That is what the Spanish Islamic Community is asking the Government and actually says had agreed with them (Spanish newspaper, I will translate).
Interior Ministry will allow Muslim women to be taken photos with hijab to use them in the electronic National Identity Card, according to the President of Union of Islamic Communitis in Spain (UCIDE), Riay Tatary.
Electronic NIC began as project last March in Burgos and will previsibly be fully implemented by 2008.
After the new Ruling of the NIC expedition and the certificates for electronic signature, Interior Ministry have informed the Islamic Commission that he will maintain the possibility to wear hijab for the photos in the new context.
According to Tatry, to clarify the doubts that this Ruling has risen between thr civil servants which apply it, Interior Ministry will send to police stations a note offering this possibility "in cases in which certain practices, beliefs and religious orders oblige to the convering of the hair and the audtion pavillion -I really do not know how it's called in English, so if someone knows, just leave a comment-", as he did in 1998, year in which this possibility was recognised to Muslims.
So, for the photo the Interior Ministry will admit any photo in which the front, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and chin will be clearly viewed.
Islamic Communities consider convenient this note, because the recent rules, point as a requisite, a recent photo in which the the face of the interested, with a uniform back and plain, and shot with all the head totally unconvered, without glasses or dark glasses or any other wearing that can prevent or make more difficult the identification of the interested".
Electronic NCI includes a chip with personal information, which will let people make operations like applying for a grant, present the personal tax in the Administration. Also the realisation of economial transactions or access to personal information in public databases.