talks with Taliban and local authorities.

- Sending more troops to Afghanistan will only cause a war, dialog with the enemy will bring about peace is the popular view among members of the SV.-

Not very realistic

The opposition parties at the Storting (Norwegian parliament) do not believe that this will become the official Norwegian policy in this area. Chairman on foreign affairs in the FRP (Progress Party) Morten Høglund is amazed.

- SV is voicing their opinions about some very sensitive issues in Norwegian foreign policy and NATO strategy in the fight against the Taliban. It is impossible to relate to such outbursts at the present stage. I’m awaiting the foreign ministers response to what is the official Norwegian foreign policy. If I was respond to all the bizarre statements coming from the SV, I’m afraid it would be more circus than real politics, says Høglund to Magazinet (Norwegian newspaper).

Best of luck

KrF MP (Christian Democrats) Hans Olav Syversen smiles at the information.

- I wish the foreign minister all the best in dealing with a coalition party that doesn’t agree with the official foreign policy, says a cheerful Syversen

- The Taliban are, and will always be terrorist.-

The Islamization of Morocco

Extremism is displacing moderation in the North African kingdom.
by Olivier Guitta

A LITTLE MORE THAN three years ago, Morocco experienced Islamic terrorism firsthand. On May 16, 2003, Casablanca was hit with four simultaneous attacks that left 45 people dead and hundreds injured. The attacks were perpetrated by Moroccan citizens who were members of the al Qaeda-affiliated Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (known by its French acronym, GICM).

Needless to say, the kingdom was stunned that its sons had turned violently against it. Now, the dismantling of another extensive Islamist cell in Morocco confirms that extremism is spreading inside what has long been viewed as one of the most moderate countries in the Arab world.

In a series of arrests over the past month, Moroccan authorities have seized 59 people and over 30 kilograms of TNT, more than was used in the 2003 attacks but of the same type. The alleged targets were political and military leaders, along with locations in Marrakesh, Morocco's premier tourist destination, the air force base of Salé, and the U.S. embassy in Rabat.

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From Vatican Reporter:

At least one writer for Catholic press out of the Vatican is now saying that Pope Benedict XVI has no intention of backing down from his call for dialogue. This after another Vatican insider reportedly said that the Pope's reference to a dialogue with a Persian invader was a clear and direct reference to Iranian leader Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the intention being to pre-empt any "invitation to conversion to Islam" to the Pope from Iran.

From EWTN News:

"(Sandro) Magister points out that it is because the Pope knew just what he was doing and is not afraid to do it, that he will not, “fall silent or backpedal.” The dialogue with Islam is a real concern of the Holy Father’s, as so many at the Vatican have noted in recent weeks.

And, as for the words of Emperor Manuel II Paleologos (who is quickly becoming the best-know Byzantine emperor of all time) Magister holds that they were deliberate. Lees verder...

Turkey: A Model Of A Muslim State?

Turkey is officially a secular state, following its formation from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, by the leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. We document the formation of the state, the abolishing of Islamic symbols in the country, as well as Ataurk's troubled relationship with his wife, in our special report, Turkey and the EU. Currently Turkey is trying to join the Euroean Union, and on October 3 last year, it had completed all of the preliminary hurdles on its accession to the EU.

Today, the Treasurer of the Australian government, Peter Costello, is said by the Australian to be poised to praise Turkey as a role model among Islamic nations. Costello will be talking at a Christian lobby conference in Canberra. This meeting is ostensibly to talk about the Christian's worries aout Muslims' desires to establish a Caliphate. The last Caliphate to exist was that of the Ottomans, and it was disbanded by Ataturk in March 1924.

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Was ist mit Barroso los?

Kommissionspräsident verteidigt Benedikt und westliche Werte

Ist das nur ein vorübergehender Lichtblick? EU-Kommissionspräsident José Manuel Durão Barroso verteidigt den Papst , verurteilt den moslemischen Protest und kritisiert den mangelnden Mut der europäischen Politker:

WELT.de: Eine der größten Herausforderung Europas ist der islamische Fundamentalismus. War die Reaktion auf den Streit um die Papst-Äußerungen angemessen?

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Neues Ausländer- und Asylrecht in der Schweiz

Überwältigende Zustimmung für drastische Verschärfung

4,7 Millionen Schweizer sind heute aufgerufen darüber zu entscheiden, ob Europas schärfstes Ausländer- und Asylrecht in Kraft treten wird oder nicht. Und es sieht sehr danach aus, als hätten die Menschen endgültig die Nase voll davon, sich von ihren Politikern weismachen zu lassen, dass das, was in Europa an Zuwanderung stattfindet, Bereicherung für uns wäre. Trotz der massiven Kampagne einer Allianz aus linken, grünen und kirchlichen Gutmenschen gegen das Gesetz, haben wohl mehr als zwei Drittel der Stimmberechtigten mit "Ja" gestimmt:

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Turkey abuse claims 'on the rise'

EU and Turkish flags
Human rights are key issue in Turkey's EU bid
An EU delegation on a fact-finding mission to Turkey has reported a "worrying" increase in allegations of torture and abuse in the country.

The European Parliament's human rights committee members focused mainly on the Kurdish south-east of the country.

They said they had heard reports of a resurgence of torture, abductions and beatings by security forces.

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EU nations clash over immigration

Africans arrive on a boat into the port of Los Cristianos on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife. File photo
Africans are making treacherous sea journeys to reach Europe
EU ministers have expressed sharp differences over how to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants to Europe.

At talks in Finland, Spain's justice minister called for help to deal with the surge of mainly African migrants arriving in Spain's Canary Islands.

But Germany's interior minister said Madrid should not be calling for other people's money.

And Austria criticised Spain's decision to grant amnesty to some 500,000 undocumented foreigners in 2005.

About 24,000 illegal migrants have made the often perilous sea crossing from West Africa to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic this year.

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The BBC. Bias Beyond Credibility?

The BBC has gotten itself into a bit of bother with British muslims. The Beeb allowed islamic mouthpiece Abu Izzadeen to rattle and rant on it's "Today" programme, on behalf of the more extreme elements of the muslim community in Britain. Apparently, the Muslim Council of Britain has really got it's panties in a bunch, that he was neither challenged on his extreme views nor was he interrupted much by the interviewer. The "moderates" are seething with anger over this bit of one-sided journalism and have protested to the Beeb.
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Read the oppinion of Turkey about the European culture

Pope Benedict XVI has come under fire in Turkey following his remarks in a lecture at Germany's Regensburg University, in which he quoted a 14th-century text by the Byzantine emperor Constantine XI Manuel Palaiologos critical of the Prophet Muhammad and of the concept of jihad in Islam. Among those who criticized the Pope were Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, government ministers, and other MPs from the ruling AKP party, as well as opposition leaders and much of the Turkish media. AKP Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz said that Pope Benedict XVI would go down in history like Hitler and Mussolini. Many voices also demanded the cancellation of the Pope's upcoming visit to Turkey, which is scheduled for late November 2006.

The following are reactions from the Turkish media to the Pope's statements:

Official Reactions to the Pope's Statements

*PM Erdogan: The Pope "Must Retract These Wrong, Ugly, and Unfortunate Statements"

The daily Yeni Safak reported that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "'[The Pope's] assessment of and attitude towards Islam - a religion whose meaning is peace - and of its beloved Prophet is unfortunate in [a number of] very serious respects. It can never be acceptable to us. […] The Pope has spoken not like a religious leader, but like an ordinary politician [...]

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Somalia and the Concept of Territoriality for Islamists

The situation is going from bad to worse in Somalia, as the Islamist leaders become more and more like the Taliban and less and less the moderates they pretended to be. A population beaten down by years of abuse and civil war welcomes the initial stability and removal of armed groups. Then the hammer comes down. Nuns are assassinated. Theaters closed, radios censored, dress codes imposed.

This matters on more than just a humanitarian level or from the vantage point of a spreading conflict in a region that is fragile at best. It is important to understand that Islamists view the holding of a territory, virtually any territory, as vital to the re-establishment of the Caliphate. It does not really matter where the banner is raised. It is more important to raise the banner.

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ARD kriegt Angst!

Dhimmisender setzt islamkritischen Film "Wut" ab

Es ist unglaublich: Genau wie wir vor einigen Tagen vermuteten, hat die ARD nach dem Verriss im Spiegel den TV-Film "Wut" aus Furcht vor möglichen islamischen Übergriffen aus ihrem Programm gestrichen. Bei der ARD heißt das "auf einen geeigneteren Sendeplatz verlegt"...

Der Spiegel triumphiert:

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Pakistani clerics demand pope's removal


  Pakistani protesters hold a rally to condemn Pope Benedict XVI for his remarks about Islam which hurt the sentiments of Muslims, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006 in Multan, Pakistan. Protesters continued to demand that Pope apologize fully for his remarks on Islam and violence. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)

LAHORE, Pakistan -- About 1,000 Muslim clerics and religious scholars meeting Thursday in eastern Pakistan demanded the removal of Pope Benedict XVI for making what they called "insulting remarks" against Islam.

Benedict "should be removed from his position immediately for encouraging war and fanning hostility between various faiths" and "making insulting remarks" against Islam, said a joint statement issued by the clerics and scholars at the end of their one-day convention.

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Torture, Again…

by @ 7:12 pm. Filed under General

I’ve discussed torture ad nauseam in these pages (links at the bottom). My point, as a military linguist and a one-time poor-man’s interrogator/translator, I don’t have a problem with certain techniques to get information - sleep deprivation works wonders with no damage to the body or psyche or anything else. Once the detainee gets his/her sleep, all is well again. Same thing for the rubber hose, extreme temperatures, standing for extended periods or being constrained within a too-small box so a person cannot stretch out, etc. Anything that leaves a permanent mark is bad. Anything that damages one’s brain is bad. If you can recover from the questioning with a good night’s sleep in a warm bed after a hot meal, then you have not been tortured. I can think of no better way to define this. I am not opposed to water-boarding as the feeling of drowning is quite intense, but that could cause some permanent problems, so I’ll trade it for the other quality techniques I list above.

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Al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood: United by Strategy, Divided by Tactics

By Lydia Khalil

For many years, Ayman al-Zawahiri has denounced Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood for what he claims is the misguided direction they have taken political Islam. In a recent statement, al-Zawahiri renewed his criticism of the Ikhwan al-Muslimun ("Muslim Brotherhood") for their participation in Egypt's parliamentary elections. The Muslim Brotherhood responded to al-Zawahiri's attack and continues to defend its participation in elections. This recent public spat between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda is emblematic of a growing rift between the Ikhwan and militant salafists over the most effective means to promote Islamic governance and combat Western hegemony.

On January 6, al-Zawahiri, former leader of Egypt's Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda's leading strategist, recorded a videotape released on al-Jazeera television. Referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, although not specifying the organization by name, and sarcastically alluding to the position of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak regime, al-Zawahiri states, "Today you are winning 80 seats and after five years you will win 100 seats. Hence, at whatever time your behavior improves, we will offer you more. Once you become secular and falsely affiliated with Islam…we will let you assume power provided that you forget about the rule of Sharia, welcome the Crusaders' bases in your countries, and acknowledge the existence of the Jews who are fully armed with nuclear weapons, which you are banned to possess."
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Another sane voice from the Roman Catholic Church

I have argued consistently and all along that Turkey should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to join the EU. I feel that my viewpoint is vindicated by the calibre of people who share my viewpoint: the Pope, and now Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

President Bush and Tony Blair are simply WRONG to back Turkey's accession to the EU. If this goes ahead, it will end in disaster and tears for Europe. We need to pull ourselves back from the brink. KEEP TURKEY OUT OF EUROPE!
THE TIMES: THE Archbishop of Westminster entered the row over the Pope’s comments on Islam yesterday when he questioned whether Turkey should be admitted to the European Union.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy- O’Connor, spiritual leader of the four million Catholics in England and Wales, echoed concerns shared by the Pope when he argued that the predominantly Muslim state was not culturally part of Europe. Catholic leader voices doubt on Turkey in EU
Mark Alexander Lees verder...

Queen Rania of Jordan talking baloney

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photo brought to you courtesy of ABC NEWS
Queen Rania of Jordan believes that recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI underscore the prejudice many people feel worldwide against the poor, downtrodden Muslims. She says that the West misunderstands Islam.

No, Your Royal Highness, Westerners don't misunderstand Islam at all. I think they are beginning - though it has taken some time, I have to admit - to get to grips with the totalitarian nature of the world's most belligerent, most narrow-minded, most irrational, most dangerous religion.
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Yes Our Culture Is Better

Klein Verzet has an interesting post up showing everyone the clear bias ruling the Dutch media these days. Controversial Dutch politician (yes, he dares speak out against Muslim extremism) Geert Wilders said, according to Klein Verzet, this:
I dare say our christian, jewish and humanistic culture is better than the islamic culture. We do not hang gays from cranes, we don't chop off hands in case of thievery. And I could go on citing many such examples.
As should be obvious he means "contemporary Christian, Jewish and Humanistic culture". The Leeuwarder Courant however, seems to have changed what he actually said into: Lees verder...

Europe Prepares for Major Hike in R&D Budget

The European Union is paving the way for security technologies by financing efforts to inform the public and end users about research programs at an early stage in their development. All this before the EU launches a major security research project in 200

Examined by European ministers during an informal meeting this week in Tampere in Finland, the European Security Research Program (ESRP) will take over in 2007 from the current “preparatory action for security research” (PASR: see graph below) project. And it will have an annual budget of EUR 250 million.

While research projects concerning border controls and anti-terrorism projects were numerous in the framework of PASR, other programs aimed primarily at preparing the ground for the emergence of new security technologies in Europe.

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We're Sorry!

Dänen "entschuldigen" sich für die Mohammed-Karikaturen

In seinem wunderbaren Buch "Hurra, wir kapitulieren", erinnert Henryk M. Broder an die schönste Entschuldigung der Dänen an die Muslime in aller Welt für die Veröffentlichung der Mohammed-Karikaturen:

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The religion of violence and submission

Machete attack survivor working on rehab
Christian high school girl was only victim left alive in ambush by Muslims

Posted: September 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Noviana's injury

The only survivor of a machete attack by radical Muslims on four Christian high school girls successfully has had surgery on her massive injury, and officials with Voice of the Martyrs say they are working on additional treatments for her.

As WND has described, Noviana Malewa and three of her friends were walking on a school path Oct 29, 2005, when they were assaulted by jihadists wielding machetes. Three of the girls were decapitated and Noviana suffered a massive slash that ran from her cheek to her neck.

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Outrage in France after two police ambushed in suburb

EVRY, France, Sept 20, 2006 (AFP) - Police unions reacted with outrage Wednesday after two members of a CRS anti-riot unit were badly hurt in an ambush by youths in the southern Paris suburb of Corbeil-Essonnes.

The men were patrolling Tuesday night in an unmarked car in the Les Tartarets housing project when the vehicle was attacked with stones, a police spokesman said.

When one of the officers left the vehicle, he was set upon by about 20 youths who had been hiding in the undergrowth.

"The driver rushed to help. The two were then covered in blows to the face and other parts of the body as they lay on the ground," the spokesman said. The gang dispersed when reinforcements arrived.

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Is Islam Dying? Europe Certainly Is

Dr Koenraad Elst, one of Belgium’s best orientalists and an occasional contributor to this website (if I had time I would translate more of his Dutch-language contributions into English), told me last week that he thinks “Islam is in decline, despite its impressive demographic and military surge” – which according to Dr Elst is merely a “last
upheaval.” He acknowledges, however, that this decline can take some time (at least in terms of the individual human life span) and that it is possible that Islam will succeed in becoming the majority religion in Europe before collapsing.

I am not a specialist of Islam. Hence, I do not know what to think of this analysis. Perhaps it can be argued that Islam is in agony, and that this is precisely the reason why Muslims reacted so sensitively to twelve, mostly inoffensive, Danish cartoons earlier this year and why they respond in a fury beyond all reason to the words of a 14th century Byzantine Emperor quoted last week by Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope emphasized that he did not approve of the quote, but the reactions of Muslims to the Emperor’s words “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman,” only lends credibility to what the Emperor said.

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Hezbollah cracked the code

Technology likely supplied by Iran allowed guerrillas to stop Israeli tank assaults

Newsday Middle East Correspondent

AITA SHAAB, Lebanon -- Hezbollah guerrillas were able to hack into Israeli radio communications during last month's battles in south Lebanon, an intelligence breakthrough that helped them thwart Israeli tank assaults, according to Hezbollah and Lebanese officials.

Using technology most likely supplied by Iran, special Hezbollah teams monitored the constantly changing radio frequencies of Israeli troops on the ground. That gave guerrillas a picture of Israeli movements, casualty reports and supply routes. It also allowed Hezbollah anti-tank units to more effectively target advancing Israeli armor, according to the officials.
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Chirac clings to hope

"We are committed to a negotiation and therefore to dialogue, so we're not going to start by setting deadlines that are a few hours long. This is a process that is under way and I hope it will run its course."

President Chirac opposes sanctions against Iran because, like so many others, he believes that discussions with Iran may yet achieve peacefully what coercion would obtain at great economic and, ultimately, military cost.

This is a classic case of the triumph of hope over experience.

Chirac is caught up in the tangled web of words woven by the Iranians for those who prefer the comfortable self-deception of dialogue to the cold reality of confrontation. For Chirac, it's enough that there's a chance that at some stage the Iranians will see the light and mend their ways.

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Sex in Paradise

Palästinensisches Fernsehen preist irdische Freuden im Jenseits

Ein neues Musikvideo des staatlichen palästinensischen Fernsehens von Präsident Mahmoud wirbt für Sex im Paradies – okay, und nennt Juden wieder mal "Affen und Schweine".

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Want more Pakistani immigrants.

Islamabad (VG)

Minister of labour and integration, Bjarne Håkon Hansen (Labour Party), is working closely with Pakistani authorities to increase Pakistani immigration to Norway.

Among veiled women in the male dominated society of Pakistan, Mr. Hansen is bragging about how well the Pakistanis in Norway have adopted to their new life.

In a meeting with Pakistani foreign minister Zafar Ibqal Warriach in Islamabad yesterday, Hansen discussed how Pakistan and Norway can cooperate in increasing Pakistani immigration to Norway.

Lack manpower.

The Pakistani MP was very interested to know if Norway could take on more qualified immigrants from Pakistan, and he got a positive response. Lees verder...

Winds of War: It’s the Ideology, Stupid

We need to re-align our ideas about this war. We can not think in terms of nation states, which leads to impotent inaction - ala the UN, or even terrorist networks, which leads to classifying this war as a criminal justice problem – ala the liberal Left. We have to start thinking in terms of ideology. Plain and simple, our democracy is a threat to their theocracy - a theocratic ideology. For that is what we are at war with. 

This is not a battle over peoples’ territory but over peoples’ minds.  This war will either be defined by our enemies, or by us. So far, they are defining this conflict, and are more clearly defining the underlying causes of it. We need to face that fact and act accordingly. 

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Iran’s Terror-cum-Intelligence Networks Thrown across Three Continents

DEBKAfile Exclusive Intelligence Report

September 20, 2006, 5:53 PM (GMT+02:00)


While the leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement nations were making speeches at the 14th conference of their movement in Havana in mid-September, three groups of intelligence experts were off in a well-guarded corner next door to talk about matters far from the conference’s main theme of how to develop backward economies and societies.

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Something is very wrong in England

From the Daily Mail:
The Home Secretary has urged Muslim parents to watch out for signs that their children are being groomed to become suicide bombers. John Reid told them they must regard their youngsters as potential recruits for firebrand preachers.

His extraordinary comments came in a speech to a specially invited Muslim audience at an east London location which was kept secret for security reasons. "There is no nice way of saying this," he said in a passage warning about the danger from extremist clerics.

"These fanatics are looking to groom and brainwash children for suicide bombing, to kill themselves in order to murder others. Look for the tell-tale signs now and talk to them before their hatred grows and you risk losing them forever. In protecting our families we are protecting our community."
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Tolerant Saudi Arabia.

I fell over a little article today in Jyllands Posten, wherein the subject of Christmas was mentioned. Now, this may seem a little early for most of us, even though Christmas is getting to be THE celebration of the year and starts at least one week earlier each year. Or so it appears. However, this was not related to the economic bonanza that we normally connect with Christmas nor did it have much to do with the church.
It simply stated that the Saudis have totally banned any mention of Christmas, or the instruction of anyone as to what Christmas is, or represents. Why? You may ask. Well, it's very simple. Christmas is insulting to Islam. And to Saudi tradition. As it happens, some private schools were teaching what Christmas represents and they have now been ordered to stop this infidel activity.
Saudi is the only land in the world where it is absolutely forbidden to follow any other religion than Islam.
Why do I not hear the UN, Greenpeace, Amnesty international and all the other leftist mouthpieces decrying this state of affairs? Imagine the response from these people if a western government decided to outlaw the holding of, or instruction in the holding of, Ramadan?
Why is it, that the arab nations can get away with saying and doing exactly as they wish, to the point of being grossly insulting and threatening, while we are bound by the idiotic political correctnes of our own creation, that we dare not protest?

I just wondered. Why this double standard? Lees verder...

Former Archbishop Of Canterbury Weighs In

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has publicly supported the Pope (calling Pope Benedict's speech "extraordinarily effective and lucid") and - more - used much stronger words to describe the current situation in the world and more specifically what he considers to be the state in which Islam finds itself these days.
Where the Pope only spent a short amount of time on Islam / Mohammed (since his lecture simply was about, as the Times of London puts it, "that reason and religious faith can be compatible"), the former Archbishop focused completely on, what President Bush yesterday called, "the calling of our generation"

Lord Carey of Clifton did not 'just' focus on the extremist kind of Islam / extremist Muslims. Lees verder...


Im April letzten Jahres veröffentlichte das New York Times Magazine einen längeren geopolitischen Essay über die Zukunft Europas von Niall Ferguson. Ferguson mahnte Amerika, sich auf ein in Zukunft viel vitaleres Europa einzustellen, welches sich gerade neu er.nde, indem es seine demographische Leere mit muslimischen Immigranten auffülle und eine dazu passende politische Vision entwickle. Dieses Gebilde würde weder christlich noch abendländisch sein und seine politischen Zentren in Ankara und Jerusalem ausbilden.

„Eurabia?" – Ferguson versah den Titel

seines Essays noch mit einem Fragezeichen. Tatsächlich ist die institutionelle Genese dieses geopolitischen Großraumes aber bereits weit fortgeschritten. Seit über dreißig Jahren existiert auf EU-Ebene die „Parlamentarische Vereinigung für euro-arabische Kooperation" (PAEAC), die einen gigantischen wirtschafts- und kulturpolitischen Komplex dirigiert, der unter dem Logo Euro-arabischer Dialog (EAD) .rmiert. Dieser Vereinigung gehören EU-Parlamentarier aus allen etablierten europäischen Parteien an, die höchst erfolgreiche Lobbyarbeit auch auf nationaler Ebene betreiben (Bat Ye’or: Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, Madison 2005).

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Wanted: Video Mockery

by Baron Bodissey

Pastorius has announced another contest at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. The recent frenzy over the Pope’s speech has prompted him to ask for blogospheric response:

When the Muslims are angry, Infidel Bloggers Alliance steps up to the plate to make fun of them, the point being, make them angrier, because the angrier they get, the funnier they are.

This time it’s a Jihad Satire Video Contest. The idea is this:

1.   Grab a video camera.
2.   Wrap a towel around a friend’s head.
3.   Invent some amusing jihad antics.
4.   Tape the results.
5.   Post the video on YouTube; and then
6.   Leave the URL in the comments at the IBA post.
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Are Belgian Women Endangered?

Theodore Dalrymple

For now, only if they’re Muslim.
19 September 2006

In Brussels, which somehow manages to combine the grayness of bureaucracy with the gaudiness of modern popular culture’s worst aspects, I stayed in a hotel among whose amenities was 24-hour access to pornography. Thus were freedom of expression and my human rights protected at the same time.

In my hotel room was also a copy of The Golden Book of Belgium 2001. Perhaps the intervening years had not been so golden. The Golden Book of that year, however, was dedicated to the place of women in Belgium, as if they were an endangered species which might, with careful nurturing, yet survive, like the rhinoceros in Sumatra or the sea eagle in Scotland.

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The Church – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Although not a religious person myself, I am usually in favor of a revitalization of Christianity in Europe. However, I sometimes have my doubts when I see how many, too many, church leaders consistently end up on the wrong side of issues related to Islam and Muslim immigration.

Bat Ye’or claims that dhimmitude in the Middle East has often progressed because Christian leaders have sold out their own people, either for short-term personal gains or in the mistaken belief that they have a “shared religious heritage” with Muslims. It is also frequently Christian leaders and bishops in the West who are calling for open borders for poor, destitute Muslims because “it is the Christian thing to do.”

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Will the Last European to Leave Europe Please . . .

 . . . ....do nothing, because the light, you see, will go out by itself.

Europeans are suffering from an interesting dilemma. They choose not to procreate to replacement value, yet they are heavily dependent upon a social welfare system that requires lots of fresh new taxpaying workers to replace those middle-aged workers so eager to retire. What is worse, many of the most productive and inventive potential taxpayers are packing up and leaving for other countries--as are some of the most productive businesses and employers.

This updated webpage tries to keep up with some of the reasons for the outflow from Europe: Lees verder...

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Europe exploits Israel’s military crisis to drag out nuclear talks with Iran, while Tehran makes hay by stepping up uranium enrichment

September 19, 2006, 5:49 PM (GMT+02:00)

Sunday, Sept 17, was the deadline President George W. Bush set for European diplomacy to persuade Iran to call off its uranium enrichment program at Natanz in compliance with Security Council demands. DEBKAfile’s military and Washington sources report the deadline came and went without the Bush administration holding the European Union to the date, despite the lack of progress foreign affairs executive Javier Solana achieved in his talks with Iran’s nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani.

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Editor of Kuwaiti Daily Warns Iranian President Ahmadinejad: 'Arrogance is a Very Dangerous Disease'

In a September 14, 2006 op-ed in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa, editor-in-chief Ahmed Al-Jarallah criticizedIranian President Ahmadinejad and warned, “We don’t want Iran to become a victim of its own arrogance and meet the same fate of Japan, which was defeated in World War II.”

The following is Al-Jarallah’s op-ed as it appeared in the original English.

“It appears Iran has opened three fronts in the eastern part of the Middle East and is increasing or decreasing the heat in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Gulf region depending on the pressure on its nuclear program. Currently all these fronts are on high alert as Iran’s confrontation with the international community has reached a peak and the deadline for imposing sanctions and punishment has come close.

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Pope Benedict Criticizes Islam

Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
September 19, 2006

[NY Sun title: "The West Should Be Free To Criticize Islam"]

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

These words, expressed six centuries ago by a Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Paleologus, in dialogue with an Iranian scholar, spur three reflections.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI offered the above quote, neither endorsing nor condemning it, in his academic speech, "Faith, Reason and the University: Memories and Reflections," delivered in German last week in Germany. It served to introduce his erudite critique of the Western concept of reason since the Enlightenment.

But did he have other purposes? The head of the Benedictine order, Abbot Notker Wolf, understood the pope's quote as "a blatant allusion to [Iran's President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad." Vatican insiders told the London Sunday Times that Benedict "was trying to pre-empt an aggressive letter aimed at the papacy by the president of Iran, which was why he cited the debate involving a Persian."

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Alla Ska Med

by Baron Bodissey

Those of you who hung around over the weekend know that we covered the Swedish elections, and that the Social Democrats lost. Because our ISP was down, I couldn’t include any graphics to go with the stories, so I’ll make up for it now.

Alla ska med. Så enkelt är det.The Social Democrats’ slogan was Alla ska med. Så enkelt är det. It means “Everybody must come along. It is that easy.” (Some readers prefer to translate Så enkelt as “that simple”).

The image at right is one of a series of full-page ads taken out by the Social Democrats during the election campaign. The car is full of everyone who must come along, and you’ll notice that it’s basically a car full of Swedes — pardon me, I mean “persons of Swedish background” — with the exception of one fellow towards the back, who looks like he might be one of those nice immigrant chaps.
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Oh No, There Is the Constitution Again

After French and Dutch voters rejected the EU Constitution in 2005, most nation’s expected the majority ‘No’ vote to mark the end of a shared EU constitution. This appears not to be case. A slimmed down version of the treaty is being created by national parliaments across Europe – by old and new members – in a recovery attempt to initiate a brief and condensed version of the rejected constitution. Potential future prime ministers and presidents are so confident of the new repackaged “mini treaty” that they have begun to sell it to electorates, often without any signs of research or prior interest in EU accession or enlargement.

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Will Muslims Buy Jyllands-Posten?

Last week, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), called upon wealthy Muslims to influence the Western media by investing in them as a means to change the way they cover Islam. “Anti-Muslim attitudes” are to be changed through Muslim media ownership. At an OIC conference with ministers and officials from the OIC member states, Mr Ihsanoglu said: “Muslim investors should put their money into the world's big media corporations [...] so they can influence their policies through their management.” Mr Ihsanoglu also said Muslim countries should operate TV channels in the international leading language [English] in order to change the World’s opinion of Islam.

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Muslim Brotherhood Not Worried About Europe

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization openly dedicated to Islamic conquest of the world, says there’s no need to worry—Europe is already doomed and the Pope’s remarks won’t change a thing: Mideast Christians in Uneasy Position.

The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said the Islamic political movement’s relations with Christians should remain “good, civilized and cooperative.”

“While anger over the pope’s remarks was necessary, it shouldn’t last for long because while he is the head of the Catholic church in the world, many Europeans are not following it. So what he said won’t influence them,” Mohammed Mahdi Akef said.

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How Switzerland is dealing with Muslims

I am a Swiss citizen and as you know, rather concerned about what Islam means to our world, way of life and.... freedom.

Below you will find an extract of a paper given by the Swiss Federal Comission against Racism. If you are in interested in reading the whole paper then please go to:
http://www.edi.admin.ch/ekr/ (Summary: The majority and the Muslim minority in Switzerland) you might find it just as "hilarious" as I do.

Switzerland does have a population of 7 Million people and as you will see below there are
340 000 Muslims.
We are so very good citizens, we want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Let them take advantage of all we have to offer (freedeom, wealth, clean streets, health-system, education etc.) And of course we also want to let them practise their way of life, the way they are used to, and whenever possible we are asked to change our own lifestyle in order to please them. Lees verder...

Cardinal Pell: Pope Rage "showed the link for many Islamists between religion and violence, their refusal to respond to criticism with rational arguments, but only with demonstrations, threats and actual violence"

The Archbishop of Sydney speaks truth to power again. "Pell links Islamists to violence," from the Sydney Morning Herald, with thanks to David:

...Cardinal George Pell says "the violent reactions in many parts of the Islamic world" to a speech by Pope Benedict justified one of the very fears expressed in that address. "They showed the link for many Islamists between religion and violence, their refusal to respond to criticism with rational arguments, but only with demonstrations, threats and actual violence," Cardinal Pell said in a statement yesterday.

He described as "unfortunately typical and unhelpful" attacks on the Pope's comments by two local Muslims, Taj el-Din al Hilaly, the Mufti of Australia, and Ameer Ali, from the Government's Muslim advisory committee....

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Muslims read riot act

by @ 5:18 am. Filed under General

Muslims read riot act - Australia heads to the forefront of common sense.

The Howard Government’s multicultural spokesman, Andrew Robb, yesterday told an audience of 100 imams who address Australia’s mosques that these were tough times requiring great personal resolve.

Mr Robb also called on them to shun a victim mentality that branded any criticism as discrimination.

And this from the multi-cultural spokesman. Instead of declaring that all Australians need to go through sensitivity training to be more attuned to Muslim sensitivities, Robb calls on Muslims to address the issues themselves and he also made an earth-shatteringly obvious call, one American forefathers embraced.

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Dalrymple on Decadence, Europe, America and Islam

Anthony Daniels is a 57-year old recently retired psychiatrist. He began his career in Africa and worked for many years as a hospital and prison doctor in Birmingham before he moved to the South of France in 2005. Using the pen name Theodore Dalrymple he writes about the collapse of Western civilization in Europe, analyzing the social pathologies of our time. When he chose his pen name, he says, he opted for a name that would evoke the image of a severe and serious man. Though Daniels sets out to describe decadence, obviously not a cheerful topic, he himself is far from being a misanthrope. He is a “compassionate conservative,” The New York Sun wrote two years ago, “Stocky and balding, he has a wheezy laugh, a pugnacious mouth, and the devil-may-care smile of the born provocateur.”
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The Pope is Sorry. Muslims Terrorists Are Not

DEBKA Special Report

September 16, 2006, 3:08 PM (GMT+02:00)

A firestorm of Muslim rage was ignited by a lecture on the theme of Faith and Reason that Pope Benedict XVI gave at Regensburg University in Germany Tuesday, Sept 12.

The fury that beset the Muslim world recalls the tempest which greeted the Muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper earlier this year. The government in Ankara said his safety could not be guaranteed during his visit in November, during which the pope had hoped to improve relations between Christians and Muslims. Turkey’s Catholic bishops will meet next Monday to discuss the visit.

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"Right turn in Sweden."

It appears that common sense and, perhaps, a little self preservation has crept into Sweden today. The right wing alliance has narrowly won the election. The percentages were as follows: Right wing alliance,47,8, Left wing alliance, 46,3. Which translates into 178 parliamentary seats for the right and 171 for the left.

The old prime minister is retiring gracefully and tomorrow, a new day starts in Sweden with a right wing government that Sweden so desperately needs. The new Swedish PM is Frederik Reinfeldt from the conservative Moderaternas Parti.

Maybe they have learnt something from Denmark after all.


The surrender to the Islam violence

"Absolutely unbelievable," was my first reaction to the photographs that I saw on Joee Bloggs' site. About 100 Islamists were demonstrating on Sunday outside Westminster Cathedral, the main Catholic Church in London, holding placards saying "Curse the Pope", "Pope Benedict go to Hell," "Pope Benedict you will pay, the Mujahideen are coming your way," "Jesus Loves the Muslims," "Islam Will Conquer Rome," "Trinity of Evil: Western Crusade Against Islam."

And the police stood idly by, taking pictures, but doing absolutely nothing. Would the police stand in silence and apathy if 100 or so anti-Islamists decided to picket a mosque with threatening slogans on placards, shouting hate and contempt via microphones? Of course not.

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Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war

Pope Rage continues to heat up. From Ynet News, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

The recent remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI on Islam are threatening to ignite the entire Muslim world. Op-Eds published in the Arab newspapers slammed the pope even after the Vatican’s apology. The most extreme opinion was voiced by Hani Pahas in the London-based Arabic-language daily newspaper Al-Hayat, who wrote “the pope’s comments may lead to war; we fear that the pope’s statements may lead to a war that we, Muslims and Christians alike, are trying to prevent through dialogue between East and West.
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Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanaticism'

Expect more threats and murder until he apologizes also. "Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanatism,'" from AND, with thanks to Tommy:

Johannesburg (AND) In yet another furore to grip the Christian community, the head of the Orthodox Church of Greece has joined the Pope controversy by attacking what he calls Islamic fanaticism in Africa. In a scathing attack, barely 48 hours after a Somali Islamic cleric called for Muslims to kill the Pope for his Tuesday utterances, Archbishop Christodoulos told a sermon in Athens that Christians in Africa were suffering at the hands of ‘fanatic Islamists'.
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Harte Linie von Premierminister Howard

"Moslems, nicht Australier, müssen sich umgewöhnen"

Anti-Dhimmies: Australiens Premierminister John Howard (rechts) und sein wahrscheinlicher Nachfolger, Finanzminister Peter Costello.

Nachfolgend veröffentlichen wir eine Übersetzung (Danke an PI-Leser Herrmann Glockler) der Stellungnahme von Australiens konservativem Premier John Howard und seines Finanzministers Costello gegenüber dem radikalen Islam. Klare und unmissverständliche Worte, die man in Europa weit und breit nicht findet!

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Saudi Arabia demands explanation from Vatican on pope statement

Vatican-Islam-Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia on Saturday demanded Vatican to give explanation about Pope Benedict XVI statement linking Islam to violence.

In a letter to his Vatican counterpart, Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said the pope's lecture during which "a logic was used to justify the Crusades waged against the Islamic world."
Saudi Arabia, which hosts Islam's two holiest shrines in Mecca and Medina, said it "deeply regretted" the pope's remarks on Islam and his contention that Prophet Mohammed (PBHU) ordered spreading the Islamic faith by the sword.

Riyadh said the comments gave the wrong impression to Muslims "at a time when the Islamic nation is striving to open a real and effective dialogue among religions and civilizations, primarily the Christian religion."

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He bears no malice, but he is a worried man

By Damian Thompson
(Filed: 16/09/2006)


It is ironic that Benedict XVI finds himself accused of crude anti-Islamic prejudice after quoting a medieval emperor's opinion that Mohammed's violent teachings were "evil and inhuman".

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI: A multi-faith society 'is not consistent with Islam's inner nature'

For no pope in history has made a deeper study of Islam. Having explored every verse of the Koran, and engaged in long debates with Muslim scholars, he rejects the simplistic notion — held by fundamentalist Christians, and by the Roman Catholic Church until the middle of the 20th century — that Islam is evil. Yet he is convinced that some of its doctrines are morally indefensible.

In Benedict's view, a profound ambiguity about violence lies at the heart of Islam, arising from the Prophet's belief that faith can be spread by the sword. Mohammed, after all, was a general whose troops beheaded hundreds of enemy captives.

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France and the Jihadis

Evidence, if any were needed, that the Leftist strategy of trying to appease the crocodile doesn't mean that you won't get eaten- just that you won't be devoured quite so quickly.

Deputy al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged a militant Algerian Islamist group to punish "crusader nation" France, even though it vehemently opposed the US-led war in Iraq, a newspaper said on Thursday.

So it seems quite clear that it's not the war in Iraq which is causing all this jihadist violence. Gee, I wonder what else it could be?
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Israel's quiet success: The decapitation of Hizbullah?

From Gertz ...
Despite its poor public showing in the recent war in southern Lebanon, Israeli intelligence and special operations commandos in recent days have scored major hits against Hizbullah leaders.

As many as eight of the top 10 Hizbullah leaders were killed by commandos and intelligence personnel in southern Lebanon, the officials said. But U.S. officials said the covert action campaign failed to eliminate Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who remains a key target.

Israel has stepped up operations against Hizbullah leaders since the imposition of a cease-fire. The Israelis believe that the decapitation campaign is vital to limiting the Hizbullah threat.

Hizbullah, for its part, is stepping up intelligence operations against Israel. These include plans for leadership attacks, sabotage and kidnapping.

Hizbullah will attempt to reduce its conventional military activities but increase covert action attacks in Gaza and the northern West Bank. Signs of the activity have already been detected with Hizbullah personnel and weapons detected moving into the Palestinian areas.

More on Hizbullah tunneling....

Continue reading " Israel's quiet success: The decapitation of Hizbullah" »

Vatican: Pope's Comment On Islamic Violence May Lead To Islamic Violence

The speech by Pope Benedict XVI in Regensburg University, Germany, in which he quoted Byzantine emperor Manuel Paleologos II, has been creating an avalanche of condemnation from the Muslim world.

The speech was made on Tuesday, September 12, and in a small section of this speech, Benedict quoted the 14th century emperor who had said: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Yesterday, Turkey's senior Islamic cleric, Ali Bardakoglu condemned the Pope for the remarks saying they were "full of enmity and grudges" and indicated "hatred in his heart". The condemnations may scupper a planned visit by the Pope to Turkey, scheduled for November. Bardakoglu had said on NTV: "I do not think any good will come from a visit to the Muslim world by a person who has such ideas."

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The new EU member ?????

Jetzt drehen sie völlig durch

Türkischer Spitzenpolitiker zieht Papst-Hitler-Vergleich

"Spontanes" Verbrennen einer Papst-Puppe in Indien.

Wer ganz doll böse auf jemanden ist, nennt denjenigen gern in einem Atemzug mit Hitler. Das hat der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der türkischen Regierungspartei AKP, Salih Kapusuz, jetzt getan. Er fand, dass der Papst wegen seiner Äußerung als "ebenso negative Figur in die Geschichte eingehen werde, wie Hitler und Mussolini". Hier ein paar Kostproben aus der "friedlichen Welt des Islam":

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Unionspolitiker stärken Papst den Rücken

Merkel und Stoiber sehen keinen Grund für Kritik

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel und CSU-Chef Stoiber haben sich demonstrativ an die Seite des Papstes gestellt und geben damit ein wesentlich intelligenteres Bild ab als die grünen Dhimmis

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Sheikh accused over camel boys

A legal case has been filed in a US district court alleging that the governor of Dubai and his brother enslaved about 30,000 children over the past 30 years for use as camel jockeys.

The claim, which is based on international laws banning slavery and child labour, names Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Governor of Dubai and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates, and Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as well as others.



The brothers, who are among the world’s most famous racehorse owners, are accused of trafficking boys as young as 2 from Bangladesh, Sudan and southern Asia.

The case has been filed in Florida, where the defendants have property, on behalf of six parents. Lawyers are seeking class-action status on behalf of about 30,000 children. (AFP)

Oriana Fallaci 1929-2006


Oriana Fallaci, journalist and author, died today after a prolonged battle with breast cancer. She was a democratic resistance fighter against Mussolini during World War II, worked as a war correspondent, was shot 3 times during the Tlatelolco uprising shortly before the Mexico City Olympics in 1968, and became famous for her pointed interviews of the good, the bad and the ugly, including Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

Fallaci was charged in Italy for the crime of "vilipendio", or vilification, for publishing her book The Force of Reason in 2004. In this book she warned of a growing Muslim siege of Europe, which will ultimately result in Europe becoming 'Eurabia'. An atheist, she had great admiration for Pope Benedict XVI (whom she still called 'Ratzinger') for his recognition of the Muslim threat to the West.

Crossposted from WILLisms.com

Pope’s Talk on Islam Sparks Anger and Tarnishes Homecoming

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Pope’s Talk on Islam Sparks Anger and Tarnishes Homecoming.

That is the headline of a Deutsches World piece. So when even the Pope recognizes the threat, he’s “tarnished.” Even if one is not caholic, for pete’s sake, do you think the Pope would say something if he honestly did not believe its truth?

Pope Benedict XVI returned to Rome after a six-day visit to Bavaria. While the trip was mostly personal, remarks he made about Islam have Muslim leaders around the world calling angrily for an apology.

Muslim leaders from various quarters have called for an apology and a clarification of the remarks the pontiff made that implicitly link jihad, or holy war, with terrorism.

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Last Chance for Iraq?

by Michael Rubin
National Review
September 11, 2006

No issue has so shaped America's recent politics or defined its present role in the world as the Iraq War. NR asked a symposium of military experts, geopolitical thinkers, Middle East scholars, and conservative writers the two paramount questions: Are we winning; and, if not, how can we? Here is what they had to say.

[Other commentators are: David Frum, Newt Gingrich, Mark Helprin, Lawrence F. Kaplan, Robert D. Kaplan, Michael Ledeen, Ralph Peters, Mark Steyn, and Bernard Trainor].

The U.S. is losing in Iraq because American politicians and the general public have not decided they want or need to win. Many congressmen look at Iraq through the lens of the 2006 election: They care neither how their words embolden the enemy nor how their grandstanding impacts Iraq. Meanwhile, many commentators have cast accuracy aside to cater to, and cash in on, public ennui.

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Dutch tolerance and sharia

When he opened the Pandora's box of sharia, Christian Democrat Piet Hein Donner, Holland's minister of justice, wasn't advocating that his country should adopt Islamic law, but that the Dutch shouldn't be afraid of engaging fundamentalist Islam in debate. This seems to be the tack chosen by Donner's allies in the confusing discussion he initiated in the surreal world of Dutch confessional politics.

In a democracy, Donner's defenders say, the will of the majority is paramount. So if two-thirds of Holland's elected representatives vote to change the constitution and adopt sharia, it must by definition be acceptable. After all, 'even then, the rights of minorities can't simply be abolished in a democracy'. Moslem fanatics should have a place in Dutch democracy, in order to preserve Dutch democracy.

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Türken schäumen vor Wut

Papst Benedikt XVI. erteilt "Heiligem Krieg" Absage

Die türkischen Zeitungen sind in heller Aufregung. Das Oberhaupt der katholischen Kirche hat es gewagt, dem Islam nicht mit dhimmimäßiger Unterwürfigkeit zu begegnen. "Taktlos" wäre er, hätte "hasserfülle Äußerungen über Mohammed" gemacht und habe die "Muslime betrübt".

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Clash of Civilizations

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And Henry Kissinger must read this blog, too - since I’ve been blogging, now for over a year, I’ve called the current conflict a clash of civilizations.

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned that Europe and the United States must unite to head off a “war of civilizations” arising from a nuclear-armed Middle East.

“A common Atlantic policy backed by moderate Arab states must become a top priority, no matter how pessimistic previous experience with such projects leaves one,” Kissinger wrote.

“The debate sparked by the Iraq war over American rashness vs. European escapism is dwarfed by what the world now faces.

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What is the Nature of Multiculturalism?

by Baron Bodissey

The Fjordman Report
The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.

Lars HedegaardI got some criticism of my essay about Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, labelling the latter as “cultural Marxism.” Since some of this criticism came from people I respect, such as Danish writer Lars Hedegaard, I will take a second look at some of my assertions.

Hedegaard has said that he believes Europe suffers from a death-wish following the world wars and de-colonization, and that Europeans allow themselves to be replaced through immigration because they want to die as a culture. It is true that there is a loss of cultural confidence in Europe, but there is one catch to this thesis: Many Europeans have never expressed any such desire to be wiped out.
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Nasrallah is fast losing popularity even in its own ranks

By Olivier Guitta

Indeed a recent poll shows that the majority of Lebanese do not think that Hezbollah won the war over Israel. While one could have expected the reversal of fortune of Nasrallah's movement among Christians and Sunnis what's the most surprising is that he is attacked by two major figures in the Shia community.

The first one is a very well respected Sayeed Ali Al Amin ( a descendant of the prophet like Nasrallah is) who has been very vocal attacking Nasrallah for his illegal war against israel. His views are now little by little being followed in the Shia community.

The second one is none other than President of the parliament and spokesman for Nasrallah during the war Nabih Berry, the head of the Amal movement the rival Shia movement to Hezbollah which was near extinction. Amal is now getting traction among Shias and their views are much more moderate than Hezbollah's.

It looks like that for the first time Nasrallah inded committed a major mistake...


Winds of War: Are We at War with the Religion of Islam?

From The Gathering Storm

The enemy we are fighting in this War of Democracy –aka: War on Terror – is being called many things. Radical Islam, militant Islamism, jihadism, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamo-fascism – all attempts to categorize and identify the enemy who has pledged to reinstall the Caliphate and bring the world under Sharia Law. The main attention of this war is out of necessity, placed on the violent attempts to realize the enemy’s agenda at the same time trying to exonerate a world religion and separate it from its violent adherents.

That is to say, we are not at war with the religion of Islam – or are we?

Every religion grows by proselytizing. In the 21st century, every religion save one, seeks to grow it’s adherents in a peaceful manner, un-intimidating manner. Not Islam.

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DEBKAfile Exclusive: German troops become legitimate targets for Hizballah attack

September 13, 2006, 11:41 PM (GMT+02:00)

Until Wednesday night, the Shiite terror group stood by its consent to the Lebanese army on the border with Israel handling any military problems or clashes with Israel, with Hizballah assisting. Now, Hizballah has gone back on this deal and announced that henceforth its own forces will no longer wait for the Lebanese army to act but send its own forces into action against Israel. This is the first time since the UN-brokered went into effect on July 14 that Hizballah has threatened direct military action against Israel.

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Who is an Islam-hater?

Ralph Peters, whom I generally like, wrote an op-ed last week accusing some unnamed people in America of being "Islam-haters."
The most repugnant trend in the American shouting match that passes for a debate on the struggle with Islamist terrorism isn't the irresponsible nonsense on the left - destructive though that is. The really ugly "domestic insurgency" is among right-wing extremists bent on discrediting honorable conservatism.

How? By insisting that Islam can never reform, that the violent conquest and subjugation of unbelievers is the faith's primary agenda - and, when you read between the lines, that all Muslims are evil and subhuman.

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Hizb-ut-Tahrir unwanted in Denmark.

According to the latest poll here, three out of every four Danes would like to see the Islamic orgnisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir made illegal in Denmark. About time too. Opinion has slanted slowly but surely for Denmark to follow in the footsteps of Holland and Germany and outlaw the organisation.

This has political ramifications too. Two years ago the state prosecutor claimed that one could not make an organisation illegal in Denmark. But since Hizb-ut-Tahrir chairman Fadi Abdel was sentenced to three months in prison for threatening The Prime Minister and calling for the murder of Jews, the Minister for Legal Affairs, Lene Espersen, is prepared to consider the move. Abdel has appealed the sentence, but if the High Court upholds the sentence then the Public Prosecutor may have to change his thinking.

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Netherlands: Minister Warns Islamic Law Could Happen Via Democracy

DonnerIn a bizarre statement made today, the Netherlands' Justice Minister, Piet Hein Donner, has suggested that Sharia law could become possible via democratic procedures. Donner is from the Christian Democrats, and his comments conflict with those made by the party's leader last year and this year.

Expatica reports that in abook published today called Het land van haat en nijd (Land of hate & malice) Donner (pictured) had said in an interview: "Muslims, just like Protestants and Roman Catholics, have a right to the perceptions of their religion, even if that included dissenting rules of behaviour such as imams refusing to shake hands with women."

The book is written by two journalists, Margalith Kleijwegt and Max van Weezel who write for the weekly Vrij Nederland.

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Russia: Muslims Complain About Conversions To Christianity

Mukhetdinov.jpgDamir Mukhetdinov, first deputy mufti of the Nizhegorodsky region along Russia's Volga river, complained that there are more Muslims, especially Tatars, converting to Russian Orthodoxy than Russian Christians converting to Islam.

``A huge number of Tatars enter mixed marriages (with Russians) and their children loose their sense of religious and ethnic identity, and even call their children by Russian names,'' said mufti Mukhetdinov, reported Newsru, a Russian web newspaper. ``And the next generation even accepts Russian Orthodoxy. Such people are more numerous than Russians accepting Islam.''

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Putin to veto Kosovo independence at UN

September 12, 2006 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said to the London based Financial Times on Monday that Russia will not hesitate to veto the United Nations Security Council decision on the status of Serbia's southern province of Kosovo if it concludes that the proposed solution for Kosovo is opposed to Russia's interests.

President Putin warned that possible independence of Kosovo would pose a precedent for other areas in the world and suggested that such precedent will be used in former Soviet provinces of Abkhazia and South Osetia in Georgia.

Putin also stressed that it is not possible to apply one rule to Kosovo and the other for someone else.

Kosovo is a Serbian province administered by the UN since 1999 whose Muslim Albanian population seeks independence after their decades long ethnic cleansing of Kosovo's Christians.

A status decision is expected this year.


Al-Guardian Shills for Ambulance Story

The Guardian brushes off zombie’s exposé of the Lebanese Ambulance Fraud, stands by their reporting, and offers exactly zero evidence to support themselves: Open door. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

Two Australian newspapers, in fact, revisited the story after the country’s foreign minister, Alexander Downer, accused some of the world’s “most prestigious media” of falling for a hoax. One of them, the Australian, carried its rebuttal under the heading: “Downer’s unfounded faith in the internet”, and it accused him of being hoaxed by what it called “a callous blog” (zombietime is a website not a blog). The heading on the Age story speaks for itself: “Ambulance attack evidence stands the test.”

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EU Ready to Finance Hamas

Reuters says the new Palestinian Hamas-Fatah government (meet the new boss, same as the old boss) may widen the rift between the EU and the US.

They’re right, because the European Union is looking for a way to drop their objections to Hamas, and this latest Palestinian sham might be just the ticket.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A new Palestinian unity government could widen a rift between the United States and the European Union and fracture an economic blockade of the Hamas-led administration.

Washington does not want to lift international sanctions until the government recognizes Israel, renounces violence and abides by interim peace deals, the conditions set by the Quartet of Middle East mediators, Western diplomats and analysts said.

But at least some in the European Union are signaling a willingness to settle for less from the administration that Hamas Islamist militants and moderate President Mahmoud Abbas agreed on Monday to begin putting together, diplomats said.

In other words, the European Union is “signaling a willingness” to settle for absolutely nothing.



Bin Laden's own words from October 2001-

This battle is not between al Qaeda and the U.S. This is a battle of Muslims against the global crusaders.

That's the big one, a message that needs to be repeated again and again to those who believe that 9/11 and the events that have followed are somehow caused by American foreign policy.

There's more-

The events of Tuesday, September the 11th, in New York and Washington are great on all levels. Their repercussions are not over. Although the collapse of the twin towers is huge, but the events that followed, and I'm not just talking about the economic repercussions, those are continuing, the events that followed are dangerous and more enormous than the collapse of the towers.
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Ahmadinejad really is Hitler

I just read the rambling letter that Iran's president sent to Germany's Angela Merkel, and it is remarkable in its subconcious evocations of Hitler in the 1930s.

Essentially, Ahmadinejad is appealing to Germany's sense of nationalism and patriotism, arguing that the US is subjugating Germany as the loser of World War II. Just as Hitler used extreme nationalism to fire up Germans after the defeat of World War II, Ahmadinejad tries to do the same, blaming America - and the Jews:
Sixty years have passed since the end of the war. But, regrettably the entire world and some nations in particular are still facing its consequences. Even now the conduct of some bullying powers and power-seeking and aggressive groups is the conduct of victors with the vanquished.
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... gehört auch in der WELT-Redaktion längst zum guten Ton

Bush-GegnerHasser unter sich: Uwe Schmitt, Washington-Korrespondent der WELT und Tony Judt, linker britischer Historiker.

Was waren das noch für Zeiten, als man sich auf die WELT als eine der wenigen überregionalen konservativ-bürgerlichen Zeitungen noch verlassen konnte. Sie bildete, zusammen mit der FAZ, ein Korrektiv zur mehrheitlich linken Presselandschaft in Deutschland, die - sobald ein Republikaner zum US-Präsidenten gewählt wird - sogleich in schlimme anti-amerikanische Ressentiments zurückfällt. Das war bei Reagan so (wer erinnert sich nicht an die Hass-Tiraden und Beleidigungen der Linken gegen den 'Hollywood-Schauspieler'), bei George W. Bush - dem tumben Cowboy - ist es genauso.

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Strafanzeige gegen den Koran

Und wie die EU hilft, den Islam schönzureden

Der Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen ist ein Zusammenschluss von Bürgerbewegungen, die sich für die Bewahrung freiheitlich-demokratischer Prinzipien und gegen die Bildung einer fundamental-islamischen Parallelgesellschaft in Deutschland engagieren. Ein Mitglied dieses Verbandes, Jutta St., erstattete am 06.03.2006 Anzeige bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Hamburg "gegen die Verbreitung der Schrift Koran unter der besonderen Berücksichtigung der Nichthistorisierung und des Status des Koran als noch heute gültiger Gesetzesquelle der Scharia an jedem Ort."

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Paradise Lost? Swiss Referendum on Tougher Immigration and Asylum Laws

Most everything known about Switzerland is distorted. Take ‘Swiss Cheese’. Hardly anyone consumes it locally. The banks operate quite unlike depicted in the flics. Besides the disinformation involving chocolate and watches – neither is an indigenous invention – no one knows much about Switzerland because – by design – everything newsworthy is made to occur beyond the border. Therefore, interesting news from Switzerland is a rarity. However, a rare chance has arisen as on September 24th the Swiss are to vote on two laws approved by parliament last December.

Switzerland – an island in the choppy waters of the EU – has an odd democratic tradition. The country practices extreme forms of the referendum and the initiative. (An initiative is a popular action in a matter the legislative avoids, while in a referendum society reacts to laws passed.) Both versions can reflect more than local concerns. Initiatives and referendums express the people’s (in Swiss legalese “the sovereign’s”) reaction to what the government does. In issue wrapped in PC taboos is up to a vote on September 24th. Two items made into law regarding immigration and refugees are to be judged.

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From Time Immemorial

Joan Peters began this book planning to write About the Arabs who fled Palestine in 1948-49, when armies of the Arab states attempted to destroy the fledgling state of Israel. In the course of research on this subject, she came across a "seemingly casual" discrepancy between the standard definition of a refugee and the definition used for the Palestinian Arabs. In other cases, a refugee is someone forced to leave a permanent or habitual home. In this case, however, it is someone who had lived in Palestine for just two years before the flight that began in 1948.

This discrepancy made little impression on her at first, Miss Peters recounts. But as she continued, the anomaly of the Palestinians "began to nag and unravel" the outline of her book. Why a separate definition for the Palestinians? What was it about them that had to be incorporated in the official description of eligibility for refugee status? Reading historical materials about Palestine in the years before 1948, Miss Peters came across a statement by Winston Churchill that she says opened her eyes to the situation in Palestine. In 1939 Churchill challenged the common notion that Jewish immigration into Palestine had uprooted its Arab residents. To the contrary, according to him, "So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population."

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The Other September 11th

by Baron Bodissey


Last year on September 11th I composed a memorial post, and then went browsing among all the other bloggers who had posted their own memorials. There were some excellent posts and photo essays, notably at Michelle Malkin, Dr. Sanity, and CUANAS, and all so much better than my own.

So this year I will do something different: I will commemorate the events of five years ago by revisiting events of 323 years ago. I refer, of course, to the other 9-11: September 11th, 1683, the day when an alliance of Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna.

Jan III Sobieski confronts Pasha Kara Mustafa at the Gates of Vienna
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Tunisian Writer: Muslim Brotherhood Controls Al Jazeera

According to Tunisian intellectual Dr. Khaled Shawkat, director of the Netherlands-based Center for Promoting Democracy in the Arab World, the satellite news channel Al Jazeera has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Jazeera has been hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood organization - either at the wish of the channel’s owners as part of a certain political game [played] by the Qatari rulers, or out of the lack of awareness of the Qatari rulers, who think that the situation is under control and that even though they have given the Muslim Brotherhood a chance to control Al-Jazeera, for local, regional, and international considerations, they can get rid of them or restrain them any time they want...

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Al Jazeera Arabic Poll: 49.9% Support Osama Bin Laden

An Arabic linguist emailed to let me know about this disturbing page at the Arabic web site of JihadTV (Al Jazeera), with the results of a questionnaire taken by 41,260 Arab viewers: Google translated version.

Note question #2:

1) Is the world safer after September 11?
Yes - 4.2 %
No  - 95.8 %

2) Do you support Osama bin Laden?
Yes - 49.9 %
No  - 50.1 %

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Europe in Hibernation

As Madeleine Albright once said, "To understand Europe, you have to be a genius - or French." John Gillingham, author of Design for a New Europe, is definitively not French - as a matter of fact, he is an American historian - but he is undoubtedly one of today's most original thinkers on European integration. He sheds an outsider's light on Europe, which makes his views all the more interesting and valuable.

His analysis is based on a thorough knowledge of the history of European integration and the intricacies of Brussels wheeling and dealing. Gillingham has a natural sense for where the weak spots are. Moreover, he is skilled at translating Euro mumbo jumbo into plain language. His book occasionally reads like a novel - and is sometimes even humorous. He sees the minute details as well as the overall picture and succeeds in developing a holistic vision in which bottom-up and top-down perspectives occupy their rightful place. In his criticism he often touches raw nerves - articulating the latent feelings of uneasiness Europeans have about the EU.

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The Salafist Movement

By Bruce Livesey An examination of the ideology that has inspired the global jihad and the emergence of its most dangerous incarnation.

When Gilles Kepel was researching a book about the origins of the global jihad movement back in the 1980s, he recalls rarely coming across Muslim fundamentalists known as "Salafists" living in Europe . "The ones who were prevalent … were totally apolitical and they didn't deliver theoretically or in terms of doctrine," he says.

Salafism is an ideology that posits that Islam has strayed from its origins. The word "salaf" is Arabic for "ancient one" and refers to the companions of the Prophet Mohammed. Arguing that the faith has become decadent over the centuries, Salafists call for the restoration of authentic Islam as expressed by an adherence to its original teachings and texts. "Salafists originally are supposedly not violent," Kepel explains. "They are not advocating the revolt against one who holds power, against the powers that be. They are calling for re-Islamization at the daily level."

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EURABIA some other reflections

Eurabia” refers to the synthesis of Arab and European culture, a grand cultural project undertaken by European and Arab elites to create an open Mediterranean zone of economic, demographic and cultural symbiosis between Europe and the Arab world. Bat Ye’or, in her recent book, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, has denounced this project as a foolish alliance in which Europeans think that by helping the Arabs destroy Israel, they can use the Arabs to isolate and compete with America. In fact, she argues, the Europeans’ sacrifice of Israel will only whet the appetite of Islamists who aim to take over Europe as well.

Bat Ye’or traces the creation of the Euro-Arab dialogue in the seventies that created a journal by that name and orchestrated the growing symbiosis of Europe and the Arab countries:

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Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib

"'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back'"

This is off topic, but as a Yank, I just couldn't resist it.

Apparently, American "torture" at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq wasn't THAT bad.

After all, panties on the head and being posed for a photo-op aren't THAT bad compared to REAL torture that Arabs can come up with.

It reminds me of a piece written by a chaplain in Guantanamo Bay. They spent 9 hours talking a prisoner who was being shipped back home out of a tree because he preferred Gitmo's prison to what he faced when he went back home.

I'm sure this headline will be splashed all over the NY Times for months as well, just like the original Abu Ghraib pictures were. NOT!


Ghost Writer

A quote from the leftist philosopher and economist Prof. Philippe Van Parys in Brussel Nieuws, 9 September 2006

Belgium has a very bad image. I happen to know the publisher [editor?] of The Time Almanac, which includes a new chapter on Belgium. In the original text Belgium stood for corruption, pedophilia and the rows between the communities. All these ingredients were mixed in a short, unbalanced text, which, fortunately, I was able to refine. Recently The Wall Street Journal headlined: “The Many Faces of Belgian Fascism.” This was not a text about the Vlaams Belang (VB), but about the Belgian bureaucracy and the Parti Socialiste. Apparently, this journalist derived his inspiration from Paul Belien (the husband of VB parliamentarian Alexandra Colen). Obviously, this type of articles severely damage the reputation of our country.

Grey Wolves in Politics: The Immigrant Far-Right Joins the European Left

The immigrant vote is becoming ever more important in Europe. In many countries foreigners are allowed to vote in local elections (in addition to thousands of immigrants who have been granted citizenship). In last spring’s municipal elections in the Netherlands the immigrant vote tipped the balance clearly in favour of the Left. Indeed, immigrants in Western Europe, who often migrated in order to enjoy generous welfare benefits, are rentseekers who vote in favour of maintaining the welfare systems of the states that invited them in.

Pim Fortuyn tilted Dutch politics to the Right, but I think this was only a temporary phenomenon, and would have been temporary even if Fortuyn had not been assassinated. Pieter Dorsman pointed out that, contrary to what the mainstream media write, Dutch politics has not turned Right, but I doubt whether the main causes are the divisions among the Right following Fortuyn’s assassination and the disastrous handling of the Hirsi Ali case. I suspect that European politics will swing dramatically to the Left in the coming decades, owing to the growing influence of an immigrant vote eager to retain and expand the welfare benefits.

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Media 'contributing to rise of Islamophobia'

By David Harrison (Filed: 10/09/2006)  Britain could face the threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists, says a senior Muslim leader.


Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, fears that continued negative attitudes towards people of his faith could provoke a vast and angry backlash.

"There are a few bad apples in the Muslim community who are doing terrible acts and we want to root them out," Dr Bari told The Sunday Telegraph.

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Symposium: The Death of Multiculturalism?

By Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | September 8, 2006


Preview Image

The recent thwarted terrorist plot in England that aimed to blow up commercial airlines between Britain and the United States serves as another chilling reminder of the horror that multiculturalism has wreaked in Western Europe . A nightmarish fact: most of the terrorist suspects who aimed to engage in the mass murder of innocent civilians were home-grown -- they were born and raised in Britain . In other words, Britain has welcomed immigrants whose children hate British and Western society and seek to destroy it. So what sense, then, is there to invite and to be tolerant toward the intolerant?  Many Western European countries have been agonizing over this precise question and have clearly made certain conclusions about it -- which explains why they are now in the process of overturning the policies of multiculturalism.

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A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America

Muslims divided on Brotherhood

A group aiming to create Islamic states worldwide has established roots here, in large part under the guidance of Egypt-born Ahmed Elkadi

By Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Sam Roe and Laurie Cohen
Tribune staff reporters Published September 19, 2004

Over the last 40 years, small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day.

But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy: to create Muslim states overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well.
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Sarkozy, France's Interior Minister, says: "We should now say who is European and who isn't

EUObserver/ BRUSSELS - French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed radical EU reforms such as getting the European Commission president to pick his own commissioners and cross-border European Parliament elections - but first he wants a new EU "mini treaty." Sarkozy keen on radical shake up of EU institutions

Mark Alexander

Radio-Canada reporter hit for backing Afghan mission

OTTAWA (Reuters) - One of Canada's top television reporters has been suspended from her job for praising the country's increasingly troubled military mission in Afghanistan, the company said on Friday.

Christine St-Pierre, a veteran Ottawa correspondent for French-language public broadcaster Radio-Canada, wrote an open letter to Canada's 2,300 troops telling them to ignore mounting criticism of the mission.

Five Canadian soldiers were killed last weekend, prompting ever louder calls for Ottawa to review the mission. One opposition party wants the troops to come back next February, two years ahead of schedule.

"We owe you all our respect and our unfailing support ... dear soldiers, your tears are not in vain, your tears are brave," St-Pierre wrote in the letter, which Montreal's La Presse newspaper published on Thursday.

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Report: 3 Spanish Muslims Recruited for Jihad Every Month

By Lorenzo Vidino

Today the Spanish newspaper El Periodico published an interesting report based on extensive interviews with Spanish counterterrorism officials. According to the report, each month an average of 3 Spanish Muslims are recruited by jihadi networks either for suicide bombings in Iraq or for training in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen and Somalia.

The pattern is not new and similar to those reported in other European countries. Over the last few years Spain has dismantled various recruting networks, located mostly in the the southern regions and in the greater Barcelona area, some of them linked either to Zarqawi or to various Pakistani jihadist groups. And in May 2005, Mohammed Afalah, a member of the Madrid cell that carried out the March 11 train bombings, reportedly died in a suicide attack in Iraq.

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Aus Freiheit wächst Integration. Von Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Allein in zwei Polizeidistrikten der Niederlande (die Gegend um Den Haag und in Südholland) wurden zwischen Oktober 2004 und Mai 2005 elf muslimische Mädchen von ihren eigenen Familien ermordet – für „Vergehen“, die denen von Samira glichen.

Meiner Meinung nach gibt es drei unterschiedliche Kategorien von muslimischen Frauen in der niederländischen Gesellschaft. Ich nehme an, dass diese Unterscheidung auch auf andere EU-Länder mit großen muslimischen Bevölkerungen zutrifft. Da gibt es zunächst Mädchen wie Samira: mit starkem Willen und dazu bereit, ein Risiko einzugehen, um ihre eigene Zukunft nach einem von ihnen selbst gewählten Weg zu gestalten. Sie stehen vielen Hindernissen gegenüber, während sie versuchen, sich in die westlichen Gesellschaften zu assimilieren, manche werden vielleicht ihr Leben bei dem Versuch verlieren, ihre Träume zu verwirklichen. Lees verder...

Dänemark: Condemnation against Koran-Translation

18.08.2006 Jyllandsposten reported the CONDEMNATION of Fadi Abdel Latif (chairman of the Hisb ut-Tahrirs) due to translations (the Koran or Hadith is not called in the procedure and the reporting) and further spreading of texts, which would threaten the government and the Jews everywhere in the world, also in Denmark .

The Anklaegerin (with is the public prosecutor's office) tried to prove and remained with the fact that these texts represented a request for the removal of the government and driving out the Jews. F. A. Latif was condemned to three months detention. (the German courts reject similar procedures on rough reasons.) Here some quotations of Latif, which were printed in the newspaper:

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Can the West defeat the jihad? Ten reasons why not


David Selbourne, author of The Losing Battle with Islam, has written a piece in the Times entitled, "Can the West defeat the Islamist threat? Here are ten reasons why not" (thanks to Nick). His points are well taken -- not so that we can go gentle into that good night, but so that we can begin to address these matters as quickly as possible. For it is never too late until we are actually put to the sword, and our children pay the jizya and wear the zunnar. And of course, even then begins the reconquista.

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Palestinians train to kidnap more Israelis

Terror leader thanks world for legitimizing tactic, says abductions 'bring big results'

Posted: September 5, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
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Kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit (YnetNews.com)

TEL AVIV – Palestinian terror organizations are training in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to carry out operations aimed at kidnapping Israeli soldiers, said a terror leader whose group in June abducted Israeli Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit.

The leader thanked the international community for what he said was its recognition that kidnappings of Israeli soldiers are not considered terrorism but "military operations that bring very big results."

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EU-Homeless People

There are around three million homeless people in Western Europe alone, and this figure is still rising.

The numbers of families among Europe's homeless are particularly increasing worryingly, according to an announcement by Finland which holds the current EU Presidency.

Finland is to hold The Housing Rights Conference in Helsinki on 18-19 September to discuss the problems of housing in Europe.

The right to housing is one of the most widely neglected human rights.

The right to housing has become an increasingly prominent issue over the last 15 years both in Europe, and more widely.

The Housing Rights Conference will cover a wide range of judicial, socio-economic and political issues related to


Storm Track Disinformation: The Frogs Croak

Hold the phone! France rejects the ‘war on terror’.

France issued an implicit criticism of U.S. foreign policy on Thursday, rejecting talk of a "war on terror".

"Against terrorism, what's needed is not a war. It is, as France has done for many years, a determined fight based on vigilance at all times and effective cooperation with our partners. "But we will only end this curse if we also fight against injustice, violence and these crises," he said.

In separate remarks, Chirac stressed that France was committed to maintaining a nuclear arsenal of its own.

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DEBKAfile Exclusive: Iran resumed weapons airlift to Hizballah via Beirut Friday as soon as Israel ended its air blockade

September 9, 2006, 11:41 AM (GMT+02:00)

Iran’s first post-blockade arms flight departed Dubai Friday, Sept. 8, to test the ground at Beirut international airport for Israeli air force or UN reactions. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the forbidden goods were unloaded and sailed through the airport unhindered. Tehran therefore determined to send two further bulk consignments in the next 48 hours aboard commercial flights from the Persian Gulf.

Our sources report the arms crates listed were on the documents as “computer equipment. Handle with care.” They were offloaded onto trucks which drove in convoy to Hizballah headquarters in Baalbek.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, determined to end Israel’s air blockade on Lebanon, promised solemnly that UN monitors would control incoming passengers and goods at Beirut airport. But he failed to make the Siniora government follow through on this pledge. The Lebanese prime minister immediately barred the airport to UN inspections. The five German air monitors agreed on were only allowed to establish a checkpoint for controlling arms smuggling at a distance of one kilometer from the international airport. DEBKAfile reports they are standing idle because the trucks carrying forbidden cargoes are able leave the airfield and bypass their checkpoint by alternative routes.

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Germany: Mosque "Hate-Preacher" Accepts Deportation

Tasci.jpgDeutsche Presse Agentur via Expatica today reports that a Turkish-born imam, whom they do not name for some reason, has agreed not to challenge his deportation order.

After a little research, WR can now give an account of what is going on. The preacher in question is Imam Yakub Tasci, or Yakup Tasci (pictured) who was the imam at the Mevlana Mosque in Kreuzberg, a suburb of Berlin. The mosque is situated in Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg's main square. In November 2004, the television company ZDF TV secretly filmed the imam preaching to his Turkish congregation. The subsequent broadcast caused national outrage.

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2000 girls forced into marriage

Around two thousand girls of foreign origin living in Norway have been forced into arranged marriages in the last two years. This is a qualified estimate made by special advisor Terje Bjøranger, head of the UDI’s (home office) task group that specializes in combating forced marriages and honour related violence.

This shocking number was presented at a conference for the police and social services in Stavern yesterday.

Despite the very high number of forced marriages, and almost ten years of action plans to combat these marriages, little has been done to help the affected girls.

- Next to nothing have been done, and we’ve simply ran out of places to hide the girls, says Gunnar Svennson, member of the task group and special advisor on issues related to ethnic minorities at Sentrum Police station in Oslo.

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EU is urged to help Spain

BRUSSELS The European Commission on Wednesday urged EU members to give Spain more practical help to stop the rising flow of African migrants packed in rickety boats sailing to Spain's Canary Islands, but promised no aid itself. Spain's deputy prime minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, visiting Brussels as part of a drive for assistance, said help from the European Union was too little and too slow. EU states have promised two boats, two aircraft and a handful of experts for a nine-week mission, coordinated by the bloc's border agency Frontex, which is based in Warsaw. "Controlling and securing a border requires more boats, more patrols and more coordination," Fernández de la Vega said after meeting the European Commission's officials for security and external relations. Lees verder...

Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims

by Baron Bodissey

The Fjordman Report
The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.

CAIRAccording to Dr. Daniel Pipes, Omar Ahmad, the long-serving chairman of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, reportedly told a crowd of California Muslims in July 1998, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran ... should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”
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Bosnia: Former Muslim President Was Paid By Al Qaeda

IzetbegovicWhen Alija Izetbegovic (pictured) died and was buried on the 22nd October 2003, only hours before the funeral the United Nations war crimes tribunal in the Hague had confirmed that he had been under investigation.

Izetbegovic had governed Bosnia-Hercegovina as President from 1990 onwards, and had seen the start of the civil war begin under his rule in 1992. He signed the Clinton-brokered Dayton Agreement in 1995 which effectively ended the conflict. He continued as vice president until 2000. Though he had a knack of persuading Western leaders that he was a benign character, the reality seems far removed from the image of a benevolent Muslim "grandfather".

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Cabinet: Still 10 To 20 Terrorist Groups Active In Netherlands

Home Affairs Minister Johan Remkes knows of "six or seven" locations in the Netherlands where terrorist acts are glorified. Moreover, some ten to twenty terrorist factions are currently active in the country.

In a Lower House debate, most parties expressed their concern over the increasing radicalisation among Muslims in the Netherlands. Radical currents are rapidly acquiring more influence in an increasing number of mosques and on the Internet, they unanimously asserted. The secret service (AIVD) recently warned that Salafism is particularly on the up. This is a radical current that advocates a return to 'pure' Islam.

Remkes did not wish to give specific details of the current situation, but did say there were "around six to seven places" which show "indications of alarming radicalisation". These places are mostly mosques, but Salafist preachers also travel around to hold lectures throughout the country. As was the case last year, some ten to twenty terrorist factions are still operational. These groups all vary greatly in size, shape and composition, as Remkes stated.

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Cartoon of week 36

Muslime fordern Entschuldigung

ZMD und Islamrat: "Stoiber hat alle Muslime beleidigt"

Hat alle Moslems "beleidigt": Edmund Stoiber

Die Moslemorganisationen in Deutschland geben gerade wieder ein prima Beispiel für ihre Demokratiefähigkeit und ihr Verständnis von Toleranz und Meinungsfreiheit. Der bayerische Ministerpräsident Stoiber hat nämlich einfach etwas gesagt, was zur Zeit auch andere sagen, unter anderem auch "Nestbeschmutzer" wie Necla Kelek, Seyran Ates oder Hirsi Ali. Und wir dürfen alle Zeugen werden, wie Moslems mit Missständen in den eigenen Reihen und berechtigter Kritik umzugehen pflegen. Stoiber hatte nämlich Folgendes gesagt:

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The Muslim Brotherhood in France

Glen Feder

In the wake of the recent London attacks, we are once again reminded of a seemingly irresolvable clash, across the Atlantic and in the United States, between secularism and religious fanaticism.  Furthermore, nowhere has this debate raged more fiercely than in France, where religious insignia such as the hijab were banned in a law passed by the French Senate in March, 2004. In fact, over the past three decades, there been a struggle over the hearts of a new, rapidly growing, generation of Muslim youth in France. On one side is the largest Islamist organization today- the Muslim Brotherhood- which has spawned notorious terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Al Qaeda. The Brotherhood has seen the growth of the Muslim population in France as an opportunity to promote an extreme Salafist interpretation of Islam. The results of the most recent elections among the primary Muslim organizations in France, which took place June 19, 2005, shows that for the second year in a row, the Muslim Brotherhood maintains a strong foothold in France. On the other side there is the French government, who has tried, through democratic elections, to promote a moderate Islam more harmonious with liberal French principles. Thus far, the clear victor has been the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood has taken hold of the most powerful Muslim organization in France today, and is quickly penetrating into the political and social fabric of secular France.

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Splits Between Muslim Brotherhood and “Offensive Jihadists” Brewing in Europe

by Douglas Farah
Published on May 16th, 2006

Across Europe, according to intelligence sources, the international Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al Moslemoon) is competing for recruits, cash and ideological and theological predominance with armed, radicalized Islamist groups operating in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere. This competition is a growing part of the Islamist landscape that intelligence services see as both dangerous and offering potential openings to exploit frictions and divisions.

The competition is not over the short-term goal of the Islamist project: the re-creation of a Muslim caliphate in the areas of the world once ruled by Muslims. Nor is it over the ultimate goal of Islamist groups, the eventual Islamization of Europe, the United States and the entire world. Rather, it appears that the Brotherhood, long able to recruit among the best and brightest Islamists in Europe and the Arab peninsula, is now struggling to make its more staid message of incremental change and political action relevant to those who would join the Islamist movement and attack the West, and Europe in particular.[1]

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From Cologne to the Conquest of Europe: How the Muslim Brotherhood is Challenging the Pope

At World Youth Day in Cologne, Benedict XVI is also meeting with Muslims. Here are the leaders and organizations of radical Islam in Germany, with their plans for expansion

by Sandro Magister

ROMA, August 18, 2005 – The penultimate event of Benedict XVI's visit to Cologne, before the vigil and Mass with the young people of World Youth Day XX, will be a Saturday, August 20 meeting with the "representatives of some of the Muslim communities."

The meeting will take place at the residence of the city's archbishop. The Muslims asked the pope to visit a mosque, but Benedict XVI declined the invitation.
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European birthrates, immigration, and the future

The IHT has an interesting three part series on falling European birthrates and what it means (hint: more immigration and a huge shift in the level of social services).

Because Europe handles assimilation and integration fairly poorly, immigration cannot solve Europe's problem. While opening the gates will keep Europe populated, it will no longer be the Europe we know. In any case, Europe is going through an anti-immigrant backlash, making more immigration increasingly unlikely.

From part one:

[...] Birthrates have reached a historic and prolonged low in European countries, from Italy and Germany to Poland and the Czech Republic, straining pension plans and depleting the work force across the Continent.

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Islamization of European Antisemitism: Bostom on the Unfolding Tragedy

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Andy Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad, has written a sobering piece on the continuing rise in Europe of anti-Semitism, almost entirely of Muslim inspiration. I have argued extensively that this rise is directly related to the impact of the al Durah footage, and represents a particularly ugly marriage of European (Christian and post-Christian) anti-Judaism and Muslim Antisemitism — a 21st-century Judeophobic brew of Muslim appropriations of old anti-Semitic themes, and post-modern Moral Schadenfreude that could well destroy free Europe.

The Islamization of European Anti-Semitism
September 7th, 2006

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UK: Media is "warned" over its coverage of Islam

Eurabia Alert from the Church of England Newspaper: "Media is warned over its coverage of Islam"

THE BRITISH media needs to be more balanced in its coverage of Islam, according to members of Christian-Muslim dialogue groups. On the fifth anniversary of the atrocities of 9/11 in New York, suspicion of Islam in the UK is higher than ever, as shown in a recent YouGov poll in which 53 per cent of respondents felt they thought Islam was a threat to Western liberal democracy.
Meanwhile 65 per cent of those surveyed said security services should focus anti-terrorism intelligence on Muslims. Ibrahim Mogra, chair of the interfaith relations committee of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the media in the UK too often presented a distorted view of the religion.
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Support for Hezbollah in Egypt Threatens Mubarak's Stability

By Andrew McGregor

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
The success of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement in battle against Israel's armed forces has reminded Egyptians of their own military difficulties against Israel in three major conflicts (1948, 1967 and 1973). The Egyptian government of President Hosni Mubarak (like Jordan and Saudi Arabia) was quick to label Hezbollah's activities as "adventurism," but as the conflict raged on through mid-summer, popular opinion in Egypt began to rally behind Lebanon's Arab Shiites, with many political leaders rebuking the Egyptian government for failing to support fellow Arabs. The conflict appears to have been an unwelcome surprise for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was already occupied with arranging the succession of his son, Gamal, as president, despite widespread opposition.
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No to citizenship

If you arrive in Norway as an asylum seeker or a skilled migrant, you will automatically lose the right to apply for Norwegian citizenship. This is one of the many new proposals coming from the FRP (The Progress Party).

- It’s not an indelible right to become a Norwegian citizen, says MP Per Willy Amundsen, spokesman on immigration related issues for the FRP. He’s heading the party’s immigration commission, a workgroup that are looking at the criteria for granting citizenships.

Must be repatriated.

In his view, political asylum should only be considered as a temporary arrangement. That means that asylum seekers will eventually be sent back home. Lees verder...

Lek over sluiting Tilburgse moskee niet boven water

Het onderzoek naar het lekken van vertrouwelijk informatie in Tilburg over de reden waarom de moskee Mashid Al Fath in Tilburg dicht moest, heeft geen verdachte opgeleverd. Dat heeft het Openbaar Ministerie in Breda donderdag bekendgemaakt.

De gemeente had aangifte gedaan omdat dat iemand uit het presidium van de gemeenteraad een journalist van het blad Mzine zou hebben geïnformeerd. Het presidium is het regelmatige, vertrouwelijke overleg van het college B en W met de fractievoorzitters.

Mzine berichtte in mei dat de AIVD om redenen van staatsveiligheid had aangedrongen op de sluiting van de moskee. Officieel is naar buiten gebracht dat de reden de brandonveiligheid van het gebouw was.

(Bron: ANP/Reformatorisch Dagblad, 7 september 2006, www.refdag.nl)

New Left orthodoxy

The Left used to be the home of progress, modernism, social justice, equal rights, the underdog ... a whole string of good causes, the sanctity of which even the most obtuse and self-seeking conservative conceded. When Edward Heath talked about the 'acceptable face of capitalism' back in the 1970s, he was really talking about the bankruptcy of a rightwing ideology in retreat. In a world full of dictatorships and military juntas, still shaking from the effects of the Second World War, the Left held the moral high ground and the right followed meekly.

Many things have happened in the last quarter century to change this, led by a revival of the right under President Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom. By the 1990s it was socialism that was shown to be bankrupt, not capitalism, and the dramatic collapse of Soviet communism sealed its fate.

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Microsoft Supports Pop Concerts against Flemish Political Party

On 1 October, one week before the local elections in Belgium, an organization called 0110 will organize pop concerts in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi. Officially the concerts are pro-tolerance, but in reality they are directed against the anti-immigration and Flemish-secessionist Vlaams Belang (VB, Flemish Interest) party.

Last year, Tom Barman, the concerts' organizer and the lead singer of the Belgian pop group dEUS, announced in an interview in the Flemish weekly Knack that he was going to organize concerts against the VB, prior to the local elections on 8 October this year. This resulted in an initiative called 0110. Barman managed to enroll quite a few mainstream artists for these concerts, that are being subsidized by the Belgian National Lottery. The VB criticized the participation of the artists, pointing out that since the party represents about a quarter of the electorate, the artists risk loosing fans. The party also threatened to boycott them. Some of the artists were personally attacked. Artists, however, are private persons. If they want to make a political statement on a stage, they should be allowed to do so.

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Aid Worker Duped By "Palestinians" Speaks Up

From youtube info :

Daryl Jones is an australian volunteer aid worker duped by Palestinian propaganda propaganda to come to their aid but later realized that they were engaged in a bloodlust game to destroy the lives of children.

She recounts how Palestinians displayed photos of bodies, "gouged and pitted, torn. We were told this is from torture from the Israelis." Later, when she saw a Palestinian child blow up in front of her face, she realized that the ripped apart bodies were the result of human booby traps that the Palestinians used against the Israelis.

She was featured in "The Road to Jenin" film by French director Pierre Rehov.
Arabic translations are only in French (subititles)

Christian beaten for drinking water

Posted: September 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

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Nasir Ashraf

A Christian man is recovering from a beating that left him with a broken collarbone and dislocated shoulder after he drank water from a glass reserved for the poor at a construction site in Pakistan.

The report comes from Voice of the Martyrs, the Christian aid organization with a vision for working around the world to help those who are facing persecution for their Christian faith.

The report said Nasir Ashraf, a Christian stonemason, was working on the construction of a room at a school near Manga Mandi outside of Lahore when he got thirsty and took a break.

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EU Discusses Controversial Dutch Report On Islam

THE HAGUE, 07/09/06 - The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) will present a controversial report on Islam to European Commission vice president Franco Frattini next week. Released in the Netherlands in April, it was criticised by both the Lower House and Foreign Minister Bot.

According to the WRR, an unjustified fear of and aversion to Islam exists in the Netherlands. Instead of continuing to drag the name of that faith through the mud, there should be far more criticism of friendly countries such as the US, Israel and Russia.

Frattini will receive the report entitled 'Dynamism in Islamic Activism; Reference Points for Democratization and Human Rights' on 12 September at the Flemish-Dutch House in Brussels. The permanent representatives of the EU member states, the ambassadors and representatives of the Euromediterranean partner countries and of several Muslim countries have also been invited.

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France, Saudi seal big arms deal

Paris: Saudi Arabia has agreed to purchase military equipment worth €2.5bn from France, the French business daily La Tribune reported on Tuesday.

The deal, the first of several large prospective arms purchases by the Saudis, involves 30 Fennec and 10 NH-90 Marine helicopters as well as two Airbus A330-200 aerial tankers.

A French source close to the deal, which was sealed during a visit to the Saudi capital Riyadh on Sunday by French defence minister Michele Alliot-Marie, told La Tribune that the Saudis would be signing the contract "between two weeks and three months from now."

In addition, discussions between Paris and Riyadh were continuing on two additional deals. The second transaction is to be concluded in 2007 and would be worth €4bn.

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Turning the tide.

By now, I am sure, everyone who is reasonably plugged in to the war on Islam is aware of the recent arrests both in the UK, Germany and finally here in Denmark. I get the impression that the powers that be in Europe are beginning to take some notice of the anti-islamic attitude of a growing section of their captive audience. It is about time too.
We the people, it seems, have had it with these whining sponging islamic terrorists and we require a certain form of action if they, the politicians, are to continue to enjoy their status as our elected leaders.

The recent arrests in Denmark have prompted a varying set of reactions from the Islamic populace, and their leaders. In Odense, the centre of the arrests, the local head honcho Imam is a nasty piece of salafist work called Abu Bashar.
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Germany: Muslim Death Threats Force Woman Lawyer To Quit

SeyranAtes.jpgSeyran Ates (pictured), aged 43, is a lawyer, specialising in women's rights. From a practice in Berlin, she had become well-known and her skills were eagerly sought by Muslim women. In 2005, she was named "German woman of the year". She has long campaigned for forced marriages to be made illegal in Germany. Most of her clients have been Muslim women who have been trapped into forced marriage and other demeaning aspects of Muslim "honour" culture that persist. Many of these women are, like herself, from Turkish/Kurdish backgrounds. She also campaigned against the ultimate aspect of Muslim "honour" - Muslim honour killings.

Seyran was born in 1963 in Istanbul, and moved to Berlin with her family when she was 6. She has lived in Berlin since then. As she stated last year: "I grew up in a Turkish family. My parents are Turkish. My father is Kurdish, my mother is Turkish, and I grew up in a very traditional family and I ran away when I was 17 years old because I can't stand this very hard traditional life and living in a very modern surrounding in Germany and living in a very traditional Turkish family was not so easy for me. So I grew up with this idea of women have to stay home, they have to marry someone some time and they get children and live very traditionally. You see, this is also the idea that also German people have all over the world, we have this traditional structure that women have to live in the house and men live outside the house."

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More lone gunmen…

by @ 6:00 am. Filed under General

Denmark has arrested nine suspected terrorists, and still has seven in custody. The charge is that they were plotting a terrorist attack within Denmark. This supports my previous post on Pakistan where a Muhammad cartoon gets a death sentence, but being bin Laden gets a pardon as long as he promises to be peaceful. Welcome to Sharia - the make it up as you go legal system where the rules do not apply equally.

First, the BBC article states that those arrested were all men between 18 and 33, but it does not identify their faith. Is it just me, or are my suspicions that these men are all Muslim a prejudice or a sound conclusion based on terrorist methods of operation?

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Australia Takes the Lead

Australia is the template for all of us.


- Australian Muslim representatives are voicing outrage at comments by the country's two top politicians, who urged immigrants from Islamic societies to fit in, learn English, treat women with respect, and shun extremism.

An Islamic leader warned that the remarks could antagonize Muslims and lead to a repeat of incidents such as the rioting in a Sydney beachside suburb last December, when groups of youngsters -- described as having a Middle Eastern background -- fought with whites.

I love the threats. If you don't want to be Australian, don't live in Australia (and you can supplant Australia with any western country for that matter.)

Prime Minister John Howard late last week said migrants should integrate into the way of life in their new country but that a minority of Muslims was opposed to accepting Australia's values.

"Fully integrating means accepting Australian values -- it means learning as rapidly as you can the English language if you don't already speak it," he said in a radio interview.


Lebanon's Fuse

September 5, 2006

The latest flare-up in Lebanon was not an isolated incident, but rather the beginning of a global war. Powerful historical forces are astir rendering diplomatic quick-fixes to no avail. Dormant hatreds are being awakened, and the Middle East is seized with the hallucinations of vengeful fever. It will turn ugly, bearing out the worst in every civilization, including the Western one.

I was blissfully certain that this war would take at least another two years to kick-off, but I was very wrong. My mistake derived from believing that the jihadists were setting the time-table, but I was too fixated on the Sunni jihadists to take notice of the Shia ones and their state-sponsors.

Many have conjured up explanations for why Hezbollah did what it did, and why Israel responded as it did. The result today is a far more diminished state in Lebanon, while the supremacy of Hezbollah's rhetoric and tactics is paramount and held in high esteem.

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A Open Letter to the Palestinians from New Zealand

This is an e-mail which I received last week, an outstanding piece of writing from a man in New Zealand. Too bad not many people are as capable of understanding the Middle East as this gentleman is. Please read it, print it out, keep it for future reference, forward it to your family and friends, but please do something with it.


Greetings to any Palestinian who may be reading this. My name is David White. I am a citizen of New Zealand, a small, Western, nominally Christian country in the South Pacific Ocean. I am not Jewish, or Christian, I guess I'm vaguely agnostic.

Writing this letter is a good way for me to discuss the horrible mess inthe Middle East, spell out as many relevant points as possible concerning thestate of the Palestinian people, and to see what can be made of them. I don't speak Arabic, so I can only communicate with English-speaking Palestinians.
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Beitrittsverhandlungen mit Türkei wackeln

VON WOLFGANG BÖHM (Die Presse) 04.09.2006 Heißer Herbst. Zypern-Streit droht zu eskalieren. Unzufriedenheit über Ankaras Reformmüdigkeit steigt.

WIEN/BRÜSSEL. Die EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei stehen vor einer entscheidenden Wegmarke: Sollte sich Ankara weiterhin weigern, das Zollabkommen mit der Republik Zypern umzusetzen, dürften die Beitrittsgespräche im Oktober ausgesetzt werden. "Es ist in diesem Herbst mit einer massiven Konfrontation zu rechnen", heißt es in Brüsseler Diplomatenkreisen. Sowohl in der EU-Kommission als auch in zahlreichen EU-Regierungen wächst der Unmut über die türkische Blockade

Der finnische Außenminister und amtierende EU-Ratspräsident Erkki Tuomioja hat am Wochenende erneut damit gedroht, dass sich die Verhandlungen verzögern könnten, sollte Ankara seine vor dem Start der Beitrittsverhandlungen gemachten Zusage nicht einhalten. Die Türkei hatte sich dazu verpflichtet, die Zollunion mit allen neuen Mitgliedstaaten umzusetzen. Doch bis heute, sind türkische See- und Flughäfen für zypriotische Schiffe und Flugzeuge gesperrt. Tuomioja warnte, dass dieses Vorgehen zumindest dazu führen werde, dass die Verhandlungen über den gemeinsamen Markt - einen der Schlüsselbereiche - ausgesetzt würden.

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Kommt eine „Lex Islam“?

Kürzlich wurde an dieser Stelle der Realismus gewürdigt, mit dem das Hessische Amt für Verfassungsschutz die islamische Zuwanderung bewertet. Ungewohnt offen sprechen die Staatsschützer die Radikalisierung der Muslime und ihre abnehmende Bereitschaft zur Integration in den Rechtsstaat an. Damit stellen sie den „Dialog mit dem Islam“ in Frage, jene verordnete Sprachregelung, die den Islam als Botschaft des Friedens, der Toleranz und des Respekts vermarktet.

Solches scheint nicht ganz mit der Wirklichkeit vereinbar. Denn wer dieser Sicht nicht folgt, erfährt die Intoleranz der Dialogvertreter, ihre Verbalkeulen des „Rassismus“, „Rechtsextremismus“, zumindest aber der „Islamophobie“. Hier läuft ein ideologischer Kulturwandel, der alle Institutionen erfasst hat – Parteien, Universitäten, Justiz, Medien, Kirchen, Stiftungen etc. Sollte sich dieser Prozess fortsetzen, würden sich weniger die Muslime dem Rechtsstaat, sondern dieser dem islamischen Recht anpassen müssen. Lees verder...

“Lebanese Security” Is the Pretext for the Naval Babel around Lebanon’s Shores

DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Report

September 4, 2006, 11:37 AM (GMT+02:00)


The extraordinary buildup of European naval and military strength in and around Lebanon’s shores is way out of proportion for the task the European contingents of expanded UNIFIL have undertaken: to create a buffer between Israel and Hizballah.

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Denmark: Half Of Danes Find Islam Incompatible With Democracy

When the newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve cartoons of the founder of Islam, they were not prepared for the backlash which followed. At the end of September, when the cartoons had first been published, there had been little reaction, until Islamist cleric Abu Laban and his violent sidekick Ahmed Akkari went on a tour of the Middle East, even bringing with them three extra images, never shown in the newspaper. One of these, which the devilish duo presented as "Mohammed as a pig", was actually a photocopy of a photo of a contestant in a French pig-squealing event, wearing a mask. Who needs facts when you have an agenda of inciting hatred?

By the time Abu Laban and his poisonous lickspittle had shown the images to various religious leaders, all hell had broken loose internationally by February, with violence in Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, and in the regions inhabited by Palestinians. At least thirty people died. Denmark's Arla foods were prevented from selling their dairy products to Muslim countries, and even Danish insulin was boycotted on account of Islamic fanatacism and intolerance.

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Denmark arrests nine terror suspects

Just in from Xinhua:

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Danish police have arrested nine people suspected of planning a terror attack, reports reaching here from Denmark said Tuesday.
The nine, who had got materials to make explosives in connection with the preparation for a terror attack, were arrested during a police raid overnight in heavily immigrant-populated neighborhood of Vollsmose, a suburb west of Odense in central Denmark, the reports said, citing the country's intelligence service.
The suspects, whose identities were not disclosed, were all aged under 30 and would face a custody hearing later Tuesday, said Lars Findsen, head of the Danish Security Intelligence Service.
Findsen gave no details on the target of the attack, saying that the arrests would not prompt Denmark to raise its terror alert.
Denmark has raised its terror preparedness after the London terror attacks last year and disputes earlier this year over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which was first published in a Danish newspaper.
Posted by Marisol

Salfism in the Washington Post

I seldom critique my former colleagues at the Washington Post, but want to point out several crucial things that were, either for lack of space or understanding, passed over in today Washington Post story. Particularly stiking is the lack of explicit statements about what Salafists and Wahhabis really teach, rather than the softened down version of that is often dished out for public consumption. This unwillingness to state what they state about themselves is always baffling to me.

Ms. Murphy is striking with her passing mention that after 9-11, Salafists in the United States found their “theology and practices were suddenly suspect.” It is not noted that for decades, as the Saudis poured hundreds of millions into the spread of Salfism here and elsewhere, that the message was to kill all of us considered infidels. It was only “suddenly suspect” because we had not listened to them until they attacked us.

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Fatwa against PP MP Arístegui

Some days ago I read about the death threats Spanish PP MP Gustavo de Arístegui (above) was facing because of his book "Jihad in Spain: The obssession to reconquer Al-Andalus", about which I wrote some months ago. The book finishes with this words:
Quienes menosprecien el riesgo de los enemigos a los que nos enfrentamos, o quienes digan que no debemos obsesionarnos con el terror, estarán creando las condiciones para la perpetuación o como poco la prolongación de esta lacra. Obsesionarse, no; ignorarlo, menos; rendirse, nunca”
"People who mock about the risk these enemies really are, or people who tell us not to live obssessed with terror, will be breeding the conditions for the perpetuation or at least, the continuation of this evil. Living obssessed with it? No. Ignoring it? Less. But to surrender, never".
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The Religious Foundations of Suicide Bombings

Islamist Ideology


by David Bukay
Middle East Quarterly
Fall 2006

Suicide terrorism has been the scourge of the last quarter century. A suicide bomb attack on the U.S. marine barracks in Beirut compelled Ronald Reagan in 1983 to withdrawal peacekeepers from Beirut. Palestinian leaders deploy suicide bombers to force Israeli concessions, and Iraqi insurgents use suicide bombings to derail the new political order. Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the U.S.S. Cole in Aden in 2000 and, on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and Pentagon. While some scholars argue there is no religious component to suicide bombing[1]—often citing Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers, who are not Muslims—they are wrong. All Muslim suicide bombers justify their actions with their religion and, more specifically, with the concept of jihad.

What Is Jihad?

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Bijstandsfraude Marokkaanse politicus

Een Marokkaanse politicus ontvangt jarenlang ten onrechte een bijstandsuitkering in Utrecht. Hij is gemeenteraadslid in Marokko en wordt nu ook parlementslid in de Marokkaanse Tweede Kamer. De Utrechtse wethouder Spekman wil dat de regering ingrijpt.

Wethouder Spekman deed aangifte om de parlementariër te laten vervolgen. De Marokkaanse politicus heeft zeker 130.000 euro bijstandsgeld ontvangen. Maar het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken wees Spekman op de gevoelige diplomatieke betrekkingen met Marokko. Anderhalf jaar later is de Marokkaanse parlementariër nog steeds niet voor de rechter gedaagd. Spekman doet nu een oproep aan de Tweede Kamer. Door druk uit te oefenen op de regering wil hij ervoor zorgen dat de man alsnog zijn straf krijgt.

The Islamist/Leftist Convergence, Exhibit B

Islamists, leftists, and the BBC all agree: it’s time to appease Al Qaeda.

And Inayat Bunglawala, media secretary of the radical front group known as the Muslim Council of Britain, is right there to second the motion: Time to start talking. (Hat tip: Moonbat Media.)

The comments from Guardian readers to Bunglawala are a real hoot.

Comment No. 200556
September 4 18:02

Bunglawala - you are a fine one to criticise American hypocrisy, given that you are an admirer of Bin Laden. I’ll bet that, being an admirer of Bin Laden, you are more of an expert on him than Taylor.

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Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo

By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Haaretz Correspondent

A number of European states are refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying Israel Defense Forces equipment from stopover landings in their airports.

The refusal came from states considered friendly with Israel, including Britain, Germany and Italy, according to Captain Etai Regev, the chairman of El Al's pilots' union.

Regev sent a letter of complaint on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and to the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Tourism Ministry.

By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Haaretz Correspondent

A number of European states are refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying Israel Defense Forces equipment from stopover landings in their airports.

The refusal came from states considered friendly with Israel, including Britain, Germany and Italy, according to Captain Etai Regev, the chairman of El Al's pilots' union.

Regev sent a letter of complaint on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and to the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Tourism Ministry.

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Immigrant party established in Oslo

Norway’s first immigrant party was officially established in Oslo last Sunday. The party’s first goal is to recruit candidates to run in next autumn's local election in Oslo.

Party chairman Mohan Singh Varma has been involved in politics for a long time. He was a city counsil member from 1984 to 1991. He’s represented The Conservatives (Høyre), The Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet), The Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) and the Center Party (Senterpartiet).

-The established political parties doesn’t listen to the small minority groups. They only listen to the big minority groups.- says Singh Varma to NTB (Norwegian News Agency).

He says that his party will act as an information tool that will help immigrants find their way through the Norwegian bureaucracy. Lees verder...

Amnesty and the Problems It Causes - Another History Lesson from Spain

You may recall that the leftist government now in charge in Spain approved a massive amnesty to 'solve' their illegal alien problem. Did it work? You be the judge. Any politician that votes for amnesty of any kind is a traitor to America.

Spain vows to curb migrant wave

The Canaries have seen four times as many migrants this year as last
The Spanish government has said it will not tolerate the continued arrival of African migrants on its shores.
Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega called on African countries to help cut off the flow of migrants, and to take them back again.

She was speaking after a weekend in which more than 1,400 Africans landed on the Canary Islands alone. Lees verder...

Islam In Ireland Discussion With Walid Shoebat

Havn't seen the whole thing yet, but everything else i've seen so far that features Walid has been worth watching, so I'm sure this is one not to miss. The video is a bit dodgy but the sound is perfect. Enjoy :

Part one


see the rest here

White extremists use terror videos to threaten Muslims

FAR-RIGHT extremists have adopted the tactics of Islamic jihadists by posting videos on the internet in which they threaten to behead British Muslims.

The films show balaclava-clad white British men brandishing guns, knives and clubs, calling on all Muslims to leave the United Kingdom or be killed. One appears to be a soldier who has served in the Gulf.

In one film a man tells Muslims to “go home” or risk being burnt alive. He threatens: “I’ll cut your head off,” and claims to have “comrades” across Britain who have “had enough”.

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Video: Al Qaeda tells U.S. to convert or die

posted at 10:09 pm on September 2, 2006 by Allahpundit

Another pitiful attempt at jihadi propaganda starring American traitor Adam Gadahn, once again replete with leftist name-dropping. This time the lucky recipients are George Galloway, Robert Fisk, and Seymour Hersh.

He also names some enemies. Congrats to Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, and Steve Emerson. I can’t think of a higher honor than being vilified by this degenerate. There’s an approving mention, too, of the generals who’ve been criticizing Don Rumsfeld; so much for the theory that Al Qaeda doesn’t pay attention to American media.

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In Allahs Grauzone

Welche Gefahr geht von Islamisten in Deutschland aus? „Man weiß nicht, was man glauben kann“, sagen Ermittler

Von Frank Jansen und Armin Lehmann

Von der Schönen Aussicht betrachtet, einer kleinen Straße direkt an der Außenalster, ist Hamburg eine Idylle. Aber auch in der Idylle fährt die Polizei eifrig Streife.

An der Schönen Aussicht Nummer 36 bleiben die Touristen immer ungläubig vor einem Gebäude stehen, das sie hier, mitten im Villenviertel, nicht erwartet hätten. Manche gehen hinein, um zu fotografieren, und da kommen auch schon die ersten Gläubigen zum Freitagsgebet herbeigeeilt. An der Schönen Aussicht Nummer 36 steht eingebettet zwischen sauberen Gartengrundstücken das Islamische Zentrum Hamburg (IZH) mit seiner mintgrünen Imam-Ali-Moschee. Seit den Festnahmen der Kofferbomber fotografieren die Touristen aber auch, weil bekannt ist, dass das Bild dieser Moschee an der Tür zum Kieler Gebetsraum von Youssef Mohamad El Hajdib hing, einem der mutmaßlichen Attentäter. Manche Medien haben das IZH deshalb schon als „Kommandozentrale des islamistischen Terrors“ in Deutschland bezeichnet. Lees verder...

Attacks on British Jews Soar

From the Times UK (emphasis added though no comment is required):

On Thursday an all-party parliamentary inquiry will state that anti-Semitic violence has become endemic in Britain, both on the streets and university campuses. The report will call for urgent action from the Government, the police and educational establishments. ... ...

The July incidents “were more dispersed than usual”, Mr Gardner said. “It is usually a small number responsible for a large number of attacks, but these were very widespread across the country and included graffiti attacks on synagogues in Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

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Spanish and French police seize 3.5 metric tons of cocaine. Port of origin: Venezuela

French police are doing an extraordinary job stopping drug shipments from Venezuela:
Today's headline: Spanish and French police seize 3.5 metric tons of cocaine, arrest 11
MADRID, Spain Spanish and French police staging a joint operation seized 3.5 metric tons (3.9 U.S. tons) of cocaine in a sailboat off the Canary Islands and arrested 11 people, authorities said Friday.

Officials said the cocaine was shipped from Venezuela and had a street value estimated at 350 million euros (US$450 million).
Saisie record de cocaïne aux Canaries (Record cocaine seizure off the Canary Islands. Article in French: my translation) Lees verder...

Reasons behind Islamic Terrorism: Illiteracy, Poverty and Deprivation?


The recent surge in Islamic violence, particularly after the 9/11 attack in New York, has left the world desperately guessing about the underlying reasons behind it. In this hair-splitting brainstorming, people from all walks of life, irrespective of Muslim or non-Muslim, educated or illiterate, intellectual or the common man, have put their opinions. The three common reasons that have been much accepted are: 

  1. Illiteracy: Lack of education amongst the Muslims.

  2. Poverty: Alleged desperate poverty in Muslim countries

  3. Discrimination: Social and economic deprivation of the Muslim community, especially in the Western countries.

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Hizballah organizing children's militias: "A nation with suicide children is a victorious one." - Nasrallah deputy

It is appalling -- but not surprising in light of their extensive youth propaganda campaign -- that Hizballah has assembled militias of boys aged 10 to 15. And these militias are themselves another propaganda tool, being composed of children of shahids ("martyrs") who will be lionized as the model for all Shi'ite children in Lebanon, and elsewhere.

From YNet News: "Media: Hizbullah recruiting martyrs' children"

Hizbullah's child militias: Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yusuf reported that Hizbullah has set up armed militias comprised of more than 2,000 children of shahids aged 10-15 and that the Hizbullah-affiliated "Mahadi Boy Scouts" organization is training them to sacrifice their lives.
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HEZBOLLAH in Venezuela: Chávez joins the terrorists on his path to martyrdom

By Gustavo Coronel and Venezuelatoday.net

September 1, 2006 | On the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula, a territory shared with Colombia, the members of the tribe of the Wayuu walk across political boundaries without restrain. They were there before Venezuela and Colombia existed and they think of themselves as a nation. Recently a disturbing group has appeared, as alien visitors, in their desert landscape: Hezbollah. The Islamic fanatics of Hezbollah are rapidly infiltrating the tribe of the Wayuu. They are indoctrinating the members of this tribe, to convert them into Islamic fanatics in charge of disseminating the terrorist message that has already created chaos, death and misery in the Middle East. The Hezbollah group invading Venezuela is doing its work openly in the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula. They are disseminating, via Internet, a strategy "to change Venezuela," including:

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Muslim leaders warn of riots

By Luke McIlveen and Steve Gee

September 02, 2006 02:36am

ISLAMIC leaders are trying to gag Prime Minister John Howard from speaking out against Muslims who refuse to integrate, threatening that any criticism of their culture could lead to another race riot.
But Mr Howard refused to back down - writing exclusively in today's Saturday Daily Telegraph that he believes a minority of Muslims must do more to fit in here.

The head of Mr Howard's own Muslim advisory council, Dr Ameer Ali, yesterday tried to shut down debate on whether Muslims should learn English and treat women as equals by raising the spectre of the shameful Cronulla riots.

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EU Indirectly Supporting HAMAS

by @ 5:35 am. Filed under General

It’s good that the EU is not sending the money directly to Hamas, but do they not understand the basics of economics? By paying the wages of those on the Palestinian government payroll, the EU relieves Hamas of the burden to support its own people. This strengthens Hamas and when Hamas claims that the people are being paid solely due to Hamas efforts and the continuing war against Israel, what will the EU do?

I expect nothing from the EU - they are complicit in the terrorism that Hamas will continue to conduct against Israel. Humanitarian aid, a good concept, but if Hamas cared about their people, they would have complied with three very simple demands - abide by agreements made by former Palestinian governments, recognize Israel, and denounce terrorism. Hamas refused all of these civilized demands. The power to keep the people from poverty rested with the government. The government abdicated its responsibility to its people because Hamas is a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel. It has no other legitimate purpose for existing.

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China foils oilfield and power plant bombings

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police have seized explosives and foiled attempts by separatists to blow up oilfields, power plants and highways in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang, a Beijing-funded Hong Kong newspaper said on Wednesday.

Uighur militants, whom Beijing calls terrorists, have been struggling for decades to make the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang an independent state called East Turkestan.

More than 41 tonnes of explosives had been seized since 1990 in the fight against the "three forces" of religious "extremism, separatism and terrorism", the Ta Kung Pao daily quoted Xinjiang's public security deputy chief Wang Lexiang as saying.
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The very intimidating French threat of further dialogue

Well, the deadline for the suspension of uranium enrichment on the part of Iran has passed yesterday and the Iranian government, unsurprisingly, has stated that it will continue with its plan (for the construction of the "storm" that will erase Israel from Earth).

The Russians have indicated that any discussion of punitive measures against Iran is a "dead end".

And the Ministers of Old Europe have indicated very firm and respectable positions such as this:

"I regret very strongly the insufficient response of Iran. We think it possible to go forward with dialogue but it is important that the international community show Iran the necessity to change position." - Dominique de Villepin.
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The intelligence minister with no intelligence

The "Intelligence Minister" of South Africa, Ronnie Kasrils, has written another anti-Israel screed filled with half-truths and falsehoods.

Sometimes one can read these articles from respected government figures and conclude that they are just mislead or uninformed. This is clearly not one of those cases. From this and other articles, Kasrils takes at face value any wild Arab claims and dismisses any Israeli statements.

Some of his falsehoods:
In fact, from the onset, Zionism aimed at the dispossession of the indigenous population so that Israel could become a wholly Jewish state.
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UK: 80% Think Muslim Council Fails In Tackling Extremism

News from the Daily Mail and This is London describes the results of a poll made by PR Week magazine, an international public relations news organisation. The original poll results require paid subscription to be viewed, however.

The most important part of the survey was its finding that 78% of those polled thought that the Muslim Council for Britain has not done nearly enough to combat anti-Western extremism.

Readers of anti-Islamist blogs already know that the MCB, far from countering extremism, positively supports it. The Muslim Council does not exist to make Muslims more amenable to Britain, but to make Britain more accommodating to Muslims, extremist Muslims included. Its last general secretary, Iqbal Sacranie, had tried in 1996 to invite Osama bin Laden to an Islamic "rally" in London and his sidekick, press spokesman Inayat Bunglawala, similarly praised Osama bin Laden as a "freedom fighter". Sacranie attended a memorial service for the wheelchair-bound Islamist, Sheikh Yassin, founder of terror organisation Hamas, which has killed countless Israeli civilians. Yet Sacranie calls the dead cleric a "freedom fighter" and mendaciously compared him to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

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EU opponents furious at new textbook.

The Norwegian organization Nei til EU (No to the EU) are furious at Cappelen Forlag (Norwegian publishing company) for portraying opponents of a Norwegian EU membership as gnomes, and proponents as football heroes, in a new high-school textbook.

The chairman of Nei til EU, Heming Olaussen, says the book should be withdrawn from the market.

- It baffles me that a respectable publishing company such as Cappelen, seems to lack the ambition to explain why the Norwegian EU debate has become the biggest political question in the country, and a highly sensitive issue that has overturned governments, divided political parties and lead to two national referendums.-

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Iran is winnaar van 11/9 (of toch niet?)

Zijn invloed in de regio is gegroeid, maar de oorlog in Irak is ook een gevaar voor Iran

Als resultaat van de aanslagen van 11 september is de Iraanse invloed in zijn regio gegroeid. Eerste artikel in een serie over de gevolgen van ‘9/11’ voor verschillende regio’s in de wereld.

Door onze redacteur Carolien Roelants

Rotterdam, 2 sept. De vrijdag na 11 september 2001 werd in Iran tijdens het Vrijdagse gebed voor het eerst in vele jaren niet de gebruikelijke leus ‘Dood aan Amerika!’ aangeheven. President Khatami veroordeelde de aanslagen in New York en Washington. Duizenden Iraanse burgers gingen met kaarsjes de straat op om hun medeleven te tonen.

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Switzerland: Pakistani charged for 'honour' killing of wife

ZURICH -- Swiss prosecutors have charged a Pakistani man over the "honor killing" of his wife, according to legal documents published Wednesday.

Ajmal Butt Aziz, 24, is accused of murdering his 20-year-old wife Khudeja because she refused to follow Islamic tradition and wear a headscarf, according to the charge sheet published by the Corriere del Ticino newspaper.

Aziz's spouse died in July 2005 after he allegedly bludgeoned her to death with a hammer as she slept at the couple's home in Bellinzona, in Switzerland's southern canton of Ticino.

Born in Pakistan, Khudeja Aziz was brought up in Switzerland and was a citizen of the Alpine country.

Aziz claimed that he acted in self-defense after being attacked by his wife.

Prosecutors, however, alleged that he acted because he was opposed to his wife's Western lifestyle and her wish to find a job, and also that she was seeking a divorce.

No date has yet been set for Aziz's trial

Belgian Authorities Destroy Holocaust Records

The Belgian authorities have destroyed archives and records relating to the persecution and deportation of Jews in Belgium in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of this happened as recently as the late 1990s. This was revealed during hearings in the Belgian Senate last Spring. Though the Senate report dates from 4 May the Belgian press has not yet mentioned the affair. The Senate report says that “documents about the period 1930-1950 have been destroyed on a massive scale.”

The systematic destructions of the records of police and judiciary from the 1930s and ’40s happened chiefly in Brussels and Wallonia, the French-speaking south of Belgium. The Senate report states that in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking north of the country, archives have been saved thanks to conscientious archivists. “This policy – of having competent archivists manage dead archives – contrasts with the disastrous situation at the offices of the public prosecutors in Brussels and Wallonia.”

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Phillips: The Media War Against Israel

Here’s a great piece by Melanie Phillips on the wider lessons of the Fauxtography scandal: The media war against Israel.

In short, much of the most incendiary media coverage of this war seems to have been either staged or fabricated. The big question is why the western media would perpetrate such institutionalised mendacity. Many ancillary reasons come to mind. There is the reliance upon corrupted news and picture agencies which employ Arab propagandists as stringers and cameramen. There is the herd mentality of the media which decides collectively what the story is. There is the journalists’ fear for their personal safety if they report the truth about terrorist outfits. There is the difficulty of discovering the truth from undemocratic regimes and terrorist organisations. There is the language barrier; there is professional laziness; there is the naïve inability to acknowledge the depths of human evil and depravity; there is the moral inversion of the left which believes that western truth-tellers automatically tell lies, while third world liars automatically tell the truth.

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Storm Track Intimidation: Europe’s Continuous Descent Into Dhimmitude

From The Gathering Storm

"The horror line" is how train conductors refer to line 124 between Brussels and Charleroi according to the Brussels Journal one of the few MSM outlets in Europe that sees the cultural jihad threat before it.

“For years now it has been controlled by ruthless gangs of youths. [...] “There are incidents every day. One conductor has been beaten up 33 times already. None of us has the courage to check the tickets. Asking someone for their ticket is asking for a beating”, say half a dozen train conductors who are testifying anonymously for fear of being fired by the NMBS [Belgian Rail], the [state owned] national railway company. …The situation has been tense for years, but for the past six months many conductors have been refusing to emerge from the driver’s cabin and leave the train to the gangs. “It’s a pity for the passengers, but we are fed up.”
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Turkey: Classic Western Books Get Muslim Makeover

A story from today's Telegraph reports that classical western books, such as Pinnochio by Carlo Collodi, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter and many others, have been Islamified by Muslim publishers in Turkey.

Even the works of Victor Hugo, La Fontaine, Oscar Wilde, Chekhov and Alexander Dumas have not escaped the forced conversion of their characters. Even the little Swiss girl Heidi, in Johanna Spyri's eponymous children's classic, is told by Ms. Sesasman that praying to Allah will make her relax.

Polyanna is not only aware of the Koran, but now says she believes it has predicted the end of the world, Tom Sawyer learns his Islamic prayers and even gets a reward for learning his Arabic words. In The Three Musketeers, an old woman says to D'Artagnan of his friend Aramis: "He is surrounded by men of religion. He converted to Islam after his illness".

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Cook: Friction in U.S.-Turkey Relations over Iraqi Kurdistan

Steven A. Cook, Douglas Dillon Fellow

August 31, 2006

Steven A. Cook Steven A. Cook, CFR fellow and expert on political reform in the Arab world, says relations between the United States and Turkey are strained due to conflicting interests in Iraqi Kurdistan. Washington does not want to upset the relative stability in northern Iraq, whereas Turkey seeks to remove the threat of Kurdish militants in the region.

"Many Turks blame the United States for their national security problems and the larger concern about the emergence of an independent Kurdish State," Cook, who co-authored a recent Council Special Report on U.S.-Turkey relations, says.

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Türkische Fundamentalisten betreiben in Frankreich „koranische Internate“

Von Jürg Altwegg, Lyon

31. August 2006 
Es sollte ein islamisches Elitegymnasium mit Abitur werden und sechs- bis siebenhundert Schüler aufnehmen. Für den kommenden Montag war die Aufnahme des Betriebs in der Lyoner Vorortgemeinde Decines geplant, rechtzeitig zum Ende der Sommerferien. „Wir gehen davon aus, daß neunundneunzig Prozent unserer zukünftigen Schüler von Beruf Muslim sein werden“, erklärte der Schulleiter, Hakim Chergui. Wenige Tage vor dem Beginn des Schuljahres hat der für die Region zuständige Rektor der Akademie Lyon - nicht ohne Absprache mit dem Pariser Ministerium - sein Veto eingelegt. Aus Sicherheitsgründen.
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